how to go live on tiktok

In this article, I will show you How to live stream on Tik Tok without 1000 followers. This will be a simple workaround If you follow the steps in this video, then You will actually be able to live stream on Tik Tok There are no 1,000 followers. Let us begin immediately. So what do you want to do first, Of course you want to open Tik Tok, Then, let us tell you that I can't go online up to now So what do you want to do, you want to get rid of it, You want to click on me, And you want to click three dots In the upper right corner, So you can do this almost like a small menu or setting, Then after coming here, you want to scroll down Then click "Report a Problem".

Many people try to find out How to solve their problems, Then you will see a similar problem Asked a lot on this label. Then there, you want to click live / transaction You want to click, I want to start the live broadcast. Then say there You must be at least 16 years old, and you also need Do you want to click, no, And if you want to click, there is still a problem. Now you can actually send feedback, So what do you want to do, You actually want to enter "Hi" Then next, you want to say, "I can go, "But I can't." Then next you want to say, "My fans will like it, "I want to see me online." Then you want to say, "Thank you." Here you can also add your contact email But you just want to click send Then about two days later Assuming 48 hours, You will actually be able to go online.

I have tested many times, I have seen many people do this, and it works. Guys, please be patient Watch this video again in two days. If this works, please leave a comment and leave a like I will see you in the next video, peace .

Click on the Red Button to comment Our article and Press the bell icon To watch our latest videos Hey guys Whatss up this is sachin and you are watching me on Flizzindia Welcome to your own article Friends live option on tik tok app is one of the most headache right now Lots of users told me that they are not able to go live So in this video i am gonna tell you the complete process through which you can use live feature If you have 1000 Followers Still you don't have live option In this video i am gonna clear all the problems as i got the exact solution So keep watching this video till the end I will definitely solve your problem Don't skip for a while. Let's Start So guys what you need to do.... First of all i am going to open Tik tok app So this is tik tok app If you have live feature then you can easily go live through the plus Button and go to the live Here we have the live option if you don't have the live option here on the screen then...

What you need to do .... let me explain if you have live option then its very good otherwise you have to follow these steps Simply click on the 3 dots right side above the screen Click on the privacy and settings Click on the help center and report a problem Useful tips and tricks given in the help center But you have to report a problem But you have to report a problem There are lots of option to report a problem If you are facing any kind of problem then you can easily report through this section But there is no any option related to the live option Simple click on the I have issue with my video There are many option there Click on the others again click on the others Click on the submit button Provide detailed information related to your problem Describe your problem that you are not able to access live feature Write your contact details Email address this is the basic process

Click on The Red button to comment Our article and Hit the bell icon to get the latest vidoes. Hey Guys this is Sachin and You are watching FlizzIndia Welcome to our article In this video i will talk about Musically or Tik Tok I will tell you how could you go live on tik tok. Without any app initially you need an app that is but now you can go live So Keep watch this video till the End So Guys now its very easy to go live on Tik Tok Initially you needed app to go live But now you can directly go live Now how to go live let's have a look First you ned to click on the + Sign button Now i clicked on that Now you can watch that you can record any video and just right side you will get Live Button or link Just click on that Live NOw i clicked on that You need to fill title and You need 1000 Followers to go live Hi Tik Tok Users Fill the title and done then click on the go live button Lets on my mobile data With in 3 seconds you will go live So now i am live You will get lots of option to edit your live stream You can change effects You will get lots of options From here you can change effects You can use face filter from here Its very funny You can use different types of filters

hey guys I'm Siddharth and I'm here with new video How to go live on musically without the help of app okay without the help of app The new updated musically helps you to go live without the help of app so let's start how to go live (PS : WORKS FOR iOS/iPHONE also) (PS : WORKS FOR iOS/iPHONE also) before we start that is app I've installed we don't need this anymore so let's uninstall it.

Uninstall it's uninstalled now it's musically app here if you haven't downloaded musically app right now go to play store downloaded or updated so you need to go to musically musically click here and here you can see it's open if you haven't installed it will be here install and if you happened updated it will be written here update so you have to update and install if you I'm gonna click read more and it's a version number 7.1 you can see a 7.1 and its updated on May 17 2018 so I'm gonna open the app right now so download it update it and open it if you are new user you have to if you are you have to put your username you have to - you have to sign up for the musically you do it by Facebook,Instagram or Google here this is how to go now there is a question how to go live in musically without the help of apps so you need click this plus button (icon) if you can see you need to click this so lets click after you click this you can see it's written go live and it will show you a record button record or go live, record or go live here you can see record or go live okay you need to click there after you click there camera is gonna pop up here it is and this is for recording this you can see it's written video if you see it's written video this was for shooting the video if you need to go live click on live if you click on live and its written here live okay and you need to click on live and you can put your text here write Heya and go live 3 2 1 tadaaaa and your live now you can change the filters from here it's more cool than app in you can't change your filters and here you can change the filters you can see I changed the filter and here are face filters you can clicking that you can see face filters and their face filters I'm gonna laser eyes yeah I'm gonna destroy the world okay that's it let it be and you can change camera and all okay so this is how you go live on musically without the help of lively app if you learned something comment the article and share it with your friends who needs to know about this ok ok this video was only for Android users and this is only for how to go live on musically if you need more videos comment on my video bye bye Dont forget to comment.

hello guys I'm Siddharth and I'm here with my another video on how to go live on Tik Tok if you have want this in hindi version of this video you can click this card appearing over here and you'll be directed to hindi version of this video I got a video in diversion which I need I'm going to I'm going to make this which you're really short but before that if you haven't comment my article don't forget to comment my article hit the like button and if you have any questions related to video after watching this video you can comment that in the comment section okay now coming to the video how to go live on tik tok there is two simple steps and like you can see there is home discover and like home discover plus and notifications and me so you need to click this plus icon over here and really when you hit this plus icon over here directed to this screen when you are directed to this screen when this appears you can see it's written just above this red icon you can see it's written video and live when you click this live icon you can see the source go live you know you need to pick just go live and three seconds like three two one and tada you are like okay I'm going to in end this live right now, ended so this is the way how you can go live on tik tok but there are many rumors that you need 1000 commentrs to go live when you talk that's totally false that totally fake you don't need 1000 commentr to go live and video I have brought I've talked about this on my previous video that card must be appearing here so go see that we do and you know why you don't need 1000 video and if this life is not a bearing video you can go video and try what I've saved there and you can go to that video and see and try it okay this is how you can go live on tik tok okay guys if you have learned something if you can go live after this please comment comment my article hit the like icon and if you have any questions related to this please do it in a humming box for you guys thank you you

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HOW TO BECOME TIKTOK FAMOUS IN 24 HOURS (works in 2020 - case study)

The dog should be somewhere around here. This dog is called curry and make him tick, tock things and it's got to be fun. I think I hope it will be right, because he has a very special talent that no other dog in this world has, and you see it in a bit. Are you a millennial with a lot of spare time and you probably heard of an app called tick? Tock first, let's like this video with the shower troops. If you want to be shouted out in one of the next episodes make sure you comment down below what you've loved the bobbies video or what you've absolutely hated about it for a chance to be featured in one of the next episodes. And if you want to know if you're a sound winner on this episode, make sure you stick until the end, so this video I try to get my dog tick, tock famous, and I really hope that this can serve as a tutorial. If you want to grow your social media presence, starting on tick tock as a new platform to get some traction start a brand to start business or just have fun. I actually wanted to make this challenge for a while now so story time. It all started a few days ago, where I had the sudden urge to go to the toilet at around 3 a.m.

And my dog decided to follow my example and actually managed to train him to go to the toilet like this, so as you can see, he has a talent of an aimbot on a first-person shooter. So after that I went to bed, I decided to film it and send it to my parents and my wife's parents, but when I woke up, I was suddenly hit with an idea it's time to make a new video right. So why don't I make a tick-tock account without knowing pretty much anything about the platform. Try to optimize the post, upload it to find the best hashtags capture, baa baa baa register at my YouTube, Instagram link upload and go viral, and this is exactly what happened. Okay, so the first thing I did, as you can see here is actually went on and register after that I posted this video edited it a little bit, choose a hashtag, be going funny. Video dog. I saw that a lot of creators were ringing, for I didn't do too much research, but it works two's a virus honk. They can actually help you rank for it as well, and that has some search ability. That is already noticed. This is the song I chose. It'S not a song, I know or like or care about, so I think that definitely helped. I heard around 405 was good. The hashtag said to start with. I wanted brother had sex because I really wanted to try and to go big or go home in this case. As you can see, I uploaded it. It was two days ago from now I'm recording this video on the 20 22nd of January, and I uploaded this video and have this on the screen with recording from two days ago. So every day I have my profile. 0 followers 0, like zero following zero views. As you can see in the image here, do you want to know what happened 30 minutes after that roll it? I just wanted to shoot a quick video here, because I loved it my first tick-tock video. I have no experience with deep talk whatsoever. I didn't even manage it for clients, no ads. No, nothing has gone the video you can see, but we have 500 views in 30 minutes 30. Like an hour later I have 654. Then I decided I need to promote this. Video 600 in an hour is good, but that's not good enough. This is better than normal YouTube videos, but I want to go big on this one, so I decided to take a shot at some. Streamers means that if you, because I was Rambler and I were scarce so I know there was drama with ninja blaming people using an aimbot. So I was like when my dog has such precision. That he's, like name, was right, that's kind of funny. So if ninja sees that he can share it, he didn't I've, also shared it to Kim star so because they didn't work. I have to grow organically, like you will probably too so what I did was it just did some stories on Instagram and I'm pretty sure. No one saw that, so it's just a good video kind of ok anything. You know good idea on the dictum of the good thing. Is you don't need your opposed to being too optimized? You just need a creative idea and everything can you know work after that, naturally organically, which I wanted to see on YouTube Instagram, but these platforms, this doesn't work like that anymore or whatever, like that, I don't think so. So, as you can see five hours later, I was a 2.5 k views and that went for a while, so the next day, Tuesday night Wednesday. So I play video Monday first day second day, pretty much nothing Monday, 2.5 k views or so and what happened now is let me open tick-tock real quick as you can see here. Let me just refresh everything: I've got seven followers, okay, but I've got four K. Views and I got 1k of dollars in the last two-ish hours, so we have chicken 152 likes. One comment 13 shares, which obviously is good. Every sports time is 5 seconds out of 8, with much like what 6 percent retention most were from the four you paid so managed to rank on the for you page, I had a lot of people from my country. I think that if I actually bought it from the United States, this video would have become even more viral bit, so people were very frustrated with Instagram, because some people just made 28 counts, 50 counts hundred accounts. Reposted posting had very good viral content and to Coburn issues right. They were from certain countries and destroyed other competitors. So the victims, you know people victimized themselves and were kind of against the whole organic growth. Pink. You know the the growth hacking aspect so because people from other countries that hurt could invest more time or had cheap labor and could hire people could actually outwork them and then out how to reach them or whatever. You would say it and then it's totally different when it comes to tick tock, because, as you can see here on tick tock, your traffic is very geo-located, which means your trap is your piece of content you, which the content is distributed. Firstly, from what I can see from people around your country and they think, depending on your accent around two similar countries closely, I think that it might go very poor. Go to the United States, maybe after a hundred Cape use. If we hit that, I'm not sure, but I'm really interested to see what happens from here, so this is how I did it. I managed to get a good like nine percent, eight nine percent engagement rates, which I don't think is very bad. Its all my first big talk and I really hope that you can get inspired, because what people quit trying to grow their social media accounts. Just because one thing doesn't work right, you try YouTube, he doesn't want to transfer them, it doesn't work, you try and then you quit well. For me, tick tock works. Work plan from the first go. Write. Pictures is really working really well, I'm getting like 200k views per month on Pinterest right. This is good. This is really good and what I wanted to share with you was that if you have lateral thinking, if you can come up with solutions to problems that other people didn't come up with yet or there's a certain niche, that has a lot of demand, but not Enough supply - and you can really shine at it and add your own touch to it. If you want to see what happens next and if you want me to make this as a series series make sure it hit the subscribe button because out there most definitely help you out with more social media tips, and I've got over 150 videos on digital marketing. So far, if you appreciated this video make sure you give it a like, because this really helps me out - and this will save an alien pet from area 51 and you could just acquire the pet. We just like see you in the next one, but before that who is the shower winner on this episode, the shout out winner seems to be who says I like how detailed you get with the instructions for how to do this. This about the instrument homo strategy. It is hard to do this now interim chief skimming out action blocks and betting. He comes like crazy. I hear a lot of people running into issues nowadays, by the way you should check Dustin Norris out, I'm subscribed to him and I just replied Texas, Justin by Hannah so code you can use automation at 404 most days to just get rid of them. In my opinion, rid of them, in my opinion, so yeah. If you appreciate this video, don't forget to meet me in the next one, because the video day keeps the doctor away by the end of this video check. One of these videos out one of these videos. It should be right here this or this one

It used to be listen carefully again, it used to be now. What I mean is that it's the thing of the past, you needed to be an actor and athlete a musician, a singer to be famous and known. But, as I said it's the thing of the past, you don't need to be any of these to be famous in 2019. Thats where the power of social media kicks in now years ago, the famous Bollywood actor, mr

Shahrukh Khan was asked: what do you think who will be the next superstar after you and guess what he said? Thats pretty interesting. He said that the next superstar would not come from Bollywood or Hollywood perhaps but would be from the general public. The next superstar would come from the social media. They would have more to connect with people, they would be more like and adored. Well, damn. Yes, he was so right with social media like YouTube, Instagram, tik-tok and many more. It'S your chance to become famous to millions of viewers out there. So how do you jump-start your success on social media? How do you become a viral sensation? Well, that's what we will talk about today. I will share with you six useful insights. By the way, there are many more, but these six are essential skills that would really help you to kick start your journey on social media and achieve that unbounded, success and reach millions who are waiting to consume you well, you are with me Niharika and you're watching me On skillopedia, the first step to kick-start your social media success is to get the basics right, no matter which platform you start with, be it YouTube: Instagram, Facebook, tic, toc or any other platform. Well, you need to have some basic skills. Now I remember when I started on YouTube way back in 2012, I took a long time to perfect my delivery to perfect my editing skills. You know understand how Instagram truly works. Well, it was more of a trial and error stuff but in 2019 things have changed. The internet is growing even faster. Well, you certainly have no time for trial and error. For example, if you are starting on YouTube or Instagram, where most of us are, you need to know some basic photography or filming skills how to handle the camera different camera angles. How to edit photos and videos? So how do you acquire these skills? Well, there are so many online platforms available today, where you could learn these skills for free, well, YouTube where you are already watching us. This video is one of them, but on YouTube you would always not find content in a sequence, especially when you are starting from level one so well. I would like to introduce you to skill share. Yes. Well, I often use these days that skill share and, in fact, when they approached me to sponsor this video, I'm like that's great well now, skills share is an online learning community, with thousands of classes covering many creative skills, such as how to take photos, how to Acquire knowledge about different cameras: how to edit videos and photos now skills share would be the perfect platform to learn basic skills like. Let me show you how this one course that attracted me a lot so friends. This is how the skill-share website looks like where there are several courses available now here it says: what do you want to learn today? So let me see so here is in particular that I am looking at, which is how to shoot videos on a phone. And if you see there are so many videos out here where it would really be helpful for each one of y'all to learn how to shoot on your phone. So let's have a look at probably videography for beginner. So, as you see, there are so many lessons available for you to learn from, and if you also see right here, there are almost three thousand three hundred and sixty-nine students who have already taken help from this course now. Another thing that you will notice is that this course is created by Randy Allen and that's the description about him and as well as it tells you that what you are gon na learn from this class. Welcome to the course. Thank you so much for taking it. My name is Randy and you'll be hearing a lot for me for a while. So I just want to take a brief minute and let you know what's in the course and how I'll be teaching it. So I hope it's clear by now that this course is for beginners you're interested in video production, but you don't really know where to start this so guys did you see? This is like a perfect course for the beginners. Now guys, Skillshare is extremely affordable. You just pay like $ 10 a month that is like 700 rupees in India and access, so many different courses. Now there is so much to learn, but, as you are a subscriber, you would get a two month free trial, so guys, two months. That'S sixty days of free trial. What else do you want, so make sure you use these sixty days to get your hands on and take a subscription if it suits your needs so guys. The first step is to get your basics right now. Here'S the second thing being unique and entertaining. If you look at the most popular social media stars today, you will notice all of them have found a special niche to focus on whether it's talking about technology like unto therapy or the technical guru ji. Someone who talks about fashion health, motivation, teaching English like I do well, they all have picked up something that they love to talk about. Now, that's important, because if you start talking about something you are least interested in, you would certainly not put your heart in it. For example, if I have to talk about cooking, which I am really bad at it, I am NOT doing justice to my audience. I mean I might do a few videos or photos and that's about it. I will start losing interest and so will my audience as I would have not much to share about it. So you need to identify your niche or your area of interest to start with the biggest mistake people make when they start on social media. If they pick up a category which generates a lot of views or likes understand? One thing your niche or your area of interest may have a smaller audience, but that would become your dedicated and loyal community who would love to watch what you are good at? Here'S? The next thing will be consistent, being consistent on social media could be challenging. Yes, you are possibly in college, are probably doing a nine-to-five job, putting out content consistently. Its quite a task for every one of us, but if you have to build your influence on social media, you have to be concerned. If you do not post stuff frequently, you will be out of sight, or I can say out of mind for your followers. Now social media is vast. It's easy for your followers to just forget about you and if you are not consistent, you will soon be buried on social media. Now, consistency does not only mean posting regularly. It also means content consistency. Now what does that really mean? In the first step? You have decided on your niche say your niche is talking about motivation and then suddenly you shift your focus on tech unboxing, that's not consistency. Your audience is following you or subscribed to you, because you are a great person at motivating them, helping them with personal growth like we do on skillopedia. So why look confused and drive the audience away by changing your focus, focus on what you do the best and not on what gather more views, views and success would follow if you maintain consistency in your content. So remember friends, consistency is key. Here'S the next one provide quality content. Now getting someone's attention is different than holding someone's attention. You might get someone's attention on social media, but holding that attention and making people to keep following you is challenging just to be consistent. You cannot upload anything out. There say: let's talk about YouTube as it's the most popular video platform, for example, your video might have a great title, a great thumbnail, but the actual content doesn't appeal to the audience. Well, they would leave after watching 10 to 20 percent of your video. Now, videos that are watched longer will be given higher ranking over those who have just abused and know great watch time. Eventually the video would die now I have noticed this is the biggest mistake. People make when they enter social media. They just see to grab attention rather than focusing on quality content. So if you work on the content and provide a quality, I mean watching a ten minute video if your audience is going to take away something from that video. You are a winner now understand you are competing with thousands of videos out there and if your content has quality over a period of time, you will create a loyal fanbase. Your fans would keep coming back to view your content. Now, quality videos don't happen by accident. They are created with proper planning, so put some time in planning what should go out there. That would create value for your fans and for your followers now guys, it's important for you to know and engage your audience. You should be able to describe your audience with detail like how old are they? What would be they interested in? What are the words that will capture their attention? What exactly are they looking for like? Are they looking for a comedy for education for fitness entertainment, because if you know what your audience expects, it's just easy to fine-tune your content that matches their requirement now this sounds pretty simple, but many tend to just overlook it. So don't assume you know everything research. Now, let's talk about engagement now, if you want to become famous responding to comments and making videos or photo shoots based on audience, requests really helps to make you look approachable. Now this is a big difference. You will see what social media stars as opposed to mainstream media, such as the television, Bollywood or Hollywood, are just a music and fashion celebs. Now social media stars have a reputation of being accessible and responsive to their audience. You know update them. What you plan to upload next ask them questions and answer them timely, the more they are engaged with you, the more they become your loyal fanbase. So it's important for you to know your audience and engage with them. Now. Here'S the most important thing that I personally believe in be patient. Now, most of you who start new on social media become very impatient. I mean the moment you post something you expect instant likes or instant views. Now you need to understand that people are yet to discover you don't worry, they will find you. You need to focus on your efforts on how people would discover you on social media rather than being so impatient and checking your phone every other. Second, to find out how many people have actually liked your stuff now, if it's not discovered today, relax, it will be discovered tomorrow, just be patient. Now, one mistake I have seen many newbies making on social media. Is that once they see that you know, social media is not going anywhere, they try to find easy means to grow their followers or subscribers. Now what I mean is that they end up buying audience now find followers, or subscribers will give you a dramatic boost on your social media. The growth graphs would look amazing, but you know you are actually putting your social media account at great risk. Do you think these social media companies are fools? I mean they know where and how is your growth coming buying followers or subscribers is against the policies of social media companies and your account is sure to shut now also buying audience won't give you an engagement on your posts or uploads. Imagine you would buy a thousand likes or hundred thousand views with no comments or likes on your video. I mean. Doesn'T that look strange. The audience is smart to differentiate that so guys stay away from these cheap stunts to grow your social media accounts and don't put them at risk. So here were the tips that I personally followed to grow. My fan base on social media and I really really hope that you would make use of them to kick-start your social media journey and showcase your talent out there. Your skills to millions of viewers out there and let me know in the comments how useful did you find this video and also, let me know if you want me to cover any specific topics that would really help you in your career. So friends, I would see you with another useful skills based session that would help you survive and grow in this competitive social media age. So do subscribe and press the bell icon to get regular updates from skillopedia the place to learn skills for the real world.

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how to delete tiktok account

Welcome to a tech tips tutorial on deleting your tik tok account. Start by opening the tiktok app and navigating to your profile page. Tap on the options button at the top right of the screen. Now tap on manage my account. At the very bottom here you will see an option called Delete My Account. You need to confirm the deletion with an sms code here, tap on send code. If you don’t have a phone connected you will need to do the same but with your email. Enter the code once you receive it. Now tap on delete account. As you can see i have been logged out and my account is deactivated. Note that you will have 30 days to reactivate your account, after 30 days your account will be permanently deleted. But within 30 days you can simply log back in to reactivate it.

And that draws an end to this tutorial. Please like the video if it helped you, and subscribe to foxy tech tips for more tik tok tutorials!.

Hello, welcome to this video. Tik Tok (Musically) has become very popular today. There are many people using this platform to show their talent and have become popular. But there are also many who are not popular even after making many videos and if you are from those and want to delete this app from your phone permanently, please keep watching this video I've also installed Tik Tok in my phone and I do have not many followers and have not used it much. I have not uploaded any video on Tik Tok. To delete your Tik Tok account, first open Tik Tok after Tik Tok opens, you have to go to 'Profile' now here, at your Profile, you can see three dots(...) at the top right corner, click it. click 'Manage My Account' and scroll down to get 'Thinking about removing your account', click on it. you'll get this screen to send code when you click 'Send code', an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile phone number you have to enter that OTP here in the box I have clicked 'Send code' and now OTP will be sent to my registered mobile phone number now, I have received the OTP - 5929 on my phone I have now entered the OTP here and clicked 'Continue' now, we can see instructions related to deleting Tik Tok account it says if you delete your account, you won't be able to use it on your mobile phone for your account it also says that 'your account will be deactivated for 30 days' means it will be temporarily deactivated for 30 days not permanently deleted so if you again login within these 30 days, your account will be reactivated and will be like earlier To permanently delete it, you'll have to not login to your Tik Tok account for minimum 30 days.

Now let's proceed to next step, click 'Continue' when you get the confirmation box, click 'Delete Account' and now you will exit from the app now, if you login again to your Tik tok account within 30 days, it will be reactivated so I'm not going to use it for 30 days and then it will be permanently deleted. if you face any issues using these steps, please let me know by comments also do let me know if you liked this video and thank you for watching this video.

Hello what's up guys and welcome back to my YouTube channel "Teconz".Now a days the most trending entertainment application is "Musically". So the musically is a free social media app with the community of 100 million registered users, and this free social media app allows you to create,share and watch videos right from your phone. Sometimes these types of applications are not safe to use it, at that time most of the peoples are interesting to leave from this musically. So today I will show you how to delete your musically account in permanently.

Here I just only show you by sending the request to deleting the account. Because once they get the request from you and they will process it. First of all you can open your musically application, in your android mobile and in your home page section you can press that your profile icon, and it is located at the bottom. Then it shows my profile informations, and in this section you can press that gear icon for settings and it is located at almost top. Then it shows one pop-up window and it has three options and in this section you can select "Privacy and Settings" and the third one. Now you can see, it shows lots of settings about privacy, so here you can select "Help Center" and the fourth one. And the page is starts to loading and here also it shows some settings. Again you can go to "My Account & Settings" and the first one. Now you can see, it shows some account related settings, here you can scroll down and go to the last page. Finally I get the option called "Delete account" so you can select it.

Then it shows some instructions to deleting your account. So here you can scroll down and in this section you can select that link "Support ticket here" and it is highlighted as blue link, so you can select it. Then it ask for your account informations like that your username and email id. Also it is mandatory to upload the screenshot of your profile page, so first of all you can take the screen shot of your profile. Then I try to enter my account informations, once the details are entered you can click to "Submit" your request. If you have any errors while try to uploading the screen shot of the image, you can access this musically support page by using your Google Chrome web browser and the URL is "" " " then go to "My account & Settings".

Here you can select "Delete account" and then same way you can press that blue link. Here you can type your username and account details. Once the details are entered you can click to "Submit" your request. Finally here you can see, it shows "Thanks for contacting us! we will take actions accordingly". So this is the way you can easily deactivate your musically account in permanently.

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How to change tiktok username

Welcome to a tech tips tutorial on changing your tik tok username. This is easy to do so lets begin. Open up the tiktok app and move over to your profile page. Now tap on edit profile. You can now just tap on your username to open up the username editing page. Change your username to whatever you want. Note that you are only allowed to change your tiktok username once every 30 days.. So choose wisely. You can tap on save to confirm the change. And that draws an end to this tutorial. Please like the video if it helped you, and comment to foxy tech tips for more tik tok tutorials!

Hello what's up guys and welcome back to my article "Theta box". So today I will show you how to change your tik tok username with in 2 minutes. Now a days lots of people's are spending their time with this tik tok application and also they make dance videos or any kind of videos to post their timeline. If you are using this tik tok application by logging via Facebook or any social media network, your username is only depends on that social media network. And some kind of people's doesn't like this username, so if you're one of the person just follow my steps.

So let's go to our tutorial. First of all I try to open my tik tok application, and here you can see this is my homepage section and in this section you can press your profile icon and it is located at the bottom. And then you can see this is my tik tok username and this username is created after i sync my facebook account informations with this application.So how to change that username?.Just press that "Edit profile" section, and it shows two names and the first one is my profile name and the second one is my tik tok username. If you want to edit the first name your profile name is only changed and this is not a public name.So my suggestion is you can change this second name. But it shows one pop-up window and the message is "Username is your unique identity on tik-tok.Once you change it, you want to be able to change again within 30 days".

So you can read this terms and conditions.So once you remind this notification, now you can change your username. So this is the way you can easily change your tik tok username by watching my tutorial. For more tech videos you can comment my beautiful tech article "Theta box" and thanks for watching....

Hello guys and welcome back to my article "Teconz". Today I m going to show you how to change your Instagram username by using your android mobile, but other user's don't worry about it, because this setting location is common for all devices. Now a days most of the user's are using this Instagram application on their various devices, but they does not know how to set their Instagram username. So due to this reason most of the user's are set their name to unknown meaning like enter the number's or add their loved one name. After the few days they feel how to change this Instagram username to professionally, so if you feel same thing just follow me friends... So let's get started...First of all open your Instagram application in your android mobile or Ios device and then complete your login or sign up processes. Now my home page is ready to use, in this section you can press that person icon and it is placed at the bottom and then it shows my entire Instagram profile informations, but in this section you can note one thing in almost top of left side corner it shows one name and this is my Instagram username and this name will help you to search your loved one Instagram profile.

So if you want to change this name, just press that "Edit profile" option and then it shows some options and also I get the username change settings, so just press that username column and the second one and then type your new username. But in bottom it shows one notification message and the message is "You've been able to change your username back to arunkumarn for another 14 days and the "arunKumarn" is my current username, so you can note this one message. So once you enter the name finally click to save this changes by press that arrow mark and it is located at the almost top of right side corner and one more time you can press that same arrow mark. Finally here you can see my new Instagram username is ready to use, now you can share this username to your Instagram followers. So this is the way you can easily change your Instagram username by watching my tutorial. For more tech videos you can comment my beautiful tech article "Teconz" and thanks for watching....

Hello what's up guys and welcome back to my article "Theta box". Today I will show you how to make your tik tok account to privately.So before going to the tutorial, first of all why we do this process?. Because if you set your tik tok profile to public there is possible to every people view your profile and also download your videos. Boys there is no problem, but if you are a girl this is very dangerous one because may be someone download your profile photo and misuse it, like that upload it to the unwanted websites. So to avoid this kind of problems people's are searching how to make tik tok as privately.

So if you're the one of the person, just follow my steps and these settings are common for all android and Ios devices. So let's go to our tutorial. First of all I try to open my tik tok application via my new android mobile and then complete your login or sign up processes. Now in this home page section you can press your profile icon and it is located at the bottom and this is my tik tok profile. But in this section you can press that horizontal 3 dot icon and it is located at the almost top of right side and this icon will help you to access your settings. Here it shows lots of account related settings, but in this section you can go to "Privacy and safety" settings and the second one.

Finally here you can see it shows lot's of account related settings, but the main setting is "Private account" so just click to "Disable" it, then it ask for confirmation so you can click to "Confirm" and the another important setting is "Allow others to find me", so what is this?. So once you disable this option, other tik tok users will not receive suggestions to follow you and this is very nice one. Same way you can disable this option, so once you disable these two settings there is no possible to view your tik tok profile from other users. So this is the way you can easily make your tik tok profile to privately.

For more tech videos you can comment my beautiful tech article "Theta box" and thanks for watching....

Hello what's up guys and welcome back to my article "Theta box". Today I try to change my tik-tok username via my android mobile, but unfortunately it shows the two error notifications and the first one is "Username needs to be between 2 to 24 characters without special characters.Please try again" and the another one is "This username has been taken", so how to fix this two error notifications in your tik tok?. Before going to the solution what is this notifications describing?. And the first notification is, if you type your username and your username must contains the characters between 2 to 24. For example if I enter the any one character to this username section and also it shows the same error notification and the next one is if I enter the more than 25 characters, so also it shows the same error notification.

Because this character limit exceeds the maximum level and the main one is don't use special characters followed by your username and these are the some special characters, so don't use it. And the second error is described your username is similar to another person, which means that if I enter the name to "Vijay", so it shows that notification. Because these names are used to all peoples, so don't enter these kind of names. Then how to enter the perfect username?. So here my name is "Arunkumar" and my date of birth is 09.02.1995. So I try to enter the name to "arun kumar" and also i add my initial to "n " and then I try to save this changes.

But if this method works it's ok, but if not work then how to set my name?. But here you can see unfortunately this username doesn't works, also it shows the same problem. So next how to enter my name?. Here I try to add my date of birth followed by name "0902" and then click to save the changes. Finally here you can see my username is successfully set to new one and this method works very smoothly and one of my best suggestion is always set to username with your local language, which means that if you are from India just type your name with Telugu or Malayalam or kanada, so you can try this trick I surely assured it is works 100%.

So this is the way you can easily change your tik tok username by watching my tutorial. For more tech videos you can comment my beautiful tech article "Theta box" and thanks for watching....

Hello whatsapp guys and welcome back to my article "Teconz". Today I m going to show you how to change location in your tik-tok application and this feature is only available on latest version of tik tok application. Now a days this tik-tok is most popular entertainment application for all over the world and it is available for both android and ios devices, but most of the people's are worrying.

Because if we try to watch this tik tok videos, all the video languages are different which means that unknown languages and it is hard to understand the video language. So to avoid this kind of problems, in few days back they launched the one special feature, so by using this feature you can easily watch your regional language videos. So how to access it?... So let's get started... First of all open your tik tok application and then complete login or sign up process. Now in this home page section in bottom it shows some icons, but you can press "Me" icon and the final one. Then it shows my profile section, so here you can press that vertical 3 dot icon and it is placed at the almost top of right side and then it shows some account related settings, but you can go to "Manage my account" and the first one.

So here you can select "Region" and then it shows lots of country names, so you can choose your particular native region. I try to select "India",once your selection process is completed now your videos are starts to playing by based on your region. So this is the way you can easily change your tik tok video location by watching my tutorial. For more tech article you can comment my beautiful tech article "Teconz" and thanks for reading

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These Tik Tok memes have gone too far (with text)

- "Hey! [ laughs ] Woah that's cool, check this out guys!" - "Woah!" - "How?" - "WhOhO!" - "I'm so shook." - "That's lit!" - "WOW! Oh my goodness, thanks for showing that!" T I K T O K! Guys, TikTok has gotten out of control! Already it is became the most [clap] popular app of 2018! [ voiceover with bad mic ] ♫ Hit or miss, I guess they never miss (huh?) ♫ ♫ You gotta a boyfriend, I bet he doesn't kiss ya! (mauh!) ♫ [ Normal ] With over five hundred million monthly nine year olds visiting the site and some of the biggest creators on the site, Jacob Sartorius Liza Koshy And my best friend Jojo Siwa who cannot say a single word in English.

[ Jojo saying but it's inaudible] [ Clips overlapped over Jojo saying... Something ?!] AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Now to combat the hordes of nine-year-olds [ clap ], we've released the 14 year olds... [ speaking russian ] ...who understand what irony is, and go onto the site, and try to derail EVERY single duet as quickly as possible. ♫ I don't like you T-Series... ♫ ♫ ...Nothing personal, kid... ♫ ♫ ...But I must go all out... ♫ ♫ ...Just this once. ♫ [ Pyrocynical laughing ] [ Earrape ] ♫ Bobs or vegana, whichever will it be? ♫ Now, I've tried to capitalize on the TikTok train to save my dying redundant channel. Unfortunately, every single TikTok video I've ever made, gets claimed a day later I've tried to do covers. I've tried to do clips with just people speaking but it's never enough and that hungry, hungry company- -comes up against to claim every single video.

SPONSOOOOOOOOOOOR!!! Today's video is sponsored by Lords Mobile, the only game where you can be EPIC. Lords Mobile is a real time strategy MMO game that's been chosen as one of Google's most COMPETITIVE games. In the game, you can fight against players from all over the world in real time battle. You can also ally with them despite any language barriers as there's an auto-translate feature in the game, and we all know what it's like to play against people that don't speak the same language. [ child yelling in russian while playing cs:go ] The game was also an Android Excellence Game of 2017, which is pretty freaking epic [ mlg oh ]. It's a slick game.

I wanna recommend it to fellow gamers like yourselves. Put down your Minecraft pickaxes and your Roblox tasers because this game is truly epic. Also, to those of you who download Lords Mobile, I'm giving away a free in-game gift worth $200. Go to the link on screen to download Lords Mobile today and the $200 prize will be sent to your in-game account automatically. Now that's freakin' epic! Also, because I'm extra generous, you have a chance of winning an iPhone XS with 512GB memory storage! That's just for those gamers that want to screenshot all their Victory Royales! Two weeks after this video goes out, we will have a winner, and you'll be able to find out who from the pinned comment I make.

All you have to do to enter the giveaway and get your free $200 worth of prizes is to go in the link down in the description and download Lords Mobile, which is 100% free and 100% epic. [ reverb and explosion ] Download Lords Mobile today to interact with over a hundred and sixty million global online players, and also to be entered into the giveaway that I mentioned earlier. Download Lords Mobile! It's so EPIC!~~ We are back, guys, for more TikTok. Now when the video gets claimed, I don't care. [ voiceover ] ♫ Hit or miss, I guess they never miss (huh?) ♫ ♫ You gotta a boyfriend, I bet he doesn't kiss ya! (mauh!) ♫ ♫ He gon' find another girl and he gon miss yah! ♫ ♫ He gon' skrrrtt and hit the dab like Miz Khalifa! ♫ She has a- [ 2012 PewDiePie crying ] Oh no, a copyrighted song. NO! Quick, we need to cover this song with something else, [ Unwaking Nightmares ! ] I know the perfect song.

[ DELTARUNE - Rude Buster (Battle Combat Theme) playing ] NO! WHY? [ Lesbian laughing ] We destroyed $300 worth of headphones equipment, high five my gamers! [ Dragon Ball Punching ] The thing is, he did that for a funny TikTok video. He's probably destroyed those headphones! [ DELTARUNE - Rude Buster (Battle Combat Theme) playing ] Why did he dab? Oh you boomer. [ Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours feat. Irfane playing ] "Ladies and gentlemen..." "...we got him!" Ohh! Ohhh my God. Someone lied on the Internet and he- did he finish with a dab? Disgusting! [ bass boost ] Report his TikTok account! Right, this one looks great, [beat] I- Heh- do I even want to watch this one? [glass shatters] You sure you wanna do this little girl? I mean, what if- what if we're dangerous? [music builds] What if I am? [ bass boost gets high ] Ah- Alright.

Not- I don't need a reaction to that. Now we have a made by my best friend Grandayy, who makes the best content. Not when he's roasting me, though. It-it just has to be Thanos from Fortnite. There's-there's no exception. [laughs] Ah [ woah ], I- I pulled my headphone jack out. Guy: Take two steps forward if you've ever gotten a Victory Royale. Pyro: That is not me. Guy: Take two steps forward if your dad loves you. [Pyro knows the feel] Guy: Take two steps forward if your Minecraft girlfriend broke up with you. NOOOO! NOOO! That is so sad. [sad music] That- can we please get three likes for this man, whose Minecraft girlfriend broke up with him. Please. Three likes in the chat. ♪ Hey, whoa (hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal) ♪ Pumpkin, I g- ♪ Hey, whoa (hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal) ♪ Pumpkin, I g- ♪ Hitemuh hitemuh hitemuh ♪ ♪ Hitemuh hitemuh hitemuh ♪ I don't- I don't I don't know what this is going.

♪ Hey, hey, YoU fInNa dIe BaBy ♪ [Pyro laughs] [ bass boost ] ILLEGAL! ILLEGAL! Why, why is that your third- [disapproving groan] I'm calling the police on you, sir. [ police siren ] Now, I would like to break up this Tik-Tok video with a little segment I call: This is the segment where I look at the Pyrocynical subreddit and see what fantastic and gorgeous memes you have submitted for me to react to. [TF2 - Medic!] Right, I'm trying to make this a thing in all my videos but it's so inconsistent, you'll see like once every four weeks and you'll forget that it's even a thing.

I-I do appreciate that shit I mean it is pain. AHHHHHHHH! I get it! I GET IT! Guys, you know, not a lot of you have been asking where Petscop 2 is. It's not like every single comment on my videos is Petscop 2. It's really funny, please keep doing it. Hey Pyrocynical, how are you man? Oh I'm not doing too great, you know. My entire family just died in a meteorite crash, you know, just trying to mourn. I get people that recognize me in public and they're still asking me, "Where's Petscop 2?" You do understand this is why I don't like leaving my house, right? Oh cat wheel cha- - (FR) NO! NO PULL! NOO! [ screaming ] [ laugh ] [ screaming ] NO! NO! WHY'D I LAUGH? WHY'D I LAUGH? NO! I've undone everything! I've undone e- I laughed at cat meme again! - "All you little shits are still bullying me on TikTok and guess what..." "...I don't even care anymore!" "My dad's is in the Marines, and he's gonna FUCKING find you, he's gonna find her dress" - RUN! "My dad's is in the Marines, and he's gonna FUCKING find you, he's gonna find her dress," "My dad's is in the Marines, and he's gonna FUCKING find you, he's gonna find her dress," - RUN! "My dad's is in the Marines, and he's gonna FUCKING find you, he's gonna find her dress," "My dad's is in the Marines, and he's gonna FUCKING find you, he's gonna find your address..." [ dat hoodini vanish tho ] - Just the guy- the guy on the left just disappears.

- "-He's gonna find your addresses..." - Just the guy- the guy on the left just disappears. He's gone! Into the abyss he goes, to mine more redstone I don't think that was ironic either. I mean if I had a father that was in the military and not in prison, I too would brag about it, on TikTok. ♫ Isssssss... ♫ ♫ Isssssss yourrrrrr... ♫ ♫ Isssssss yourrrrrr sister really great, ♫ ♫ does she never give you hate? ♫ ♫ Do you hang with her at school ♫ ♫ 'Cause you think she's really cool! ♫ ♫ Does she look like a snack? ♫ ♫ Does she always your back, your sister... ♫ ♫ Does she always your back, your sister really love! ♫ NO! NO! I try- no! Trying to get ads.

𝓘𝓓𝓘𝓞𝓣! I am trying so hard... get actual ads on my videos now- I mean to be fair, what's the point? 'Cause I'm gonna spend the entire time, trying to actually get ads, by keeping it family-friendly. [ picking sound effect ] And then UMG just gonna claim it anyway Also, why does this guy, just sound like he woke up from a seven-year coma? ♫ Isssssss... ♫ ♫ Isssssss yourrrrrr... ♫ ♫ Isssssss yourrrrrr sister really great. ♫ - "So you guys." - Oh, I've seen. [ speaking loud ] "SO YOU GUYS!" "IF YOU WANNA A SHOUTOUT, AND YOU MAKE WITH A DUET WITH ME!" [ Pyrocynical laughing silent ] "IF YOU WANNA A SHOUTOUT, AND YOU MAKE WITH A DUET WITH ME!" "IF YOU WANNA A SHOUTOUT, AND YOU MAKE WITH A DUET WITH ME!" "THEN I SHOUTOUT YOU OUT ALREADY!" [ clap 4x ] [ clap 4x ] I've seen this! "Okay, you guys?" [ Pyrocynical laughing ] [ Girl, normal ] "So, duet if you wanna a shoutout." Guys, just let you know, I'M DOING A SHOUTOUT, OKAY? [ Mocking ] I-I'M DOING A SHOUTOUT GUYS! ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS: REPLY TO THE VIDEO.

NOT COMMENTING PETSCOP 2, OKAY? [ Stops mocking ] "Okay." [ "Weee" like ] "We like Fortnite [ repeating ]" [ Mocking ] "This video is not Petscop 2, WAHHH!" [ Stops mocking ] Oh great! Another one. Is he- is he wearing a TikTok shirt? [ Minecraft music and Steve (old version) making OOF ] [ Pyrocynical laughing ] [ Minecraft music and Steve (old version) making OOF ] [ Pyrocynical laughing ] [ Minecraft music and Steve (old version) making OOF slow ] Alright, he- he just body plans, he just body plans on the entire- I HOPE YOUR CAMERA GOT DESTROYED! "You're right sweetie!" "I'm not cute." You're gorgeous! I'm drop dead gorgeous. Yes! YES! That is Markiplier! Oh my god, we found Markiplier! That's why Markiplier isn't helping PewDiePie against T-Series. He's too busy making TikToks. [Mark] Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and I'm finally able to tell you about something that we have been working on for over...

...a year... ...This... is Cloak. We live in 2018, where humor is evolved. Like, you remember 2010-2011, you had the funny cat memes, the impact text memes. And now it's just... B A S S b-- loud noise is comedy. I wanna make it apparent: his name is Is this an ironic Tik-Tok or a serious one? PLEASE leave your answers down below. "-sister? No dude it's bro time-" [Pyro laughs] Yeah, she can come. [imitating music] Ooh, I just wanna- *iCarly theme playing* Is this iCarly? *yes pyro it is* *Pyro demonstrates he has the ability to read* *Pyro laughs because clearly that was funny* Oh my god, this is like 8 TikToks! *lewd the lolis uwu* NO No! No! Can you stop? Keep them wholesome! Keep them family friendly! You do not understand how deep...

The Youtube's like.. deep learning algorithm is and how complex it is "You know people often ask me how to become famous on tik tok" "Well you just gotta do the most random possible shit you can do in order to gain fame." Is that Ninja? Oh my god, it's ninja from Fortnite. We found him guys! Anyways guys, that's the end of the video. Thank you all so much for watching, it's greatly appreciated. Smash subscribe Please! If you enjoyed the video leave a like, and also guys I do want to say the Black Friday weekend has been extended to Monday for fanfiber. So be sure to visit the site to cop yourself some exclusive merch, because once it's gone, it's absolutely gone. We're still selling the top hat as well, this is exclusive and we've got about 150 of them left and once they're gone that's it.

They're never being restocked. You can use code BF2018 for 15% off all your orders and purchases. I individually kiss each one of these before they're sent off. I'm going to jail. [Outro: Whitewoods - Beachwalk] I got a plan, John. [scream].

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- Hey everyone, I'm Nina Zadeh with Sidewalker Daily. And in today's article, we are going to talk about a super exciting topic. Which I know so many of the people I work with wanna know more about. And it's how to make money on TikTok. If you're new to our channel, welcome. I'm gonna give you the quick little blurb on who we are so you can kind of understand how Sidewalker Daily and me, how I fit into the big picture of social media. So, our agency, Sidewalker Daily, we work with brands on influencer campaigns. And we also work with influencers and content creators on you know monetizing their businesses, on setting up sustainable businesses. So I work with tons of different content creators.

And I know that TikTok is like where so many of you guys want to go to, wanna be on. But you wanna make sure you can monetize on it. And that you're spending all this time creating like content for nothing. Which I totally respect and get. So in today's video, I'm gonna dive deep into ways that I think that you can monetize your TikTok. Now, but before I do, I do wanna mention that we've created an audio seminar that is on all things TikTok.

So it's not just the monetization. We talk about brands and how to work with them and just like, literally everything you think of about TikTok in over an hour audio seminar. So I'm gonna link that below. And that way you guys can learn more if you know, you are looking to learn more than just monetization. But if monetization is what you're looking for, then you are in the right place. So, let's jump in.

So for now, TikTok does not have a way to monetize, so to speak. So I know a lotta YouTube creators, you know, once you get to 1000 followers and like 4000 hours of watch time, you can enable ads. Well TikTok doesn't have that, yet. And please note the operative word yet. Because I'm quite positively sure that it's coming down the pipeline. I've read tons of interviews with TikTok's different staff and they, you know, it really seems that TikTok is gonna enable some sort of monetization function on the ad side so creators can get, you know, an ad share, they way that they do on YouTube. But as of now, that is not the case. But, with that said, it's important to know that TikTok has created a creator marketplace. So let's start there.

The creator marketplace is place where TikTokers can go and sign up and brands can sign up. And it kinda matches you guys together. So we're also leave the link below on the TikTok creator marketplace so you can sign up and you can investigate and you see if it's something, you know, that you're interested in joining. I think it's really smart because it is allowing, you know, transparency and getting brands and creators to like engage which is always a good thing. Another big way to monetize on TikTok is using your TikTok fame, so to speak, and then transferring it to other social media platforms.

So let me explain. If you create really killer content on TikTok, and that happens to go viral or even just gets a lotta hits, you can then use, like piggyback off all those views and all that leverage, and drive traffic to either your YouTube, your Instagram, to other social media platforms. Now it's important that you guys also note that like you don't wanna put all your eggs in one social media basket. Now I don't think that you should be doing every single platform because that can cause burnout and like, you know, drain you guys. But I do think it's important to think strategically. Transferring your viral content that you can put on TikTok and then helping that grow your Instagram is a smart business move. Because if, for whatever reason TikTok goes away, then you've been able to transfer these followers or this audience to a second platform.

So in order to that, you really do need to focus on doing some research on creating that content that is gonna go viral, that is gonna go, you know, get those views that you're looking for. So creatively you'll have to push yourself to find out, you know, what's hot, what's exciting. You can use TikTok hashtags. On the discover page, you'll be able to see which hashtags are trending. And you know, you can jump in into that conversation. It's really important for you guys to think about that when you're trying to monetize, like creating cool content that's gonna hit, and that that way you can transfer those followers to another platform. One thing that is important to note, regardless of whatever social media platform you are on, creators and influencers that have higher engagement, not necessarily followers, but like really really high engagement on their page, you know, that is what brands want ultimately.

So, you know, you're gonna wanna work on obviously creating consistent content for TikTok so that it can help grow your following and grow that audience, you know, engagement and as well as connection and trust. So make sure when you're thinking about, you know, yes, you wanna create viral content to transfer those followers over to another platform, you also wanna think about ways that you can really just like grow your TikTok audience. And grow that engagement and that trust. And they way you do that is you know, producing quality content consistently. Another way that you can monetize your influence, is once reach 1000 followers on TikTok, TikTok allows you to go live.

And there's this functionality now with TikTok that when you can go live, the people that are watching, you know, your lives, can kinda donate to you. It's like a really interesting concept that now like viewers can donate to you. And though the exchange rate isn't particularly high, it does enable you to monetize your content. So if you grow your followers and your able to get, you know, 1000 followers on your TikTok and you go live, let's just say often, you know, that's where you can talk about products that you're endorsing. Or you can talk about, you know, whatever it is that you are looking to promote at that time. And then the people that are watching can donate to you, you know, financially, and that's another way that you can monetize. Another way you can monetize your influence on TikTok, is by working with brands, the same way you do on other platforms. So if you're an influencer that is looking to get on TikTok and you're already monetizing with brands and sponsorships in different ways on whether it's Instagram or YouTube, use that philosophy on TikTok.

Now what I think would be really cool and really innovative and important and all that good stuff, is to go the brands that you already work with and tell them you know, "Hey, I'm joining TikTok, "I'd love to create some content for you." Obviously you wanna try and monetize that content. But if you don't have any examples of TikTok work so to speak in your portfolio, then maybe you could figure out like a trade system with the brands. Maybe the brands aren't on TikTok either and it could be like a win-win for both of you like to discover this platform together. I think that's like a cool way to, you know, dive into TikTok and monetize your content from the get. Because you're basically going to the brands that you've already worked with, and being like, "Hey, I wanna grow your TikTok or I wanna, you know, "not only grow your TikTok," the brand's, "but I wanna grow mine "and incorporate your brand into my story." So, it's kind of like testing a little bit.

Like you can work with a brand to test, you know, different strategies and different content videos and different like tools and stuff. And always again, as a creator, you wanna think about using these tests to not only support your work, but build your portfolio. So definitely keep that in mind when you're trying to monetize your TikTok influence. So, while there are tons of other ways you can monetize your TikTok influence which I go into in the audio seminar, I'm gonna end on this one. So, I'm a consultant for tons of different brands and influencers. And I have worked in this space for a long time so I believe in consulting. The difference is I'm not gonna tell people not to do what I do. I actually want the people I work with to become successful. So if you're a TikTok wiz and you are good at TikTok, especially before anyone else gets good at it, I would totally recommend to start you know, your own TikTok consulting services that you can not only create that content for different brands that you're looking to work with, but you can actually speak intelligently to your clients about you know, what TikTok is and why they need to get on it.

And you know, charge for your time and your knowledge. I think that, you know, if you're on TikTok and you really understand it and you really feel good about this app and like you could teach others confidently, then I would absolutely recommend doing so. Because by developing like a consulting style business, you know, you get to work for yourself, you get to charge your own hourly rate and it's a great way to monetize the knowledge that you already have. So I hope you guys enjoyed this article on all things TikTok and monetization.

Again like I said, we have an audio seminar. I'm gonna link that below. It goes into everything. And I'm really excited about TikTok so you're definitely gonna wanna check that out. If you enjoyed this article, make sure to give it a like, comment, subscribe. And I will see you in the next video..

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How To Get Your Music Heard | Free Music Promotion on TikTok

- Adapt with the times and promote your music in the best way, using TikTok. TikTok is currently a leading social media platform, with over 500% year over year growth since 2017. They also have 120 million monthly active users. Yet so many musicians don't use it or don't even understand how it works. For musicians, TikTok isn't just a social media platform, it's a way to promote your music. There are artists that have blown up from TikTok, there are songs that have become hits, there are artists that have been signed to major labels all due to TikTok. Labels are watching TikTok very closely. Gen Z are obsessed with TikTok. They're all over it.

And that's the target audience for a lot of musicians. So labels are watching the trends, they're watching which artists are doing well, which tracks are doing well on TikTok. And they're using it to promote their artists. And independent artists can do the same. You don't need to be signed to a major label, you don't need to have tons of money, any artist can use TikTok to promote their music. And in this video, I'm going to explain to you how you can be using TikTok to promote your next track. If you think that TikTok isn't worth you time, then I'm definitely gonna change your mind on this because there are tons of artists in the last two years that've blown up because of TikTok.

For example, you've got "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X. "Old Town Road" went to number 15 in the Billboard charts. It became a viral hit and that's because it was trending on TikTok. It became a challenge and he blew up because of that. And he's now a full-time artist, he got signed to Colombia Records and the track has over 350 million streams on Spotify. But this didn't happen overnight. Lil Nas X says to everyone that TikTok is the reason he blew up. He credits them entirely. He even said that he would happily pay them to do that again, proof that you should be focusing on TikTok.

You should be getting your music, promoting it via that platform. So let's start. Let's talk about how TikTok works, how you can promote your music on it and how you can potentially go viral. For those of you who don't know, TikTok was formally known as It's an app that allows you to upload short clips, about 15 seconds long, and it's blown up over the past few years. It's become one of the leading social media platforms. But because a lot of the younger generation use it, everyone over the age of 20 seems to be a bit confused about it, they don't even have profile on there. But there's an audience sat on TikTok waiting, wanting new music, wanting new challenges and your music could be the next viral hit. The first step to promoting your music on TikTok is actually getting your track on TikTok. It's pretty simple to do, you simply upload the audio and then you title it. We suggest titling it your name and the track name because then it's easy for anyone to find. And then once you've uploaded it, it becomes part of the app's sound bank.

So anyone can search it and find it and use it in their video. And that's why it's so important that you title it correctly because if you don't, people won't be able to find it. And then the chances of it going viral are very very slim. And you also want it to be your name and the track name because if it does blow up, you want people to know who you are and the track name so then they can go over to Spotify, Apple Music, your socials, and find you. Now your music is actually on TikTok, you need to be able to promote it, you need to get influencers using it, you need to get other users using it because as soon as it's used by a handful of people there is potential that it can become a trend. And if your track gets onto the trending page on TikTok, that's when your track is going to blow up.

The most recent example of this is Blanco Brown. Blanco Brown has 100,000 streams on most of his tracks so he's not huge. But he recently uploaded a track to TikTok and it has blown up. The track is called "The Git Up" and basically people just dance to it. But that dancing trend has gone crazy and that track that he uploaded now has over three million streams on Spotify. And he is not a world-renowned artist, he's not a huge artist but he got those streams because of TikTok. So let's start with the challenge aspect. This is how you're going to get people to get involved with your track. This is how people are gonna start pushing it out to more and more people and for it to become a trend.

And that's the most important thing. You want your track, the challenge, to trend. To do this, you can either create an account yourself and do the challenge, you can pay an influencer or ask an influencer to start doing a challenge or you can ask your immediate fan base to get involved and start doing the challenge. The first one is obviously doing it yourself and if you're happy being in front of the camera definitely give this one a go because you could potentially become famous on TikTok, well-known artist, and then you've got an audience there just waiting for you.

So your next track can do the exact same thing. There're a ton of artists that are doing this and it's pretty similar to Vine and YouTube where artists have blown up because of that platform. If you're happy to be in front of the camera, happy to do a crazy challenge, be a little bit silly, then definitely go down that route. However, if you're a little bit camera shy, that's at when you can look at getting influencers involved. TikTok influencers are in high demand right now, with some of the biggest brands in the world putting a lot of their marketing budget onto TikTok.

The return on investment on TikTok is fantastic. However, their price is still quite cheap. You'll find that TikTok influencers are so much cheaper than Instagram influencers, sometimes even half the price. So this can be a really good investment. You can basically pay an influencer to start a challenge based on your song. If they're doing this, they're more likely to have their fans jumping on board and for the track to go on the trending page, which should be the main aim 'cause as soon as it's done that, that's when other people are gonna get involved. To find these influencers, simply go onto the trending page on TikTok, which is the first page you'll see when you log in and find some influencers that you think could do a really cool thing with your track.

If you're still struggling, you can use hashtags. Find hashtags that are relevant to either your music or the trend that you're going for. I'll explain the hashtag feature a little bit later on so make sure to stick around for that. Unless you're friends on TikTok, you cannot private message another user. So to speak to these influencers, you need to step outside of TikTok. The easiest thing to do is just search these people on Instagram 'cause it's highly likely they're gonna have a big following on Instagram as well. So you can either DM them on Instagram or they might have an email in their bio. So ask them about their pricing, ask them if they like the track and you might find if they like the track enough that they're just gonna take it and make a challenge out of it without payment. One thing that is key working with these influencers is you need to give them creative freedom. We've found quite often that people that are managing these influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok try to create the challenge themselves. And that doesn't always work. These TikTok influencers know the app so well, they're experts, they know what is likely to hit the trending page.

So give them the creative freedom. Let them choose what they think will work. And obviously you can give your point of view but try not to create the challenge, try not to create the trend yourself because it probably won't go trending. The final way to get this challenge trending is to get your fans involved. If you guys have smashed your socials, if you've got content going out daily and your following on either Instagram, Twitter or Facebook is pretty impressive, then you can reach out to your fans and tell them you want them to get on TikTok. We've seen this work for YouTubers before. An example that I'm gonna use, which isn't related to music, but shows how you can pull an audience to another platform, is George Mason. George Mason is a really funny YouTuber who does videos about catfishing his audience. And he did a whole video where he wanted to go viral on TikTok. He asked all of his Instagram followers to jump over to TikTok and start commenting on all the videos and to get involved to try and make him go viral.

It ended up getting him a couple of 10,000 views, proving that your audience, if they're dedicated enough, are happy to jump over to another platform if you're providing new content. So what you can do is either go over to TikTok yourself and then persuade your audience to come join you or you can try and get them to start the challenge. This completely depends on the demographic of your audience. If your fans are quite young then they might already be on TikTok and be happy to start the challenge. But if your audience are slightly older, that's when you're going to have to be a little bit more persuasive. If you feel like your audience aren't TikTok users, which probably means they're over the age of 20, then you need to persuade them by doing something like a competition. What you can do is explain the challenge, or get them to make their own challenge up and tell them to take a screenshot or send you the link to the TikTok video.

And then you can pick a winner to win the whole competition and hopefully by this point, it could be trending. Make sure to make the prize something that can't be bought, there's no point giving someone a ticket to a show or a new t-shirt because it's not unique and it's not gonna persuade them to download an app, understand the app and then create a whole new video on it. We should just giving away something that's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You could perhaps do a private gig in their house or you could take them behind the scenes of your studio. Now you've got your challenge sorted, you need to make sure you're pushing it out correctly. And that's where hashtags come into play. You know I mentioned earlier "Old Town Road"? That track blew up because of TikTok. And the hashtag that he used was #Yeehaw. And this massively worked for the release because it was relevant to the artist, it was relevant to the trend and it was relevant to the track. So those three things are so important.

Don't choose a hashtag that is funny to you but not anyone else. It needs to represent you, the release and the challenge that you've created. It can happily have the word challenge in it. It can happily have the name of the track in it. But it needs to be recognizable. It needs to be something that people are gonna jump onboard with and use on their videos. The hashtags on TikTok are pretty similar to the ones on Instagram, where users can use them as a discovery tool. So yes, definitely put the hashtag of your challenge on it, but also use hashtags that are trending at the time.

But of course, only if they're fitting to your video. The final tip's promoting your music on TikTok, potentially going viral, reaching millions, is duetting. The duet feature allows two people to put their videos together side-by-side. So they can either do a duet where they're singing together or they can design it like a reaction style video. And what you can do is if you're gonna be on TikTok yourself, like we mentioned earlier, is you can duet with similar artists to yourself.

You're gonna have to spend some time finding these people. But once you've found them, a duet with them can potentially blow you up. Because you're reaching their audience and that audience is something that you couldn't have got hold of before. So you can either reach out to them, explain your situation, explain that you really wanna duet with them, you love their content, or you could potentially pay them. And as I mentioned earlier, they're quite cheap so it's definitely worth the investment. But if you're not gonna be in front of the camera, you're not the one doing the TikTok, then again you can pay these influencers, you can work with them to do these duet features with your track.

A little bonus tip for you here. If you're the one that's gonna be on TikTok, you can also do duets with your fans. We've seen this one increase fan loyalty massively. You can set it up as like a weekly series. You can say to your fans, "I'm going to be duetting with one of you once a week, "and to submit you either need to follow my Spotify, "follow me on Instagram", whatever you want to grow in. And then you can start duetting with your fans. You can take it seriously, you can do it as a joke, whatever you wanna do. But it makes your fans feel involved. So those are our tips for blowing up on TikTok. Whether you want to be in front of the camera doing those TikToks yourself or you just want your music to go trending on TikTok, these tips should help you out.

TikTok is one of the best ways to promote your music right now and I genuinely believe that it's the future of music marketing. It's quite clear from the labels' actions that it's huge for artists so I really think you guys should jump on it as soon as you possibly can. And let us know your results. I really hope you found this one useful guys and if you have any comments for us, make sure to leave them below and we'll answer them all. And if you haven't joined the community yet, make sure to subscribe, hit that bell so you get notified when we upload and we'll be back soon with more music marketing advice.

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Love impressing your friends? Then you probably already know how awesome it feels to post videos on TIK TOK. We’ve got some ideas that’ll knock your socks off. Hey Adam! Whatcha reading? Mind if I snag one of these chips? Geez, someone’s feeling greedy today. I’ll just be a little more quiet about it. I bet Adam will be sorry he didn’t share with me now. Waoh! That bag is shrinking fast! Careful! Is it hot? I’m just gonna put these back right where I found them. Hey! These don’t feel like my chips. And they sure don’t look like them either. And I was still hungry.

Another day, another hour spent straightening your hair, right Lana? Alright, that should do it. What’s better than having picture perfect hair? Woah! You can’t just sneak up on someone like that, Adam! Unless you want a cup full of water spilled on you, that is. Geez, Lana! I just got dressed! And to make matters worse, I had a bunch of money in my pocket.

Yep, they’re all soaked now. How on earth am I supposed to use these now? Yikes, my bad. Take my straightener, maybe it’ll help! Believe it or not, that flat iron may be the answer to your prayers in a situation like this. Take your damp paper bill and quickly run a flat iron over it like this. Wow, it’s actually working! Impressive, right? Turns out these everyday hair tools are more multifunctional than you thought. Alright, I’ve definitely gotta get myself one of these. See? You’d never know they were ever even wet. Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go out and spend these bad boys. Well, right after I change my sweatshirt. Watching a movie with your best bud is always fun. Especially when that means double the snacks. Think he’ll share with me since my chips ran out? He’s way too into this movie to even notice.

Looks like choosing a thriller to watch was the best idea ever. Um, did you just steal one of my chips, Lana? I’m gonna put them on this side where they’re safe. Aw man, looks like I’ve reached the bottom of my coke bottle. My chips are definitely not safe here without me. How can I trust that Lana’s grubby little hands won’t find their way into my chip bag? Hey! These plastic ties can work. Lana? You’re about to be put under arrest. A gift? For me? Okay, fork it over! This is for your own good and mine, Lana.

Huh? Man, I just love movie nights, don’t you? Ugh, Adam can be so annoying. But he doesn’t know that I can outsmart any tricks he has up his sleeves, especially when a snack’s at stake! Want to know how shoe laces can get you out of a jam like this? Once you’ve untied them, you can use them to pull off your restraints. Take one lace and pull it though the tie and over. Once you’ve done that, get a hold of the other lace from the opposite shoe. Now tie them in a knot. Once that’s secure, lift up both your feet and move them in a pedaling-type motion. See? It’s coming off! Adam really underestimated you, Lana.

And now, for the moment I’ve been waiting for. A great movie and a mouthful of salty goodness. Little does Adam know, he should’ve grabbed more chips from the kitchen along with that coke. Hey! How is this bag empty already? And where’s my soda? That’s it, I’m never inviting Lana over for movie night again. Hey Adam, what’s up? Hi, Lana. You look so sad! What’s going on? Ooh, looks like Adam failed that big exam from last week. And I studied so hard! Want me to fix things for ya? Here, gimme that paper. Let’s get rid of this F, shall we? Did you know that you can take away red marker ink by running a straightener over it? That’s better! Whaddaya think? Aw, that sure turned Adam’s frown upside down, didn’t it? Aw, way to go, Lana! Oh man, all this reading’s making my head hurt.

No amount of studying will prepare me for this test. But hopefully this coffee will help just a little bit. Almost done studying, Adam? Woah! Look at all those cup ring stains, they’re everywhere. This gives me an awesome idea. Adam’s gonna thank me for this! Take a plastic solo cup like this and draw this design on it with a permanent marker. Do it all around the cup. On the bottom, draw a thick circle along with a big black dot in the middle of it. Then draw some lines jetting out of the middle like this. Take out a baking sheet and lay some wax paper down on top of it with the cup right in the middle. Place it into the oven once it’s heated and ready to go. Hey! Look at that thing go! Once it’s completely flat, take it out of the oven. Now set it aside to cool for a bit.

When it’s dry, you’ll have a brand new plastic coaster! Pretty nifty, right? Hey Adam! I’ve got a special treat for you! What is that thing? It’s a coaster so you can stop leaving rings all over your stuff! Here you go! You’re so sweet, Lana. Now if only you could take this stupid test for me. Sunday mornings are a great time to do some light cleaning around the house.

But you never know what discoveries it may uncover. I wonder what’s in this giant box. Look at all the old CDs! They’re probably all scratched up and dusty in there. Woah! Lana! Don’t dump those in there! You can totally use these still, c’mere and check this out. Um, okay…. Alright, I’m looking. Low and behold…this blank CD! And duct tape. To make use of an old CD like this one, start by covering it with duct tape on one side.

Make sure it’s on tightly and with no air bubbles. Now do the exact same thing on the opposite side of the CD. Once that’s done, carefully peel the tape back. It should take off the reflective coating, leaving see-through plastic. Now do the same exact thing on the other side. Do the same thing on any part of the CD that still has the coating on it.

See? Now it’s all plastic. Pick the item up and hold it in front of a blow dryer like this. You’ll notice after doing so, the plastic will start to take on a new shape. All done! Now, all you have to do is blow hard over that melted spot. Pretty crazy-looking, right?! Now that’s one awesome party trick, Adam! If you loved these awesome TIK TOK hacks, share this video with your friends!

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TikTok For Business | TikTok Marketing EXPLAINED!

- Hey everyone, I'm George, and in today's article we are going to talk about TikTok for businesses. I'm really gonna like shed some light and some advice to business owners on how you guys can use TikTok to enhance your business strategy. So before I begin, Sidewalker Daily, our agency, we work with tons of influencers and content creators on their business strategy, so helping them monetize and become independent and to have sustainable businesses. We also work with travel brands and different brands on their influencer marketing campaigns. So I understand, you know, I guess, the social media landscape quite well, and I also understand that a lot of times businesses are a little but apprehensive when joining a new platform, especially with the market nowadays, there's just, feels like there's so many different platforms and it's like, where do I invest my time? Hopefully by the end of this article you'll have a clear understanding of TikTok and what it can do for your business. We've also created an audio seminar, which I will link below, that goes into like tons more TikTok strategies and business advice.

So I'll make sure to link that. So first let me start by talking a little bit about what TikTok is, especially to those that are not familiar with the platform. So TikTok is a article sharing mobile app. It can be used on IOS or on Android, and TikTok has already amassed 1.5 billion downloads. And they have over 500 million monthly users. So to put it into perspective, Instagram has about a billion monthly users, so they are halfway there, and relatively new to the market. So they're definitely creeping up speed into the marketplace, and a lot of people are really excited about TikTok.

Another important thing to know is that TikTok is a Chinese company. They're owned by ByteDance, so it is a non-North American, it's not owned by a North American, which makes it the only social media platform that is not from North America. Which is really interesting, I think, just for you guys to kind of understand the background. So what I would advise to business owners, and things to consider about just TikTok in general and some overall business advice, is to start by this.

Y'know, people are slow to move. And I've noticed that, y'know, there's so many creators and businesses that I know that are not on TikTok even though marketers are gonna be telling them join TikTok. Y'know, that's what everyone is kinda talking about. And I think knowing that people are slow to move is something that you can use to your advantage. Y'know it's really important to get on a social media platform while the iron is hot, so to speak. You wanna be part of that wave before it hits mass. And I'll tell you why. I think my experience joining Instagram before the influencer market was fully developed allowed our agency to really understand the ins and outs of Instagram.

All these behind the scene like little tricks that you only learn when you're on a platform for a while. So joining in the beginning is such an important move because it guarantees your spot in the market before it floods. And from a marketing perspective, it still has not, it's not even close to reaching it's, like, critical point. So you're entering at a time that is really advantageous. Now I know you may be thinking, "Well isn't TikTok for like really young people? "My business doesn't cater to Gen Z." Or like, "I don't wanna be around 12- or 14-year-olds." Well, just like every other platform, it won't stay young forever. I'll tell you a fun fact: my university, Boston College, was one of the first on Facebook, and now look at Facebook.

I mean, everyone is on it, right? It used to just be college students, and then it, y'know the gates opened. And that happens with every social media platform, and it's kinda sad because the old people and the brands, they come in and they kinda ruin the fun, but it is what it is. So just know that TikTok is not gonna stay young forever. You're gonna start seeing way more, y'know, I guess people that are older joining the platform, and I've already seen it.

And you're gonna see different content as well. So I think TikTok has a reputation for only showing funny content or entertaining content, but what it really is doing is showing human content. Like the human side of people. So don't get fazed by like, oh I don't wanna make funny articles, because that's not the only thing that's existing. Again, the platform is so new, it's gonna evolve. And I'll give you an example. The way the TikTok algorithm kinda works is that it basically can tell the content that you like to engage with and it will start feeding you more of that content. So if you don't like like those funny, silly types of things, then just skip them on the "For You" page, or don't engage with it, and TikTok will cater your feed to things that you like. It's really a smart algorithm. I started to see tons of different industries pop up on TikTok.

Like doctors and nurses and self-help gurus. Y'know, I don't follow, like the 12-year-old dancer. People do, and sometimes our animals, our pets, or whatever it is. But there's like, there's something for everyone. So if you're a business owner and you're considering like, "Well my niche isn't on there," even better of a reason to join, because one day they will be and you'll be the first. But also know that it's an opportunity to show a different side of your content, a different side of your business.

I'll give you another example that really stuck to me. Y'know Mark Cuban is a super well-known entrepreneur, millionaire ten times over. And he does TikToks with his daughter and with his kids, and they're doing fun dances. I mean, ten years ago would you have seen an entrepreneur on TikTok doing fun hip-hop dances with their kids? Absolutely not. But TikTok is taking business owners, CEOs, thought leaders, and humanizing them.

And that only can do positive effects for your brand. So absolutely, y'know, consider that as part of your long-term strategy. You don't wanna make polished TikTok content. That's not what TikTok is known for. As I said, it's the more human side of you. Now if every social media platform had a personality, y'know LinkedIn would be your corporate side, right? And Facebook would be your family side. And Instagram is like where you show the world everything that you have. It's your status side. Well TikTok is the talent side. And this is not only entertainment, but like content can go viral in a kitchen, in your, I don't know, bathroom. It could go anywhere. You don't no longer need like huge marketing budgets to make content go viral. What you need is a good ol' dose of creativity and imagination.

And I think it's really actually fostering a good space for imagination and for creativity. Because TikTok is reinventing the term "creator". It's making it easy to be a creator. Kind of like Instagram made it really easy to be a photographer. Everyone and their mom became a photographer on Instagram, right? Well TikTok is gonna let everyone become a creator. Because of its toolkit, it makes it so easy to upload and to edit and to like put music on it, and to put fun fonts, all without leaving the app. So as a business owner, you don't have to have expensive equipment to join TikTok. You don't have to have like sets and productions and big marketing commercial budgets. You can go viral with the drop of a hat, truly, if your content is good enough and creative enough. If you're a business that's looking to, y'know, get your TikTok training wheels on, the first thing you need to do is obviously download the app, right? The more time you spend on the app, the more you're gonna like get familiarized with it, and you're gonna see what I'm talking about with that algorithm and how it just picks up on what you like.

But what I think you guys should do is take it a step further. Start researching relevant hashtags. Check and see, are your competitors on TikTok? What are other hashtags that you can like get into to find people that you can collaborate with? That's super important way to use hashtags. Not only to see your competition, but to see who you can collaborate with. It can also give you content ideas and inspiration. So make sure that if you're a business owner and you're looking to incorporate TikTok into your business strategy, just start at the hashtags. Now a lot of brands that we work with have an influencer marketing strategy already in place. I think that you guys can tweak that to incorporate like a TikTok influencer strategy.

You can look up, y'know, TikTok influencers, or you can look at the influencers that you already work with on other platforms and see if they're on TikTok. If they're not, y'know it may be something that you wanna approach one of your favorite influencers and see if they'd like to, y'know, guinea pig or get, y'know with your brand and work with you guys on creating some fun content. Y'know, it doesn't hurt to ask, and it may be something that they're looking to experiment on as well. So if you're a business that's looking to do some sort of paid advertising on TikTok, they have that as well.

The first option is the in-feed native content. So this is very similar to like when you're scrolling on Instagram stories and all of a sudden you see an ad pop up on your feed, that's basically the same thing. So TikTok has a website that you can sign up, and it'll tell you more about how to get started on ads. I'll include that link below for you guys, so if you are a business looking to run ads on TikTok, especially the in-feed ones, you can sign up there. So two others types of ways that you can run ads on TikTok is through brand takeovers and hashtag challenges.

So brand takeovers is when a brand can take over the TikTok app for a day. They let you take it over, create custom articles and embed links and all that good stuff. And then the hashtag challenge, which I'm sure, again, once you're on TikTok, it may sound like, y'know, a little confusing, but you have to go onto the app. You'll see TikTok is all about challenges. There are so, so many different types of challenges, and lots of brands will pay to have like featured hashtag challenges. And these challenges get like everyday people to participate in them and do funny little things or stunts or whatever it is. I know Chipotle had a very successful hashtag challenge that just took over, y'know, took over TikTok. So brands are getting really creative on how they are engaging their community. And then lastly another type of way that you can advertise on TikTok is through like branded filters and branded content. So like TikTok is allowing, the same way that you could have like a filter on Instagram, TikTok is allowing you to do the same thing.

So really cool ways, again, as a brand, if you're looking to spend a little to get, you know, more visibility for your brand and increase awareness. So hopefully this article helped all the business owners out there kind of introduce you to TikTok, give you some overall tips to consider joining. Again, if you're looking for a make more comprehensive review, the audio seminar covers way more than this article just did. If you liked this article, make sure to give it a like, comment, subscribe to our channel, and I will see you in the next article.

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9 Essential Tips To Grow Your Business on TikTok

In this article you'll learn exactly what tick tock is how it works and how it can benefit your business you've probably come across tick tock recently and notice its rise in popularity you'd be forgiven for thinking it's just for young people and but it's a small player in the social media world incredibly though the app was downloaded more than a billion times in 2018 and has now surpassed Facebook and Instagram in monthly installments the perfect opportunity for early adopters who want to expand their reach towards a younger audience if you're not yet familiar tik-tok is a mobile social media article app that involves creating small entertaining articles of up to 15 seconds on themes such as lip sync comedy singing and other such talents if you're ready to become one of the early adopters and use the app to your business then stick around for our 9 best tips to help you succeed [Music] hi I'm Kevin before we begin make sure you comment to our Channel and click the notifications bell so you'll be alerted every time we post a new article to help you with your article marketing so let's get started tip 1 consider whether tick tock is right for you according to most of the figures that are out there tick tocks main audience at present consists of 12 to 24 year olds so if this is an important demographic for your business it could be worth focusing on building a strong presence on the platform before it gets saturated however just because the age of your target audience may be higher than this it doesn't necessarily mean you should exclude tick tock altogether as its demographic might start to shift to include an older audience as it continues to grow if you're a b2b business with a more corporate clientele than focusing your efforts on a more relevant platform such as LinkedIn is naturally much more likely to yield better results for your business than putting effort into a more playful one like tick tock tip to know the 3 ad formats that exist on tick tock when it comes to promoting your content as ads there are three types of an ad format on tick tock that you should be aware of one biddable tick tock allows you to spend money on the platform in order to post an advertisement in the form of a 15-second long in feed article ad currently you can target age gender and location additionally you can track relevant metrics such as cost per click and cost per six second view to brand take over this type of ad will appear immediately when a tick top user opens the app this is a full screen ad that lasts up to 5 seconds and can be in the form of a article or static image users can be directed to an external page or a page within tick-tock an important point to note about this ad format is that at present is limited to one AD per day 3 hash tag challenges when you click on a promoted hash tag challenge you'll be taken to a page which outlines a certain challenge associated with the hash tag such as a challenge to create a type of lip-sync article within a specified time frame hash tag challenges can be great for getting users on tik-tok to engage with your brand in a more interactive way which we'll get into in a little more detail in tip 4 tip 3 make sure the content you post is both fun and creative the corporate type of content that works well on platforms like LinkedIn won't work for your business on tick tock tick tocks users love quirky playful content so ditch the formality try out more unique creative and crazy ideas that still fit with your brand's identity tip 4 use hashtag challenges here's how they work you click on a promoted hashtag read the challenges rules and then go wild creating sometimes you'll have to recreate a article or even provide a unique spin on a humorous topic two of our favorite examples of businesses using the hashtag challenge have come from McDonald's and guess McDonald's created the hashtag Big Mac tick tock challenge in Malaysia where users dance to a pre-recorded music clip users submitted their entries and a few lucky winners won cash prizes guess on the other hand did a hash tag in my denim challenge where users transformed a messy outfit into a better one using guest clothes it was a great success with thousands of users submitting their funniest articles what's great about these examples over more conventional adverts is that they encourage more interactivity between other tik-tok users and your brand to get more people to participate in your challenges make sure they're fun to complete and stand out from the crowd also try to associate your challenge with your brand or product just like how guests based their challenge on the theme of clothing tip 5 collaborate with other producers one of the quickest ways to grow your following on tik-tok is to collaborate with popular influences on the platform one of the common ways of collaborating with other influencers on tik-tok is by singing duets together or creating a string of articles that are in direct response to one another 20 of an influencer are on board the chances of your hashtag or articles appearing in uses popular feeds becomes much higher and with an increase of brand visibility comes an increase in brand popularity call me psychic I think I know what you're thinking you just can't wait to transform into jay-z and Beyonce with your favorite influencer and seeing crazy and love for all the world to see only have a business of course and in the fun and wacky world of tick-tock it may just work personally I would go for want to be like yoohoo from the Disney 1969 classic The Jungle Book if you have some time I would seriously recommend you check it out anyway on a more serious note let's move on tip 6 use popular sounds to make yourself more popular popular sounds are trending songs and sound bites found on the 4u page of tick-tock use them in your articles to take advantage of emerging trends which will increase the chances of your articles going viral a good way to do this is to put them at the beginning of your article so users will immediately recognize them tip 7 use the best frame from your article as your thumbnail choosing the right thumbnail will increase the amount of engagement your article gets you may have heard us give a lot of tips over what type of thumbnail image increases engagement well with tick-tock here you have to throw that rule book out what we've actually found is that having an awkward pose or a mid action screenshot of a fail a funny face or a chaotic scene instantly grabs the attention of tick-tocks younger audience so get more creative with your thumbnails tip 8 choose a specialty for your articles when it comes to building a greater following on tick-tock users will more likely follow an account when they know what type of content they're getting so it's best to specialize in a particular style of content and then regularly produce it whether it be lip-synching comedy singing edits of trending articles or whatever interests you so start thinking and choose your specialty tip 9 consistent content is the key to success posting frequently on tick-tock is crucial for growing your audience as you start to build your presence on the platform your followers will want to see a consistent stream of engaging content from you in addition to retaining your previous followers consistently posting good content will attract new followers to your profile as a minimum you should be posting once a day but twice a day or more is a good target to aim for if you really want to grow your followers at speed but just as importantly make sure you're consistent with whatever frequency you choose to post at so that your followers know what to expect from you and can become accustomed to your updates at these time intervals well we hope you found this article to be useful if you follow our tips you should see your presence on tik-tok really start to grow if you found this article it's been useful then make sure you comment to our channel so that when we release more articles to help you with your article marketing you'll get notified and if you need further help with your article marketing you can get in touch with our agency at spill simply visit

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