How to Make Instagram Private

Hey everyone. In this quick video, I wanted to show you how you could make your Instagram account completely private and I'll show you a couple of different accounts, because depending on your accounts, it's in a couple of different places. If it's your first time here, I make easy-to-follow social media and tech videos five times a week, so please consider subscribing. So let's start here. Let's launch Instagram and make sure you go to your profile. So you want to see this page and on here you want to click the gear icon next to edit profile. So click that gear icon and if you scroll down here, if your account is laid out like this, this is how you turn it to private.

So just click private and it will make it private. You could always revert back and make it not private by just clicking the slider. So that'll give you a little warning that you are changing your privacy setting. Now if your account is not laid out like this, it's in a different place. Let me show you that. Let me just switch my accounts here. I'll go to a different account and here I'll click the gear icon one more time. And if I scroll down here, I don't have that same option.

My account is broken up in a different category. Privacy and security and then account privacy. I need to click that and then I'll see the private account option. I'll go ahead and click that and now this account is private. So this option is in a couple of different places depending on your account. But that's how you turn your Instagram account private. And you could always change it back to public if you want to at a later time. I hope you found this useful. Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel. There are over 40 Instagram videos and over 200 tech tutorials on this channel and I hope to see you on the next video. Thanks so much for watching..

Hello guys and welcome back to my youtube channel "Teconz". So today i will show you how to make your instagram account to private mode. But i already upload this same content on my youtube channel, then why once again i upload this same content?. Because this previous instagram has 2019 released update. So when we compare to the 2020 and 2019 this instagram setting locations are may varrying. So due to this reason i upload this new video, so anyway leave it.

So let's goto our tutorial... So first of all open your instagram mobile application, in your android mobile or ios device. Now in this section you can press this person icon, and it is placed at the bottom of 5th one. And this is my insta profile, so in this section you can press this horizontal 3 lines icon, and it is placed at almost top of right side corner. And one slidding window is opening, so here you can goto "Settings". Now it shows lot's of account related settings, but you can goto "Privacy" and the third option. And these are the some privacy settings, so here you can goto "Account privacy" and it is placed under the "Connections" category.

So finally i get this private account option, so just click to enable it. And it ask for confirmation, so you can press to "Ok". So finally you can see now my insta profile is goes to private mode. And this setting location is also available for ios devices, so don't worry about it.

Welcome to a Foxy Tech Tips tutorial on making your Instagram account private.If you find this video helpful please consider subscribing to my channel and liking the video! Open up Instagram and head over to your profile page. Tap the menu button at the top right of the screen. Now select ‘settings’ from the very bottom. In settings, tap on ‘privacy’. From the privacy settings, tap on ‘account privacy’. You can make your account private by enabling this option. Once you make your account private you will be given the option to manage your follower list and remove any unwanted people from being able to see your content. If you ever want to make your account public again you can just come back to the same setting and disable it. And that draws an end to this tutorial. Please like the video if you found it helpful, and subscribe to Foxy Tech Tips for more tips and tricks!.

In case if you want to make your Instagram account private so that other people can't see the photos or videos then open "Instagram". Now tap on this icon at the bottom. Tap on this menu. Go to "Settings" and then scroll down. Go to "Account privacy" and make sure to make your account private. So, only your followers can see your Instagram account story..

Yo YouTubers, what's up everyone um in this video i'm going to teach ya'll how to make your Instagram account private. So or so like people don't see your Instagram pictures and videos until they follow you and you request it ok so anyway so you want to go to Instagram I already have it pulled up um so go to Instagram you can go to this or that which takes you to your profile page and--- I am going to click on "Edit Profile" edit profile and I am going to choose "Privacy and Security" and um i'm going to make it bigger and on "Account Privacy" click private account

[Copyright Notice] [How to: make an Instagram profile] This is Pratyaksh Mehrotra here and in this video, I will tell you what's wrong with you You can convert your Instagram account to private mode. So let's get started! [Introduction] So at first, head over to your Instagram. Go to your profile and go to these 3 (vertical) dot icons. Scroll down and open this private account. So just read this statement: when your account is private, only the person you approve can See your photos, videos and stories on Instagram. Your current followers will not be affected. Then what this private account function will do is to convert your images, videos and The story will only be shown to people other than those you allow or approve You have no Instagram content! So if I check this, it will be safer for me, assuming you do n’t want to show Your photos and videos to the public instead of your followers, then you can enable this feature This will help you get rid of those who can't see your photos and videos agree So thanks for watching the video, if you like it, please share it with your friends and subscribe My channel has more videos like this, I am Pratyaksh autograph, goodbye.

how to make instagram account private instagram mistakes instagram error 400 welcome to the section introduction for common mistakes let's have a look at what you'll be learning in this part of the query we're gonna cover the setting that actually makes your account lose followers or not even gain them for a start a lot of people can get themselves into this issue when first making their account and they just forget about it they don't realize that it's still there and they haven't disabled it so social media this is the private account issue and this is a step-by-step setting to actually disable it it's very simple very easy to do but the ultimate issue is that if your account is set on private mode people cannot see the actual content you're posting and because Instagram is a visual platform people are only interested in the images you are actually showing so what you want to do is head to your actual profile click on the little Settings icon in the top right hand corner you're then just going to scroll down a bit until you come across to the private account option and if it's enabled which is highlighted with blue and the circle to the right nature it's disabled in the far right picture which you can see and highlighted green you want that setting to be off so people can see the content you're posting and also when they follow your account you no longer have to actually approve them to follow your account so that is also the other issue once again with having a private account you actually have to accept people when they're trying to follow you so make sure this setting is disabled if you want to gain followers on your account and you actually want people to see the content you're posting you may have accidentally said it when making your account don't worry it's a very easy fix just ensure it's disabled social media to be the first to receive our videos, SUBSCRIBE to our channel! 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Hello everyone! This is Thomas from and in this video I am going to show you how to make your Instagram profile private on Android or iOS device. Images and videos posted on Instagram are visible publicly to anyone by default. If you use Instagram to share your personal day-to-day moments, sometimes you wish to keep that content private. That means you need to set your Instagram profile to private mode, so that your content would be visible only to your closest friends. After switching to private mode, only approved followers will be able to see the posts and stories you upload on your profile. So, here is how to make your Instagram profile private on Android & iOS device.

So, first of all, open up Instagram App on your device and go to you profile. Now, tap on the “Three horizontal lines” at the right upper corner; Select “Settings”. Select “Privacy”. Now under the Connections tab, select “Account privacy”. Now you see “Private account”. Turn it on. Unfortunately I am not able to make my account private because it is a business account, but if you own a private account then there will be no problems making it private. I hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to make your Instagram profile private.