how to go live on tiktok

In this article, I will show you How to live stream on Tik Tok without 1000 followers. This will be a simple workaround If you follow the steps in this video, then You will actually be able to live stream on Tik Tok There are no 1,000 followers. Let us begin immediately. So what do you want to do first, Of course you want to open Tik Tok, Then, let us tell you that I can't go online up to now So what do you want to do, you want to get rid of it, You want to click on me, And you want to click three dots In the upper right corner, So you can do this almost like a small menu or setting, Then after coming here, you want to scroll down Then click "Report a Problem".

Many people try to find out How to solve their problems, Then you will see a similar problem Asked a lot on this label. Then there, you want to click live / transaction You want to click, I want to start the live broadcast. Then say there You must be at least 16 years old, and you also need Do you want to click, no, And if you want to click, there is still a problem. Now you can actually send feedback, So what do you want to do, You actually want to enter "Hi" Then next, you want to say, "I can go, "But I can't." Then next you want to say, "My fans will like it, "I want to see me online." Then you want to say, "Thank you." Here you can also add your contact email But you just want to click send Then about two days later Assuming 48 hours, You will actually be able to go online.

I have tested many times, I have seen many people do this, and it works. Guys, please be patient Watch this video again in two days. If this works, please leave a comment and leave a like I will see you in the next video, peace .

Click on the Red Button to comment Our article and Press the bell icon To watch our latest videos Hey guys Whatss up this is sachin and you are watching me on Flizzindia Welcome to your own article Friends live option on tik tok app is one of the most headache right now Lots of users told me that they are not able to go live So in this video i am gonna tell you the complete process through which you can use live feature If you have 1000 Followers Still you don't have live option In this video i am gonna clear all the problems as i got the exact solution So keep watching this video till the end I will definitely solve your problem Don't skip for a while. Let's Start So guys what you need to do.... First of all i am going to open Tik tok app So this is tik tok app If you have live feature then you can easily go live through the plus Button and go to the live Here we have the live option if you don't have the live option here on the screen then...

What you need to do .... let me explain if you have live option then its very good otherwise you have to follow these steps Simply click on the 3 dots right side above the screen Click on the privacy and settings Click on the help center and report a problem Useful tips and tricks given in the help center But you have to report a problem But you have to report a problem There are lots of option to report a problem If you are facing any kind of problem then you can easily report through this section But there is no any option related to the live option Simple click on the I have issue with my video There are many option there Click on the others again click on the others Click on the submit button Provide detailed information related to your problem Describe your problem that you are not able to access live feature Write your contact details Email address this is the basic process

Click on The Red button to comment Our article and Hit the bell icon to get the latest vidoes. Hey Guys this is Sachin and You are watching FlizzIndia Welcome to our article In this video i will talk about Musically or Tik Tok I will tell you how could you go live on tik tok. Without any app initially you need an app that is but now you can go live So Keep watch this video till the End So Guys now its very easy to go live on Tik Tok Initially you needed app to go live But now you can directly go live Now how to go live let's have a look First you ned to click on the + Sign button Now i clicked on that Now you can watch that you can record any video and just right side you will get Live Button or link Just click on that Live NOw i clicked on that You need to fill title and You need 1000 Followers to go live Hi Tik Tok Users Fill the title and done then click on the go live button Lets on my mobile data With in 3 seconds you will go live So now i am live You will get lots of option to edit your live stream You can change effects You will get lots of options From here you can change effects You can use face filter from here Its very funny You can use different types of filters

hey guys I'm Siddharth and I'm here with new video How to go live on musically without the help of app okay without the help of app The new updated musically helps you to go live without the help of app so let's start how to go live (PS : WORKS FOR iOS/iPHONE also) (PS : WORKS FOR iOS/iPHONE also) before we start that is app I've installed we don't need this anymore so let's uninstall it.

Uninstall it's uninstalled now it's musically app here if you haven't downloaded musically app right now go to play store downloaded or updated so you need to go to musically musically click here and here you can see it's open if you haven't installed it will be here install and if you happened updated it will be written here update so you have to update and install if you I'm gonna click read more and it's a version number 7.1 you can see a 7.1 and its updated on May 17 2018 so I'm gonna open the app right now so download it update it and open it if you are new user you have to if you are you have to put your username you have to - you have to sign up for the musically you do it by Facebook,Instagram or Google here this is how to go now there is a question how to go live in musically without the help of apps so you need click this plus button (icon) if you can see you need to click this so lets click after you click this you can see it's written go live and it will show you a record button record or go live, record or go live here you can see record or go live okay you need to click there after you click there camera is gonna pop up here it is and this is for recording this you can see it's written video if you see it's written video this was for shooting the video if you need to go live click on live if you click on live and its written here live okay and you need to click on live and you can put your text here write Heya and go live 3 2 1 tadaaaa and your live now you can change the filters from here it's more cool than app in you can't change your filters and here you can change the filters you can see I changed the filter and here are face filters you can clicking that you can see face filters and their face filters I'm gonna laser eyes yeah I'm gonna destroy the world okay that's it let it be and you can change camera and all okay so this is how you go live on musically without the help of lively app if you learned something comment the article and share it with your friends who needs to know about this ok ok this video was only for Android users and this is only for how to go live on musically if you need more videos comment on my video bye bye Dont forget to comment.

hello guys I'm Siddharth and I'm here with my another video on how to go live on Tik Tok if you have want this in hindi version of this video you can click this card appearing over here and you'll be directed to hindi version of this video I got a video in diversion which I need I'm going to I'm going to make this which you're really short but before that if you haven't comment my article don't forget to comment my article hit the like button and if you have any questions related to video after watching this video you can comment that in the comment section okay now coming to the video how to go live on tik tok there is two simple steps and like you can see there is home discover and like home discover plus and notifications and me so you need to click this plus icon over here and really when you hit this plus icon over here directed to this screen when you are directed to this screen when this appears you can see it's written just above this red icon you can see it's written video and live when you click this live icon you can see the source go live you know you need to pick just go live and three seconds like three two one and tada you are like okay I'm going to in end this live right now, ended so this is the way how you can go live on tik tok but there are many rumors that you need 1000 commentrs to go live when you talk that's totally false that totally fake you don't need 1000 commentr to go live and video I have brought I've talked about this on my previous video that card must be appearing here so go see that we do and you know why you don't need 1000 video and if this life is not a bearing video you can go video and try what I've saved there and you can go to that video and see and try it okay this is how you can go live on tik tok okay guys if you have learned something if you can go live after this please comment comment my article hit the like icon and if you have any questions related to this please do it in a humming box for you guys thank you you