9 Essential Tips To Grow Your Business on TikTok

In this article you'll learn exactly what tick tock is how it works and how it can benefit your business you've probably come across tick tock recently and notice its rise in popularity you'd be forgiven for thinking it's just for young people and but it's a small player in the social media world incredibly though the app was downloaded more than a billion times in 2018 and has now surpassed Facebook and Instagram in monthly installments the perfect opportunity for early adopters who want to expand their reach towards a younger audience if you're not yet familiar tik-tok is a mobile social media article app that involves creating small entertaining articles of up to 15 seconds on themes such as lip sync comedy singing and other such talents if you're ready to become one of the early adopters and use the app to your business then stick around for our 9 best tips to help you succeed [Music] hi I'm Kevin before we begin make sure you comment to our Channel and click the notifications bell so you'll be alerted every time we post a new article to help you with your article marketing so let's get started tip 1 consider whether tick tock is right for you according to most of the figures that are out there tick tocks main audience at present consists of 12 to 24 year olds so if this is an important demographic for your business it could be worth focusing on building a strong presence on the platform before it gets saturated however just because the age of your target audience may be higher than this it doesn't necessarily mean you should exclude tick tock altogether as its demographic might start to shift to include an older audience as it continues to grow if you're a b2b business with a more corporate clientele than focusing your efforts on a more relevant platform such as LinkedIn is naturally much more likely to yield better results for your business than putting effort into a more playful one like tick tock tip to know the 3 ad formats that exist on tick tock when it comes to promoting your content as ads there are three types of an ad format on tick tock that you should be aware of one biddable tick tock allows you to spend money on the platform in order to post an advertisement in the form of a 15-second long in feed article ad currently you can target age gender and location additionally you can track relevant metrics such as cost per click and cost per six second view to brand take over this type of ad will appear immediately when a tick top user opens the app this is a full screen ad that lasts up to 5 seconds and can be in the form of a article or static image users can be directed to an external page or a page within tick-tock an important point to note about this ad format is that at present is limited to one AD per day 3 hash tag challenges when you click on a promoted hash tag challenge you'll be taken to a page which outlines a certain challenge associated with the hash tag such as a challenge to create a type of lip-sync article within a specified time frame hash tag challenges can be great for getting users on tik-tok to engage with your brand in a more interactive way which we'll get into in a little more detail in tip 4 tip 3 make sure the content you post is both fun and creative the corporate type of content that works well on platforms like LinkedIn won't work for your business on tick tock tick tocks users love quirky playful content so ditch the formality try out more unique creative and crazy ideas that still fit with your brand's identity tip 4 use hashtag challenges here's how they work you click on a promoted hashtag read the challenges rules and then go wild creating sometimes you'll have to recreate a article or even provide a unique spin on a humorous topic two of our favorite examples of businesses using the hashtag challenge have come from McDonald's and guess McDonald's created the hashtag Big Mac tick tock challenge in Malaysia where users dance to a pre-recorded music clip users submitted their entries and a few lucky winners won cash prizes guess on the other hand did a hash tag in my denim challenge where users transformed a messy outfit into a better one using guest clothes it was a great success with thousands of users submitting their funniest articles what's great about these examples over more conventional adverts is that they encourage more interactivity between other tik-tok users and your brand to get more people to participate in your challenges make sure they're fun to complete and stand out from the crowd also try to associate your challenge with your brand or product just like how guests based their challenge on the theme of clothing tip 5 collaborate with other producers one of the quickest ways to grow your following on tik-tok is to collaborate with popular influences on the platform one of the common ways of collaborating with other influencers on tik-tok is by singing duets together or creating a string of articles that are in direct response to one another 20 of an influencer are on board the chances of your hashtag or articles appearing in uses popular feeds becomes much higher and with an increase of brand visibility comes an increase in brand popularity call me psychic I think I know what you're thinking you just can't wait to transform into jay-z and Beyonce with your favorite influencer and seeing crazy and love for all the world to see only have a business of course and in the fun and wacky world of tick-tock it may just work personally I would go for want to be like yoohoo from the Disney 1969 classic The Jungle Book if you have some time I would seriously recommend you check it out anyway on a more serious note let's move on tip 6 use popular sounds to make yourself more popular popular sounds are trending songs and sound bites found on the 4u page of tick-tock use them in your articles to take advantage of emerging trends which will increase the chances of your articles going viral a good way to do this is to put them at the beginning of your article so users will immediately recognize them tip 7 use the best frame from your article as your thumbnail choosing the right thumbnail will increase the amount of engagement your article gets you may have heard us give a lot of tips over what type of thumbnail image increases engagement well with tick-tock here you have to throw that rule book out what we've actually found is that having an awkward pose or a mid action screenshot of a fail a funny face or a chaotic scene instantly grabs the attention of tick-tocks younger audience so get more creative with your thumbnails tip 8 choose a specialty for your articles when it comes to building a greater following on tick-tock users will more likely follow an account when they know what type of content they're getting so it's best to specialize in a particular style of content and then regularly produce it whether it be lip-synching comedy singing edits of trending articles or whatever interests you so start thinking and choose your specialty tip 9 consistent content is the key to success posting frequently on tick-tock is crucial for growing your audience as you start to build your presence on the platform your followers will want to see a consistent stream of engaging content from you in addition to retaining your previous followers consistently posting good content will attract new followers to your profile as a minimum you should be posting once a day but twice a day or more is a good target to aim for if you really want to grow your followers at speed but just as importantly make sure you're consistent with whatever frequency you choose to post at so that your followers know what to expect from you and can become accustomed to your updates at these time intervals well we hope you found this article to be useful if you follow our tips you should see your presence on tik-tok really start to grow if you found this article it's been useful then make sure you comment to our channel so that when we 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