Yes, I'm an Instagram marketer. Nope. I don't want to be spending my whole day inside the app. As business owners, we have a lot to do and thankfully your Instagram Story scheduling is about to get a whole lot easier. If you've ever struggled with wanting to show up in your Instagram Stories every day, but have trouble actually doing it, you're in the right place because today I'm going to cover how to schedule your Instagram Stories in advance. And stay tuned until the end where I'm going to share how you can actually show up in your Instagram Stories in a strategic way so that you're actually getting leads and sales back to your business. What I'm about to teach you has worked for me, Elise Darma, back when I was working remotely from Costa Rica. I was actually doing a brand partnership deal at the same time, so I was contractually obligated to share to my Stories that week. Well, I was a little busy being in Costa Rica, so what I did was make the Stories beforehand and then preschedule them in advance so that I could still be enjoying my time in Costa Rica, but make sure that I was meeting the deals of my partnership.

I'm Elise Darma and I've taught thousands of entrepreneurs like yourself, how to use Instagram so that it actually becomes a revenue stream in your business. And today I'm sharing how you can schedule your Instagram Stories in advance. The point of using Instagram for your business today is to make your life easy so that you can get more clients and customers to your business, no matter how long you're spending each day in the app. I am a huge fan of using Instagram from desktop, and if you haven't seen my video on that topic yet, head to this video right here.

But in today's video, I'm going to share with you how I use a desktop tool called Later to preschedule my Instagram Stories in advance. Later is a lifesaver. When I use the tool from my desktop, I can preschedule all my images, my videos, my captions, my links for my Stories, and then when it's time to post, I'll get a notification on my phone. All the content will preload itself into my phone and all I have to do is hit the publish button with Later. I can schedule my Instagram Stories at the most optimal time of the day, which is going to mean increased views to my Story.

I can coordinate the Stories for my multiple clients in advance and not worry about forgetting to post to one of my client's Stories. And with the swipe up feature in my Stories, I can drive more traffic to my blog posts, my products, my offers, basically anything in my business that sells when I show up strategically in my Stories. Let me show you exactly how I do this. So let's say I want to preschedule this graphic in advance to my Instagram Stories. I made this graphic in Canva to promote my live training series. So once it's done and I think it is, I'm just going to download it to my computer.

Once it's downloaded, it'll be in my downloads folder. So then I'm going to head to the Later app and you can see that I've already connected my Instagram account here. So to preschedule my Story, I'm just going to hit this button here and now I'm going to upload the image from my downloads folder. Now that the image is in my media library, I'm just going to drag it over to this Story section. And here is where I can preschedule any information in advance with Instagram Story scheduling. All you want to do in this section is just put the URL that you want to drive people to. So in this case I want to lead them to my Facebook page. So I'm just going to leave that URL for my Story scheduling.

I'll need that to link to my graphic and then I'm going to preschedule it. So let's choose a time just so I can show you now in the near future. I'm going to schedule this for 1:10 so once I found my date and time I've added my URL. I'm just going to hit "save Story" and now you can see I have a scheduled Story coming up in three minutes. Okay, so now that our scheduled Story has come, it's time to post it.

I'm just going to grab that notification or actually I'll just go to later and I will see my Story ready to go inside the Later app so you can see for my Instagram account ready to post. So I'm just going to tap post now. Open in Instagram. Later is automatically going to open up my Instagram app. So I just had to my Instagram Story. Hello, pull up my camera roll. There's the graphic that I prescheduled. Then I'm going to tap the link icon because I have the swipe up feature and then Later has already copied that link. So I'm just going to hit "paste", then "done".

And now this link is linked to this graphic. Now it's ready to share it to my Instagram Stories. Now it's one thing to preschedule your Instagram Stories. It's a totally different thing to plan them strategically so that they actually drive customers back to your business. The best way to plan your Instagram Stories is to make sure they hit all the points of your customers journey. How? Well I've put everything inside of my Story Seasons Method which you can find inside my product Story Vault. With Story Vault, you're going to get access to hundreds of prompts and ideas of Stories that match your season of business of where your customer is currently at in their journey.

The Story prompts will help you get more visible, get more engagement from your current followers, get more leads to your business and get more sales. Story Vault is your answer to using Instagram Stories strategically so that you're actually driving leads and sales back to your business and I've done all the dirty work for you. Everything you need is waiting for you on the other side of Story Vault. Can't wait to see you there. To ease and revenue. I'll see you in the next video. No matter how much, no matter how long you're spending each day in the app, I stayed frozen.

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