How To Get Swipe Up On Instagram Without 10k Followers

One question I get a lot from my fellow online business owners is, Elise, How do I share multiple links in my Instagram stories when I don't have 10,000 followers yet. Now, as you probably know, when you see people saying in their stories, swipe up, swipe up, swipe up, What they're doing is driving you to a link. Once you actually swipe up at the bottom of the screen, you're going to be taken to a new link. This sexy feature is only available to you if you have an Instagram business account, and if you have 10,000 followers. Now I know a lot of successful online business people who haven't really focused on Instagram, they might have 400 followers, they might have a thousand and yet they have a lot of content to share. If they have blog posts, they have videos, they have podcast episodes. So here is my trick for online business owners to be able to share multiple links in their Instagram stories, even without 10,000 followers. Ready? All right. The first step is you are going to utilize IGTV, okay? You're gonna pull up your phone and record a video.

You can just use the camera app on your phone, make sure it's at least 15 seconds. Okay. With IGTV videos, they need to be at least 15 seconds and they can be up to 10 minutes, which is pretty cool. So record a video and just make it a call to action or explain why they should care about what you're promoting, whether it's a new blog post, a podcast, a free masterclass, whatever. Just give it at least 15 seconds and then save that video on your camera roll. Then what you're going to do is open up your Instagram profile and then head on over to the IGTV area right under your bio. And where you see the plus symbol is where you're going to add a new video. So automatically all the videos that are on your camera roll that are at least 15 seconds, are going to pop up. You can see that I've already recorded one as an example.

So I'm going to click that video, make sure it's the correct one, hit next, and then give it a title. So whatever it is. Like for me it'd be like free masterclass. You want to make it interesting and pique their curiosity of course. And then in the description I would put the link right there at the very top. So for me it's InstaGrowthBoss Dot - oh auto correct. make sure that's very clickable. You can even add like an Emoji right at the beginning if you want to like really draw attention to it and then you can go ahead and add a full description, it's up to you.

You can literally just leave it as is and oh yeah. You can also edit the cover too. So you can choose something from your camera roll or you can create something custom and Canva. I'll just leave it as that pretty screenshot or screen. What is it - freeze? Screen freeze? I don't know - "thumbnail", that Instagram has chosen. All right, so once you have that information there you really need the title and then the description to have a link.

Then just hit post. You're going to see it updating. And right now I'm at 98% - exciting! And so now it's fully updated into my IGTV library. It's there. Where's the link you might ask? Well, just go to the top where it says "free master class" or whatever your title is and when they tap that there's your link. So let me just tap right now and it's going to open up to which is pretty cool. Okay, so that's how we have gotten that link into this description very easily. Now, how do we get this into your stories? Just because you've published it on IGTV doesn't mean that that people are going to see it in your stories. So now the creativity continues. You're going to go to your story and open it up and hello, we'll record something. Okay. Um, let's just record something really quick and I'll do an example. I like hands free - that's my trick.

Hey, I've just released a brand new masterclass. It's all about gaining your next 1000 Instagram followers in 30 days. Make sure you swipe up to get the details on it or watch it. That's probably better. Anyway, demonstration purposes only. Okay, so I've just recorded my Insta story right now. Let's say I don't have 10,000 followers and I don't actually have that link symbol to lead out to an external link. What you can do though is still hit that link symbol and you should see an option for IGTV video. Okay? So you hit IGTV video, and then low and behold, there's that IGTV video we just uploaded.

You can scroll through all of yours, but make sure you just select the most recent one and then hit done. So you can link to your, to your IGTV video in your Insta story, even without 10,000 followers. Pretty cool. Okay. So what I recommend is also adding some text. Um, you know, let's just do a little, little like example. You're not gonna make it so promotional, right? Right. Um, you can even use a GIF that says like 'swipe up' if you'd like.

Um, these are all pretty aggressive. Let's just use these. Okay? So once you've got your story ready to go, and once you've made sure that you've linked to your latest IGTV video, you're going to hit Share to story. Now I am going to actually go to another account of mine. I'm going to go to my agency account and I'm going to check it out from that one. And there I am right at the very top, Elise Darma has shared something to her story. Here's what it's going to look. So there's my new story, free masterclass, awesome CTA. But at the very bottom you're going to see watch video. So let's tap, watch video. And there we go. There's my latest IGTV video. And again, in the IGTV video, you can literally say to your followers 'Make sure you tap the title to get the direct link'. Okay? When we tap the title and your viewer taps the title, they're going to see the external link leading out to whatever you want to promote, whether it's a masterclass, a Webinar, a blog post, a podcast, all that great stuff.

So that is my tip on how to get around sharing multiple links in your Instagram stories before you have 10,000 followers. What did you think? Now I have a whole lot more Instagram strategies for you, especially if you're an online business owner like myself. I have a free Instagram masterclass that you can go ahead and check out at any time. Just tap the link right below this video and you can get to growing your Instagram account for your business right away. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to give it a like and make sure to subscribe for even more Instagram marketing videos coming from me to you very soon. This is a normal test test. Of course, my neighbor decides to sing Christmas carols. Take out your phone or take your phone out. Oh, we're already recording..