HOW TO BECOME TIKTOK FAMOUS IN 24 HOURS (works in 2020 - case study)

The dog should be somewhere around here. This dog is called curry and make him tick, tock things and it's got to be fun. I think I hope it will be right, because he has a very special talent that no other dog in this world has, and you see it in a bit. Are you a millennial with a lot of spare time and you probably heard of an app called tick? Tock first, let's like this video with the shower troops. If you want to be shouted out in one of the next episodes make sure you comment down below what you've loved the bobbies video or what you've absolutely hated about it for a chance to be featured in one of the next episodes. And if you want to know if you're a sound winner on this episode, make sure you stick until the end, so this video I try to get my dog tick, tock famous, and I really hope that this can serve as a tutorial. If you want to grow your social media presence, starting on tick tock as a new platform to get some traction start a brand to start business or just have fun. I actually wanted to make this challenge for a while now so story time. It all started a few days ago, where I had the sudden urge to go to the toilet at around 3 a.m.

And my dog decided to follow my example and actually managed to train him to go to the toilet like this, so as you can see, he has a talent of an aimbot on a first-person shooter. So after that I went to bed, I decided to film it and send it to my parents and my wife's parents, but when I woke up, I was suddenly hit with an idea it's time to make a new video right. So why don't I make a tick-tock account without knowing pretty much anything about the platform. Try to optimize the post, upload it to find the best hashtags capture, baa baa baa register at my YouTube, Instagram link upload and go viral, and this is exactly what happened. Okay, so the first thing I did, as you can see here is actually went on and register after that I posted this video edited it a little bit, choose a hashtag, be going funny. Video dog. I saw that a lot of creators were ringing, for I didn't do too much research, but it works two's a virus honk. They can actually help you rank for it as well, and that has some search ability. That is already noticed. This is the song I chose. It'S not a song, I know or like or care about, so I think that definitely helped. I heard around 405 was good. The hashtag said to start with. I wanted brother had sex because I really wanted to try and to go big or go home in this case. As you can see, I uploaded it. It was two days ago from now I'm recording this video on the 20 22nd of January, and I uploaded this video and have this on the screen with recording from two days ago. So every day I have my profile. 0 followers 0, like zero following zero views. As you can see in the image here, do you want to know what happened 30 minutes after that roll it? I just wanted to shoot a quick video here, because I loved it my first tick-tock video. I have no experience with deep talk whatsoever. I didn't even manage it for clients, no ads. No, nothing has gone the video you can see, but we have 500 views in 30 minutes 30. Like an hour later I have 654. Then I decided I need to promote this. Video 600 in an hour is good, but that's not good enough. This is better than normal YouTube videos, but I want to go big on this one, so I decided to take a shot at some. Streamers means that if you, because I was Rambler and I were scarce so I know there was drama with ninja blaming people using an aimbot. So I was like when my dog has such precision. That he's, like name, was right, that's kind of funny. So if ninja sees that he can share it, he didn't I've, also shared it to Kim star so because they didn't work. I have to grow organically, like you will probably too so what I did was it just did some stories on Instagram and I'm pretty sure. No one saw that, so it's just a good video kind of ok anything. You know good idea on the dictum of the good thing. Is you don't need your opposed to being too optimized? You just need a creative idea and everything can you know work after that, naturally organically, which I wanted to see on YouTube Instagram, but these platforms, this doesn't work like that anymore or whatever, like that, I don't think so. So, as you can see five hours later, I was a 2.5 k views and that went for a while, so the next day, Tuesday night Wednesday. So I play video Monday first day second day, pretty much nothing Monday, 2.5 k views or so and what happened now is let me open tick-tock real quick as you can see here. Let me just refresh everything: I've got seven followers, okay, but I've got four K. Views and I got 1k of dollars in the last two-ish hours, so we have chicken 152 likes. One comment 13 shares, which obviously is good. Every sports time is 5 seconds out of 8, with much like what 6 percent retention most were from the four you paid so managed to rank on the for you page, I had a lot of people from my country. I think that if I actually bought it from the United States, this video would have become even more viral bit, so people were very frustrated with Instagram, because some people just made 28 counts, 50 counts hundred accounts. Reposted posting had very good viral content and to Coburn issues right. They were from certain countries and destroyed other competitors. So the victims, you know people victimized themselves and were kind of against the whole organic growth. Pink. You know the the growth hacking aspect so because people from other countries that hurt could invest more time or had cheap labor and could hire people could actually outwork them and then out how to reach them or whatever. You would say it and then it's totally different when it comes to tick tock, because, as you can see here on tick tock, your traffic is very geo-located, which means your trap is your piece of content you, which the content is distributed. Firstly, from what I can see from people around your country and they think, depending on your accent around two similar countries closely, I think that it might go very poor. Go to the United States, maybe after a hundred Cape use. If we hit that, I'm not sure, but I'm really interested to see what happens from here, so this is how I did it. I managed to get a good like nine percent, eight nine percent engagement rates, which I don't think is very bad. Its all my first big talk and I really hope that you can get inspired, because what people quit trying to grow their social media accounts. Just because one thing doesn't work right, you try YouTube, he doesn't want to transfer them, it doesn't work, you try and then you quit well. For me, tick tock works. Work plan from the first go. Write. Pictures is really working really well, I'm getting like 200k views per month on Pinterest right. This is good. This is really good and what I wanted to share with you was that if you have lateral thinking, if you can come up with solutions to problems that other people didn't come up with yet or there's a certain niche, that has a lot of demand, but not Enough supply - and you can really shine at it and add your own touch to it. If you want to see what happens next and if you want me to make this as a series series make sure it hit the subscribe button because out there most definitely help you out with more social media tips, and I've got over 150 videos on digital marketing. So far, if you appreciated this video make sure you give it a like, because this really helps me out - and this will save an alien pet from area 51 and you could just acquire the pet. We just like see you in the next one, but before that who is the shower winner on this episode, the shout out winner seems to be who says I like how detailed you get with the instructions for how to do this. This about the instrument homo strategy. It is hard to do this now interim chief skimming out action blocks and betting. He comes like crazy. I hear a lot of people running into issues nowadays, by the way you should check Dustin Norris out, I'm subscribed to him and I just replied Texas, Justin by Hannah so code you can use automation at 404 most days to just get rid of them. In my opinion, rid of them, in my opinion, so yeah. If you appreciate this video, don't forget to meet me in the next one, because the video day keeps the doctor away by the end of this video check. One of these videos out one of these videos. It should be right here this or this one

It used to be listen carefully again, it used to be now. What I mean is that it's the thing of the past, you needed to be an actor and athlete a musician, a singer to be famous and known. But, as I said it's the thing of the past, you don't need to be any of these to be famous in 2019. Thats where the power of social media kicks in now years ago, the famous Bollywood actor, mr

Shahrukh Khan was asked: what do you think who will be the next superstar after you and guess what he said? Thats pretty interesting. He said that the next superstar would not come from Bollywood or Hollywood perhaps but would be from the general public. The next superstar would come from the social media. They would have more to connect with people, they would be more like and adored. Well, damn. Yes, he was so right with social media like YouTube, Instagram, tik-tok and many more. It'S your chance to become famous to millions of viewers out there. So how do you jump-start your success on social media? How do you become a viral sensation? Well, that's what we will talk about today. I will share with you six useful insights. By the way, there are many more, but these six are essential skills that would really help you to kick start your journey on social media and achieve that unbounded, success and reach millions who are waiting to consume you well, you are with me Niharika and you're watching me On skillopedia, the first step to kick-start your social media success is to get the basics right, no matter which platform you start with, be it YouTube: Instagram, Facebook, tic, toc or any other platform. Well, you need to have some basic skills. Now I remember when I started on YouTube way back in 2012, I took a long time to perfect my delivery to perfect my editing skills. You know understand how Instagram truly works. Well, it was more of a trial and error stuff but in 2019 things have changed. The internet is growing even faster. Well, you certainly have no time for trial and error. For example, if you are starting on YouTube or Instagram, where most of us are, you need to know some basic photography or filming skills how to handle the camera different camera angles. How to edit photos and videos? So how do you acquire these skills? Well, there are so many online platforms available today, where you could learn these skills for free, well, YouTube where you are already watching us. This video is one of them, but on YouTube you would always not find content in a sequence, especially when you are starting from level one so well. I would like to introduce you to skill share. Yes. Well, I often use these days that skill share and, in fact, when they approached me to sponsor this video, I'm like that's great well now, skills share is an online learning community, with thousands of classes covering many creative skills, such as how to take photos, how to Acquire knowledge about different cameras: how to edit videos and photos now skills share would be the perfect platform to learn basic skills like. Let me show you how this one course that attracted me a lot so friends. This is how the skill-share website looks like where there are several courses available now here it says: what do you want to learn today? So let me see so here is in particular that I am looking at, which is how to shoot videos on a phone. And if you see there are so many videos out here where it would really be helpful for each one of y'all to learn how to shoot on your phone. So let's have a look at probably videography for beginner. So, as you see, there are so many lessons available for you to learn from, and if you also see right here, there are almost three thousand three hundred and sixty-nine students who have already taken help from this course now. Another thing that you will notice is that this course is created by Randy Allen and that's the description about him and as well as it tells you that what you are gon na learn from this class. Welcome to the course. Thank you so much for taking it. My name is Randy and you'll be hearing a lot for me for a while. So I just want to take a brief minute and let you know what's in the course and how I'll be teaching it. So I hope it's clear by now that this course is for beginners you're interested in video production, but you don't really know where to start this so guys did you see? This is like a perfect course for the beginners. Now guys, Skillshare is extremely affordable. You just pay like $ 10 a month that is like 700 rupees in India and access, so many different courses. Now there is so much to learn, but, as you are a subscriber, you would get a two month free trial, so guys, two months. That'S sixty days of free trial. What else do you want, so make sure you use these sixty days to get your hands on and take a subscription if it suits your needs so guys. The first step is to get your basics right now. Here'S the second thing being unique and entertaining. If you look at the most popular social media stars today, you will notice all of them have found a special niche to focus on whether it's talking about technology like unto therapy or the technical guru ji. Someone who talks about fashion health, motivation, teaching English like I do well, they all have picked up something that they love to talk about. Now, that's important, because if you start talking about something you are least interested in, you would certainly not put your heart in it. For example, if I have to talk about cooking, which I am really bad at it, I am NOT doing justice to my audience. I mean I might do a few videos or photos and that's about it. I will start losing interest and so will my audience as I would have not much to share about it. So you need to identify your niche or your area of interest to start with the biggest mistake people make when they start on social media. If they pick up a category which generates a lot of views or likes understand? One thing your niche or your area of interest may have a smaller audience, but that would become your dedicated and loyal community who would love to watch what you are good at? Here'S? The next thing will be consistent, being consistent on social media could be challenging. Yes, you are possibly in college, are probably doing a nine-to-five job, putting out content consistently. Its quite a task for every one of us, but if you have to build your influence on social media, you have to be concerned. If you do not post stuff frequently, you will be out of sight, or I can say out of mind for your followers. Now social media is vast. It's easy for your followers to just forget about you and if you are not consistent, you will soon be buried on social media. Now, consistency does not only mean posting regularly. It also means content consistency. Now what does that really mean? In the first step? You have decided on your niche say your niche is talking about motivation and then suddenly you shift your focus on tech unboxing, that's not consistency. Your audience is following you or subscribed to you, because you are a great person at motivating them, helping them with personal growth like we do on skillopedia. So why look confused and drive the audience away by changing your focus, focus on what you do the best and not on what gather more views, views and success would follow if you maintain consistency in your content. So remember friends, consistency is key. Here'S the next one provide quality content. Now getting someone's attention is different than holding someone's attention. You might get someone's attention on social media, but holding that attention and making people to keep following you is challenging just to be consistent. You cannot upload anything out. There say: let's talk about YouTube as it's the most popular video platform, for example, your video might have a great title, a great thumbnail, but the actual content doesn't appeal to the audience. Well, they would leave after watching 10 to 20 percent of your video. Now, videos that are watched longer will be given higher ranking over those who have just abused and know great watch time. Eventually the video would die now I have noticed this is the biggest mistake. People make when they enter social media. They just see to grab attention rather than focusing on quality content. So if you work on the content and provide a quality, I mean watching a ten minute video if your audience is going to take away something from that video. You are a winner now understand you are competing with thousands of videos out there and if your content has quality over a period of time, you will create a loyal fanbase. Your fans would keep coming back to view your content. Now, quality videos don't happen by accident. They are created with proper planning, so put some time in planning what should go out there. That would create value for your fans and for your followers now guys, it's important for you to know and engage your audience. You should be able to describe your audience with detail like how old are they? What would be they interested in? What are the words that will capture their attention? What exactly are they looking for like? Are they looking for a comedy for education for fitness entertainment, because if you know what your audience expects, it's just easy to fine-tune your content that matches their requirement now this sounds pretty simple, but many tend to just overlook it. So don't assume you know everything research. Now, let's talk about engagement now, if you want to become famous responding to comments and making videos or photo shoots based on audience, requests really helps to make you look approachable. Now this is a big difference. You will see what social media stars as opposed to mainstream media, such as the television, Bollywood or Hollywood, are just a music and fashion celebs. Now social media stars have a reputation of being accessible and responsive to their audience. You know update them. What you plan to upload next ask them questions and answer them timely, the more they are engaged with you, the more they become your loyal fanbase. So it's important for you to know your audience and engage with them. Now. Here'S the most important thing that I personally believe in be patient. Now, most of you who start new on social media become very impatient. I mean the moment you post something you expect instant likes or instant views. Now you need to understand that people are yet to discover you don't worry, they will find you. You need to focus on your efforts on how people would discover you on social media rather than being so impatient and checking your phone every other. Second, to find out how many people have actually liked your stuff now, if it's not discovered today, relax, it will be discovered tomorrow, just be patient. Now, one mistake I have seen many newbies making on social media. Is that once they see that you know, social media is not going anywhere, they try to find easy means to grow their followers or subscribers. Now what I mean is that they end up buying audience now find followers, or subscribers will give you a dramatic boost on your social media. The growth graphs would look amazing, but you know you are actually putting your social media account at great risk. Do you think these social media companies are fools? I mean they know where and how is your growth coming buying followers or subscribers is against the policies of social media companies and your account is sure to shut now also buying audience won't give you an engagement on your posts or uploads. Imagine you would buy a thousand likes or hundred thousand views with no comments or likes on your video. I mean. Doesn'T that look strange. The audience is smart to differentiate that so guys stay away from these cheap stunts to grow your social media accounts and don't put them at risk. So here were the tips that I personally followed to grow. My fan base on social media and I really really hope that you would make use of them to kick-start your social media journey and showcase your talent out there. Your skills to millions of viewers out there and let me know in the comments how useful did you find this video and also, let me know if you want me to cover any specific topics that would really help you in your career. So friends, I would see you with another useful skills based session that would help you survive and grow in this competitive social media age. So do subscribe and press the bell icon to get regular updates from skillopedia the place to learn skills for the real world.