How to unblock someone on instagram

The problem with unblocking the user who also has blocked you happens because you simply cannot find his profile on Instagram. And basically you cannot view his profile and simply click on “Unblock” button. However, there is a solution to this problem. But you will need to have another Instagram account or ask your friend to help you out with this. First of all, a third person needs to create a group chat and add you and the profile that you want to unblock to this chat. So, either create another profile or ask your friend to do this. To create a group chat, just click on home icon at the bottom left corner and click on direct message icon at the top right corner. Click on the icon at the top right corner to create a new chat. At the top search bar, add you and the other Instagram profile which you would like to unblock. And click on “Chat” at the top right corner. Send any message to this chat.

Now login to your Instagram profile. And go to your direct messages. Click on “Requests” at the top right corner, tap on this chat and click on “Stay in the Group”. Click on “Accept”. Now click on little profile icon at the top of your chat. You will be displayed with the list of users that are included to this chat. Simply click on 3-dot icon next to the person you would like to unblock and from the drop-down menu select “Unblock user”. Click on "Unblock" once again. Done! You have successfully unblocked Instagram user who blocked you. I hope this guide was helpful and you were able to unblock Instagram user who blocked you.

Open Instagram App Click on Profile button (head symbol) Click on 3 dot icon that you can see at the top right corner Click on blocked Users Section Click on user whom you want to unblock Click on UnBlock to unblock him on instagram You have unblocked selected user now.

So in the latest version of Instagram 10.9, it seems as though some people are saying that they have lost the ability to unblock users on Instagram. There's a little bug that makes it look like you cannot unblock people on your Instagram; however, that's not the case and I'm going to show you the workaround. So I currently have two users blocked on Instagram, so I'm going to navigate over to my Instagram profile and go to settings and then go to blocked users so you can see those users that I have blocked.

When I click on one of the blocked users, what you're going to see happen is, it's going to see user not found. Because it says user not found, it does not give me the ability to unblock the user. So in order to unblock the user, what you're going to do is go to the Instagram search feature and you want to type in their username. Once you type in their username, you're going to have access to their profile and if you click on the three dots, you then are able to unblock them.

Now I'm not going to unblock this user because they're blocked for a reason but if I go back to my profile, back to my settings, and then go to blocked users, now when I click on that person's name, it acts as it normally does. So if you're trying to unblock someone, and you can't, all you really have to do is to search for their profile and you'll be able to unblock them there..

hey playa have you ever sent someone a message whether it was your crush or a friend over on snapchat or Instagram and then suddenly you got blocked and you don't know why well that's the question that Kati Marton 13 asked me when she said how do you get them to unblock you my friend blocked me on snap and Instagram we refined one minute and then the next blocked don't worry Katie this happens to a lot of people so I'm gonna share a few tips and how you can get unblocked and how you can prevent it from happening in the future [Music] for those of you that are new here my name is Josh and every single Monday through Friday I make videos sharing tips ideas and stories teaching you how to be your best self and today I want to talk about that sucky feeling you get when you find out that you're blocked by someone I think in most cases when you get blocked by someone you tend to feel like it came out of nowhere but I'm sure if you investigate a little further you'll find that the person who blocked you probably did have a reason where there was a good one or not when you go to message someone or even try to look at their profile to see that you're blocked is not a good feeling but there are a few practical things you can do in the mean time to hopefully get yourself unblocked the first option which I see as the most reliable is if they blocked you online try to talk to them in person after you get blocked if you see them at school or work or anywhere else try to have a casual conversation with them generally just talking to them like a normal person might spark something in their mind and make them say hey maybe I should've blocked this person they're pretty cool your goal here is to show them that you're not a weirdo or creep or whatever they view you to be you're actually a pretty nice person that they shouldn't block and get to know better there are instances though where you do things that might merit getting blocked if you're spamming your crush with messages over and over you're probably annoying them if you're complimenting them over and over and it's not part of any type of conversation it's just these stand alone compliments again and again that could creep them out it's super important to be mindful of your own behaviors here I would go in the assumption that if you got blocked it's probably because of something that happened or something that you did so try to investigate and really understand the reason why now for some of you you might not see walking up and talking to that person as a viable option for you so the next best thing is to try to message them on another platform if they blocked on Instagram try on snapchat if you blocked on snapchat try on Facebook you can't go on Facebook do whatsapp find another way to communicate with them but once again don't just launch into hey why'd you block me try to have a casual conversation if you can get that going then later on you can kind of just casually ask them hey why did you block me over here anyway hopefully they'll give you an honest and open answer one of the more common reasons why people get blocked by let's say their crush for example is because their crush finds out how they feel and the crush doesn't know what to do they just feel awkward in that moment and blocking them seems like the only solution I'm always telling you guys to go after your crushes and you that does carry a risk of maybe potentially getting blocked by them but I think it's a risk that you should be willing to take if you really want to be with them now in Katy's case she ended up getting blocked by one of her friends and there's a few potential reasons for this but generally the most common one is because your friends angry at you and this is a way for them to show that I've seen it tons of times to friends get into an argument and they want to just kind of cut that person off completely and doing that through snapchat or Instagram seems like the best way another potential reason is that they don't really want you seeing the things that they're posting they may not want you to see that they're having fun or they're hanging out with other people or just doing something specifically that they don't want you to know about and just like in Katy's case sometimes getting blocked can really just come out of nowhere that's why it's so important to talk to your friends if they're your friends I would recommend launching right into the conversation of hey why'd you in the blocking me when you see them in person I firmly believe that a lot of online drama can be easily squashed just by getting two people to come together and talk in person now let's say you're in a situation where you can't talk to them in person and there's no way to contact them online what do you do then well it's a tough spot to be in and I would say your options are really limited but the best thing to do is to probably talk to one of their friends I would really focus on building a better relationship with one of their friends that way as time goes on and you get closer to that friend you can always ask them hey why did so-and-so block me anyway assuming then that you guys are now close hopefully then they'll be able to tell you the honest truth so you can actually do something about a communication with that other person is key here to prevent yourself from getting blocked by them in the future as is reflection so spend some time really thinking about what you did to make sure you don't make the same mistake twice what do you think though are you currently blocked by anyone it could be on snapchat or Instagram or Facebook or anywhere leave your comments down below and we'll talk about it and I know it sounds pretty ironic but if you want to talk in private and shoot me a DM you can always do that over on snapchat or Instagram I do my best to answer as many messages as I can oh yes I promise I won't block you before you head out though I totally recommend checking out my video how to not get blocked I think it's just as important as watching a video on when you do get blocked that way you can just prevent it in the future check out that video and the playlist I have down below I will see you guys soon as always love and peace

Hi everyone and welcome, my name is Andreas Waatz and in this tutorial we are going to learn about this. Okay, so in this Instagram tutorial, we are going to learn how to unblock people on Instagram if they blocked you in 2019 okay?. So if you have blocked each other and can not unblock each other, I'm going to show you how. And also if this help you out you can go and follow me on Instagram @AndreasWaatz, I will leave a link in the description, okay?. So I have two account that has blocked each other. So this is the first account. And to unblock the other account just go to the three lines in the top right corner. Go down to Settings. Go to Privacy, go to blocked account. And we see this account that I have blocked. And to unblock this just click on the account. And you can see the three dots in the top right corner.

If you don't see the three dot's in the top right corner, I will show you how you can do this another way, so just wait for that. If you have the three dot's just click on the dot's. And click on unblock right here, okay?. But if you have like this. If I go to the other account and go to the three lines in the top right corner and go down to Settings.

Go to Privacy. Go to Blocked accounts, click on the account. And you have this, you have no three dot's you can not unblock this user, okay?. So, I found a way to get around this. So, you need to have a third account. So, I'm going to login to a third account. like that. And now i'm going to click on the Home button in the bottom left corner. And go to the top right corner. Click on this DM icon, alright?. Now we want to send a message. Now click on the write message in the top right corner. So, now we want so search for the 2 account that has blocked each other. And click on the plus sign. And add the other account. And click on the plus sign, like that. And go to the top right corner and click on Chat. And just type Hello, Send okay?. Okay so only one of these accounts will get the message. So go to the account that get's the message. So in this case we got the message to Andreas Waatz. So let's go to that account. And now click on the request.

Lick on the group chat. And click on allow. Okay, so in the top menu next to your username you see the 2 profile images and click on that. And here you can see the other user that is blocked. So just click on the 3 dot's. And click on Unblock user. Okay unblock user? They will now be able to see your post's and follow you on Instagram. Instagram won't let them know that you've unblocked them. So click on Unblock. Ok. Okay, so let's go to RawNaturalLife. Go to the top right corner and click on the three lines.

Go to Settings. Go to Privacy. Go to Blocked accounts. Go to the blocked account. And because we are not blocked this account, we can now see the account. And, click on Unblock, and Unblock again okay. Okay, so now you have unblocked each other.