Love impressing your friends? Then you probably already know how awesome it feels to post videos on TIK TOK. We’ve got some ideas that’ll knock your socks off. Hey Adam! Whatcha reading? Mind if I snag one of these chips? Geez, someone’s feeling greedy today. I’ll just be a little more quiet about it. I bet Adam will be sorry he didn’t share with me now. Waoh! That bag is shrinking fast! Careful! Is it hot? I’m just gonna put these back right where I found them. Hey! These don’t feel like my chips. And they sure don’t look like them either. And I was still hungry.

Another day, another hour spent straightening your hair, right Lana? Alright, that should do it. What’s better than having picture perfect hair? Woah! You can’t just sneak up on someone like that, Adam! Unless you want a cup full of water spilled on you, that is. Geez, Lana! I just got dressed! And to make matters worse, I had a bunch of money in my pocket.

Yep, they’re all soaked now. How on earth am I supposed to use these now? Yikes, my bad. Take my straightener, maybe it’ll help! Believe it or not, that flat iron may be the answer to your prayers in a situation like this. Take your damp paper bill and quickly run a flat iron over it like this. Wow, it’s actually working! Impressive, right? Turns out these everyday hair tools are more multifunctional than you thought. Alright, I’ve definitely gotta get myself one of these. See? You’d never know they were ever even wet. Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go out and spend these bad boys. Well, right after I change my sweatshirt. Watching a movie with your best bud is always fun. Especially when that means double the snacks. Think he’ll share with me since my chips ran out? He’s way too into this movie to even notice.

Looks like choosing a thriller to watch was the best idea ever. Um, did you just steal one of my chips, Lana? I’m gonna put them on this side where they’re safe. Aw man, looks like I’ve reached the bottom of my coke bottle. My chips are definitely not safe here without me. How can I trust that Lana’s grubby little hands won’t find their way into my chip bag? Hey! These plastic ties can work. Lana? You’re about to be put under arrest. A gift? For me? Okay, fork it over! This is for your own good and mine, Lana.

Huh? Man, I just love movie nights, don’t you? Ugh, Adam can be so annoying. But he doesn’t know that I can outsmart any tricks he has up his sleeves, especially when a snack’s at stake! Want to know how shoe laces can get you out of a jam like this? Once you’ve untied them, you can use them to pull off your restraints. Take one lace and pull it though the tie and over. Once you’ve done that, get a hold of the other lace from the opposite shoe. Now tie them in a knot. Once that’s secure, lift up both your feet and move them in a pedaling-type motion. See? It’s coming off! Adam really underestimated you, Lana.

And now, for the moment I’ve been waiting for. A great movie and a mouthful of salty goodness. Little does Adam know, he should’ve grabbed more chips from the kitchen along with that coke. Hey! How is this bag empty already? And where’s my soda? That’s it, I’m never inviting Lana over for movie night again. Hey Adam, what’s up? Hi, Lana. You look so sad! What’s going on? Ooh, looks like Adam failed that big exam from last week. And I studied so hard! Want me to fix things for ya? Here, gimme that paper. Let’s get rid of this F, shall we? Did you know that you can take away red marker ink by running a straightener over it? That’s better! Whaddaya think? Aw, that sure turned Adam’s frown upside down, didn’t it? Aw, way to go, Lana! Oh man, all this reading’s making my head hurt.

No amount of studying will prepare me for this test. But hopefully this coffee will help just a little bit. Almost done studying, Adam? Woah! Look at all those cup ring stains, they’re everywhere. This gives me an awesome idea. Adam’s gonna thank me for this! Take a plastic solo cup like this and draw this design on it with a permanent marker. Do it all around the cup. On the bottom, draw a thick circle along with a big black dot in the middle of it. Then draw some lines jetting out of the middle like this. Take out a baking sheet and lay some wax paper down on top of it with the cup right in the middle. Place it into the oven once it’s heated and ready to go. Hey! Look at that thing go! Once it’s completely flat, take it out of the oven. Now set it aside to cool for a bit.

When it’s dry, you’ll have a brand new plastic coaster! Pretty nifty, right? Hey Adam! I’ve got a special treat for you! What is that thing? It’s a coaster so you can stop leaving rings all over your stuff! Here you go! You’re so sweet, Lana. Now if only you could take this stupid test for me. Sunday mornings are a great time to do some light cleaning around the house.

But you never know what discoveries it may uncover. I wonder what’s in this giant box. Look at all the old CDs! They’re probably all scratched up and dusty in there. Woah! Lana! Don’t dump those in there! You can totally use these still, c’mere and check this out. Um, okay…. Alright, I’m looking. Low and behold…this blank CD! And duct tape. To make use of an old CD like this one, start by covering it with duct tape on one side.

Make sure it’s on tightly and with no air bubbles. Now do the exact same thing on the opposite side of the CD. Once that’s done, carefully peel the tape back. It should take off the reflective coating, leaving see-through plastic. Now do the same exact thing on the other side. Do the same thing on any part of the CD that still has the coating on it.

See? Now it’s all plastic. Pick the item up and hold it in front of a blow dryer like this. You’ll notice after doing so, the plastic will start to take on a new shape. All done! Now, all you have to do is blow hard over that melted spot. Pretty crazy-looking, right?! Now that’s one awesome party trick, Adam! If you loved these awesome TIK TOK hacks, share this video with your friends!