How to post on Instagram from Mac or Windows

Today, I'm gon na be showing you guys how to upload to Instagram through your PC, your Mac, whatever 2018, let's find a better way than Chrome and editing the mobile view. Whatever first are gon na, take the dog out and then I'm gon na get to it. Good morning YouTube: let's get it. What is up so we're out here we're putting things online, we're using Instagram whatever whether you're business owner you know. Maybe you broke your phone and you need to put a photo on Instagram through your PC or desktop here we are here. We are so we're online. Here'S my Instagram profile, if you want to check it out the Danny Jacobs, whatever not important, but we're trying to put it online, trying to upload an image from your PC, desktop Mac, blah blah blah blah. So here we are now. This is the old method. I don't recommend this because it's a pain in the butt, but you know I'm gon na - show you because I'm gon na give you a couple options, but you want to choose a hard method or the easy method. That'S your option. So this is the Instagram comm URL, so gone Instagram calm and, as you can see, you know it doesn't really give you the ability to you know upload a photo on the web. I don't know why a billion dollar company hasn't allowed that yet, but they have so here we are now. If you want to upload a photo to Instagram from Instagram calm, not using the app you'll have to have Google Chrome. So you get on Google Chrome, Instagram calm. Now you right-click or you know you do the two finger tap on the Mac and now you go down to inspect. Okay, is this kind of like a little bit of a you know, sneak around method? I guess you'd like to call it so now we're on this mobile view. Okay, so this is what developers can see. So they can. You know, test out mobile settings whatever now we're on this mobile view, and you want to go ahead and refresh it. So then, you know the webpage can understand that it's mobile view got my morning, coffee and feeling good feeling good. So here we are on this mobile view. Okay and as you can see, it looks like how it would look like on the app all right. So now, can you even do this anymore? I think I'm gon na edit the URL to go to the home page is this kind of a pain in the butt see. This is why this is a hard method. I don't even know why anybody else teaches that you should do this method, because what I'm about to show you it's gon na blow your mind, all right, so see we're on this mobile view, and you see how I don't know this even work yeah. Okay, so you know now you can access it like you would access the app you click the camera on the top left. You know, and you pick what photo that you want to upload whatever I'm not gon na upload it, because I want to upload my photos through the other method. But, as you can see, this method does work. But to me it's a panda but now jump over in the next screen. Now I'm gon na show you something cool. Now I came across this site. It'S called lately social calm and it's a hundred percent free and what I've seen that there's really! No there's no limitations on what you know. They allow you to access and, to be honest, you can access anything. You can have unlimited posts, you can post to your Facebook profile or page your Instagram accounts and your Twitter. Now you know since we're here, because Instagram lets go to Instagram. So, as you can see, you know I had already logged in with my account and now this is their dashboard and it's pretty straight forward. You know so say I want to upload that photo. You know it's just a quote, I'm more more or less doing it as a test for you guys to see. So you know I'm in this upload. I'M gon na pick this image. It'S kind of upload. Now I'm gon na add it and, as you can see, they give you a little preview over here on the right of what it looks like now. The cool thing about this. You know if you're a photographer - or you know you just have a lot of files on your computer. It allows you to import your photos through Dropbox and Google Drive. So you know it allows you to kind of sinks everything altogether. It also allows you to post some my story, which I don't believe, the other method that I showed you you know through Google. Google, a lot through Google Chrome allows you to do it all. So you know I'll, let you let you post the multiple post on Instagram bla. I can't even talk right now, maybe I'm just so excited. I got my coffee and all right so and then I you know you could write a caption. You know, I don't even know I'm just gon na pick an emoji so I'll. Let you also insert an emoji yeah, that's one of my favorite ones. It allows you to pull a caption, so you can save captions so say if you have a ton of like hashtags whatever and you use it over and over again it allows you to see those allows you to schedule. I don't know that I mentioned that yet so say you don't want to post it right now, but you want to post it at a peak hour during the day you go ahead and you know you could pick a day. You know say your users, or you know your engagements higher on. Maybe you know you know Saturday or whatever you can pick a day select the day select the time you know go through all that you know, allows you to schedule everything: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This advanced option is pretty cool as well. It allows you to add the first comment to your post. So again, if you have that, like all the hashtags and everything you use over and over again on your post, a lot of people don't like to put that right in their first like as the caption they you know would rather put it as their comment. So yeah I mean I found this a couple of weeks ago. It'S super cool, very easy to use interface, and you know it gives you the schedules. So you know you can see when you planned out things and a bunch of cool different stuff I'll leave the link below in my bio. If you want to check it out, oh by the way you know their customer support is like insane. You know they have a live chat right on their website anytime. I'Ve asked them a question. You know they answer like the answer right away. Pretty much. I know the live chat, isn't an event isn't available after 12 o'clock at night till 8 a.m.

In the morning, but you know they're very responsive via email, so they have great customer service as well. I like to point that out, but yeah so I'll leave the link of this in my bio. I definitely recommend this method over anything else. I'Ve ever tried and again you know, integrating the Google Drive and Dropbox whatever my stories. Multiple photos, you can add multiple Instagram accounts, multiple Facebook, Twitter, whatever it literally organizes everything all in one, so it's 100 % for you go check it out. Let me know what you think if you like the video, I would oh, I would appreciate so much if you left they, you know like or comment and even subscribe to my channel. You know I'd appreciate that a lot and you know, keep making more. It'S toriel videos, but i hope this one helped. You know, i hope, whatever you needed to post on instagram from your desktop or your pc. I hope this answer your questions. If you have any more questions, leave it leave it in the comments and I'll try to answer it and we'll go from there thanks. You, too hope you liked the video

Hi guys it's Chet here from website wizard TV in this video, I reveal a cool little trick that allows you to upload pictures your Instagram account from your computer and it takes less than 60 seconds and there's no special software or quiet. Let'S dive straight in. Don'T forget to subscribe for more awesome content like this and for all of your new subscribers. Let me know who subscribes by leaving a comment below the video saying I subscribed and I'll reply to each and every one of you let's get started so the first thing you want to do is you want to head on over to Instagram calm on your computer And you need to be using the Google Chrome web browser to do this so head on over to Instagram comm from the Google Chrome web browser. So what you want to do is you want to scroll down here, and you want to click on login right here and you're, just gon na log into your Instagram account as you normally would so, I'm going to pause the video while I log in so after You log in you want to go over here on the right click this to head on over to your profile, and what you want to do is you want to click these dots right here and then go down to more tools and then click on the developer Tools here and actually there's a quick way of doing this, so if I just click me across here to close that you can actually simply just right click on the screen and select inspect, and that brings up the same thing right here. So, are you gon na see this right here? This is just a load of code in so this is what developers use when coding, and you don't need to worry about any of this. All you need to do is head on to this icon at the top. Here, click on that and, as you can see, you toggle to a mobile view right here. So a simple way to know when you're in mobile view right here is, you can see the cursor turns into a circle right here and that just represents the touch screen. Functionality you get on a mobile phone, so once a page is in mobile view right here, you just want to click to refresh the page right here and, as you can see at the bottom here, you've now got all of the features you would when you're viewing. This on your mobile device, you can use this right here to upload search, chrome screen, etc. So we want to upload a photo. So click on the upload button right here and then go over to wherever you've got your image stored on your computer and then just select that as you normally would so it just shows up here exactly how it would when you're uploading on your mobile device. So you click here to resize the image or you can crop it in. So when you're done just click Next, as you normally would and then you can write your caption here, so you can say something like hey guys, I'm recording a video tutorial for YouTube on how to upload photos to Instagram from your computer. Then you can add some tags, as you normally would, and you get the suggestions down here as well. So once you're done, you just want to click on share right here. So now your photo has been posted to your profile. So if you click this right here, you can see your profile page and you can see the image right here and you can also check that on your smartphone and you'll see that it's live on your profile there as well. So you can use the features down here, just as you would on your smartphone. So you can click here to see recent activity. You can click here to search or go to the home screen. So that completes this quick little video tutorial on how to upload to Instagram from your computer. I hope you guys like this tutorial, if you did smash that like button and give this video a thumbs up and if you want to see more awesome content like this, then go ahead and smash that subscribe button and turn on notifications, so that you're notified. When I release new videos - and if you want to check out any more videos on this channel, then you can click here bye for now, [, Music, ],

In this video I'm going to show you the method I personally use to upload videos and photos to Instagram from my computer. Although Instagram doesn't directly allow you to upload from your computer, the program I'm going to show you Does I've been using it for about a year and it's super easy super helpful allows you to upload from your computer, But also your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts, which Is super convenient, Let's go ahead, that it's my computer and I can show you how to use it First up if you want to do, is navigate to lately social comm. I will leave a link below This video for the website and this is a website. I use to upload photos and videos from my computer to my Instagram account. This is just the home page, but I am logged in on this tab So head over here, and this is just the backend dashboard of lately social and on the Left sidebar over here. I want to navigate to Account Manager. This will give us the options for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, but Since this tutorial tutorial is about Instagram

We'Re going to go ahead and do this and You're gon na want to do your Instagram username, Make sure you're not doing your Instagram email address. Otherwise it won't work So Instagram, username and then your password And then Add Account. Our account has been Successfully added to Instagram. So now we can just head over to this Instagram drop down page post. This will then bring us to the Instagram post page. You want to click this and make sure this is checked on your Instagram accounts Here. We'Ll give you the options: File manager, you could upload. This. Is your Google Drive and then Dropbox, But since we're uploading right from the computer, we're gon na click this button. Now I just have a sample picture in here.

I believe it's the beach Yep add a caption, so This is a test. You also had hash eggs in here and then on this right-hand menu. There'S emojis, You do a heart in there and then It also gives you a couple options. You can save captions. So if you, you know, write a lot of hashtags or write the same caption over and over again, You could save them as well as import captions. The schedule option will allow us to Schedule a post in the future, but I want to post this right now And then this advanced option will allow you to add a location.

And then also the the first comment on your post. So if you want to put more hashtags Because Instagram does have a character limit, you can add it. You know in the first caption, so we're not going to schedule the post. So I'm going to uncheck that Also gon na just uncheck the advanced option and then you can just go ahead and click post now and then this will load for a second and then Post to my Instagram page. I have my Instagram pulled up on this tab, and so you can see that it is posted to my Instagram account and, As you can see, the beach picture has posted and with the caption and emoji On the Instagram post page. It also allows you to do Post to your story as well as a carousel

So if you're uploading, multiple videos or photos, You can select those options. I hope this video helped if it answered all your questions. I would greatly appreciate it like on the video, If you have any other questions, feel free leave a comment below this video Thanks for watching

Today, I'm going to show you how to upload photos to Instagram from your computer, and you can do this on a laptop or a desktop or PC or a Mac, and you don't have to upload your photos or airdrop them to your phone. You can do it right there from your computer, Let's get to it. So what you want to do is go to your Google Chrome browser and I'm starting off by just going to the Google homepage And then what you want to do to go into Mobile View. Is go up to your View, menu Developer Developer Tools - And this is typically used by web developers and web designers to look at the coding of the page to look at the style sheets. I used it a lot in the past when I used to do a lot of web design work. So what you can do, then, is go up to this icon right here, and this is the Toggle Device toolbar, which will show you the mobile view of the page. So I'm going to go here and you can see now that we have the mobile view of the Google homepage.

So then, I'm going to go to my Instagram page here at @ TomWindeknecht, And here you can see it looks just like as if I was on my phone, I can add a photo I can search. I can comment I can like. I can do all of the things pretty much all of the things that I can do on my mobile device on my phone So to go ahead and add a photo. I would just go ahead and, like I normally would click the plus sign here. I can choose a photo, So I'm just going to choose my profile photo just for this example: ( chuckles ). I can size it and crop it just like I normally would. I can even rotate it Go next.

I can write my caption ``, Hey guys, !'' And go ahead and Share And there it is Just like that Super easy. Alright, so that's it! It'S really easy to do to upload photos to Instagram from your computer. Don'T forget to follow me on Instagram at @. Tomwindeknecht, You can also subscribe to my channel and turn on the little bell to get notifications of my next post and video that's coming up. I can't wait to do it. Talk to you guys soon, Thanks

Hey everyone welcome back and for those who are new to this channel. Welcome and today, we're gon na have a tech tip on how to post to Instagram using a PC or a Mac, and the best of all is that we don't need any third-party software, and obviously all you need to have here is pretty much a computer which A PC or a Mac and a web browser, and the reason I'm doing this tutorial you guys, is because, as you may know, I have social media accounts now I do have one for Instagram and the other day I was just trying to post some pictures using A PC - and it just doesn't give me the option to do that and compared to the phone you can actually post anything. You want right so after a while of googling on how to post to Instagram using a PC, there's just tons of articles on how to do so using third-party applications, and I find that just using third-party applications was just a little bit tedious. I went ahead and tried to figure out this for myself on how to post to Instagram. So let's get started and, like I said all you need here - is a PC or a Mac, and one of these web browsers now, if you're liking this channel so far, please make sure to subscribe, make sure to also hit that like button and if you have Any comments, questions or suggestions. Please leave those down below the next thing that we're going to do is pull up. Our Instagram account using a web browser and in my case, I'm using Chrome, but you can pretty much use any web browser as long as it has developer tools really important, otherwise, just use Chrome. Now, once you have your account, the only difference compared to a mobile phone is that you have some options or to your bottom. Now. Those options are missing from a PC perspective, you guys and in order to actually have those options, we're going to use a feature of Chrome to actually get those posting features back on a PC. You guys and again we're not gon na be using any third-party applications, which is most importantly because we don't want that adware and none of that stuff installed on our computers right so again, in order to go into the developer tools, many browsers use the f12 key. You guys so, if you press the f12 you're gon na, receive this on your screen and over to your right, you're gon na receive tons of stuff and, most importantly, that is not important for us. I'M trying to post things to Instagram we're going to be focusing on the left side now you're going to see here, there's a drop down here now, if you click on that drop down, you're going to actually view different types of mobile platforms. In this case, we're looking at iPads iPhones galaxies, you name it now. I did try to use the iPad version of it and once you actually load one of these platforms, what you need to do here is actually refresh the page and if everything goes well, you guys you should get the additional features from Instagram when it comes to Posting now, in this case, IB iPad platform, and I didn't get any of those features you guys so I'm going to select the galaxy platform and what I'm gon na do. Is I'm going to refresh this page one more time and let's see what happens there, you go you guys. We have the additional posting features or to your bottom. Like I said, the only difference here is that we're using the developer tools to do this. Now what you can do here is actually close, the rest of the stuff on the right, and in order to do that, you can pretty much click on the X here. Once you click on the X, you should get the Instagram application on your web browser on full screen, including the posting features, and at this point all you need to do here is pretty much go through the prompts on how to post, whatever you want to post On Instagram right, as we all know how to do and pretty much click, the share button, add your hashtags, your additional information and all that, and you should be good to go at this point now. Personally, I really don't like the fullscreen feature of Instagram, so I'm gon na go ahead and click escape or actually click the f12 button again to get me, this mobile type version of the Instagram right, which is more easier for me. Instead of just scrolling up and down and whatnot and like I said, all you need to do here is add your hashtags and ultimately click on the share button, and that is pretty much it also, if you want to add your location in the additional stuff, that Is totally optional, but for this tutorial we're going to show you how to post using a PC and a Mac which is really easy to use when you're, using the developer tools of your web browser. Now again, in many cases going to be the f12 key, you guys so really important to remember that otherwise, just Google, whatever your web browser you're using and just basically Google. What can you do to get into the developer tools of that web browser? In this case, you could be using Safari or Internet Explorer or anything else, and at that point it should be really straightforward for you guys again, if you like this video, this tech tip, please make sure to hit that, like button below make sure to also subscribe. You guys and if you're interested in other videos, please make sure to also check out my channel on the playlist videos. I would really appreciate that and again you guys thanks for watching and I'll see you guys on the next one. Thank you.