How To Get Followers on TikTok | 10 Ways to Trigger GROWTH SPIKES 🤯🚀📈

In this article I'm going tell you exactly how to get followers on tiktok and a lot of them this video is packed full of all the best tips and tricks that I personally used to grow my tiktok account from zero to nearly 150,000 people with multiple viral video and these are all things you can do right after this video to get more likes on tiktok, more followers and maybe, just maybe move into the hype house. I am Metal For Breakfast. On this channel I post comedy video parodies and TikTok growth hacks like this. Smack subscribe, ring the notification bell and you'll be the first in line to watch my newest video . How cool is that? You definitely won't regret it. I think. So these are the exact strategies that I and other big-name TikTokers use to grow their accounts. And if you follow them all I guarantee you you can grow your account from anywhere from a Thousand to a hundred thousand new followers within a few weeks depending on your level of dedication.


Now listen. If you really want to go viral and get more likes on TikTok... You need to watch or listen to this video all the way to the end so that you can combine all these tips and tricks And get on the for you page over and over and over again I guarantee if you watch this video to the end You can trigger one massive growth spike that will at least get you a thousand to ten thousand new followers So if you watch one video all the way to the end make it this one.


Remember if you find something super useful, get more followers, go viral or just feel like being nice; Subscribe buttons right down there. Tip number one, choose an easy to remember Username that's going stick in people's minds avoid numbers and shoot for one to three words for best results You want people to remember you from the beginning. So come up with something that's catchy, easy to remember and easy to share. You want your followers to be able to share you with their friends and they can't do that If they don't remember your username. The people who gain followers on TikTok fast are the ones who can be talked about and shared with their family and friends. Like watch, I'll give you two names and you tell me which one you remember tomorrow afternoon.


Metal For Breakfast... Dodgeballpsychoking11217... if you can remember both of those You might be like a genius or something post in the comments if you remember both of them tomorrow. Tip number two. The for you page is your friend. Think of it like an idea generator. The video on the for you page are being shown to pretty much everyone on TikTok and there's a good reason. The video is getting engagement. People are watching multiple times They're liking they're sharing. They're commenting. Overall, it's making them do something other than just watching and leaving. And you can bet that the people on the for you page get followers on TikTok faster than you can say refresh. No, like seriously when you have a video go viral Like you're literally getting 5 - 10 - 20 new followers every time you refresh.


It's crazy. Tip number 3 is to write down your ideas for viral video . TikTok is still simple. So don't worry about copying too much right now Just try to put an original spin on the ideas that you come across don't just like blatantly download someone else's video to post on yours. It's not going help you in the long run and it's just not cool. So don't do it So, this is our main strategy because the fastest way to get TikTok followers and likes is to have your video show up on the for you page and if you've been wondering like what the for you page is that I've been talking about it's basically like TikTok is picking the video that it thinks is going do the best and then showing them to like everyone.


So here's the thing. Coming up with an original idea. That's going go viral. I know it's hard if everyone could do it then We'd all be PewDiePie. But when you think of one, it literally becomes like gold. See this real life gold brick in my hand That's your video ! You'll wake up to thousands of new followers every morning and that one video is going keep growing your account more than any video you've posted on TikTok up to that point. What we're after is that one video that's going stick in the TikTok algorithm and then spike your followers to the moon. I.....don't know....where this rocket came from... Who put the rocket? if you made it this far, you're pretty serious about TikTok. So I'm going tell you there's a bonus tip I threw at the end that's literally going 5 to 10 X your chances of getting a viral TikTok, so you're really going want to keep watching to the end because you're going need it.


Tip number four, stay on top of trends. Trends that you see on the TikTok homepage or just in your for you feed are literally like fuel for your video . So here's what you do If you see a trend popping up in your for you page over and over and over and over. Think of an unexpected ending that you can do that's going make your video stand out the next time someone watches one of those trending video . One example of a time that I personally used this technique was on the magic microwave trend. Instead of just like spinning on the ground, like how the trend is, you know? You sit on the ground, now all of a sudden you're like this. I just I made myself spin in the air. That video blew up on TikTok. And got me a ton of followers.


How I did it is another article entirely. "It was video editing!" But this video earned a high spot in the magic microwave front page trending hashtags And since it was being promoted to the whole app I got more eyes on the video and more followers and not only was it being promoted on the for you page Anybody who checked out the top video of that trending hashtag would find my video and become a follower Well, probably not everyone. I mean, I'm sure not every single person Followed me after watching that and it's it's not that good. But you know some people did I got a few The key takeaway here is to try and get in early on trends with winning video Because then TikTok could grab your video and promote it everywhere at once.


For you page. Search. I don't think there's anywhere else.... but both of those. Following in the footsteps of the last tip, tip number 5 is to create a unique spin on an already trending...what am I saying? Is this going make the blooper reel?...Who am I talking to? I'm all alone here. Tip number 5 is to create a unique ending that you haven't seen anywhere else on this trend that's going catch people off-guard and make them do something.


You want the people watching your videoto feel like they need to share it, like it, comment or watch it again. And in order to do that, you have to think outside the box you can't just copy what everyone else is doing because they already know how it's going end and it's kind of boring. If you can step in and make someone laugh when they thought your video was just going end the way all the other ones did you're going have a much higher chance of them deciding to follow you versus just showing them what they've already seen. One easy way to think of a unique spin on an idea is to just think "What would I least expect this person to do right now?" and then do it. It can be something dumb, something embarrassing I don't know just make them pay attention! Tip number six is to keep posting consistently And keep upping your quality both in quality of video and idea Eeeh, is it idear or idea? I honestly don't know, but going back to that the most important thing above your camera above your lighting above anything is The idea.


I'm going go with idea. If your idea sucks. No one will watch it. But if it's good, you can film it on a potato and it could get shown to millions of people. It happens That's what TikTok is. A good camera is not going get your video on the for you page. Trust me. I have a really good camera here. It doesn't really help that much But learning how to get followers on TikTok takes a commitment to Improving. You have to give people a reason to follow you and giving them an all-around better experience is going make you stand out from the other people on TikTok just a little bit like...


Who knows it depends how good you are. I don't know how good you are. If you have a TikTok post it in the comments below and maybe I'll check you out and see what you got going on, so Remember, it's the idea that counts if someone doesn't think your video is funny in the first place, they're probably not going to think it's funny with a better camera either. Right? All right, you're almost there. If you've made it this far you're definitely serious about blowing up on TikTok. So hang in there. There's a few more tips and tricks here and by the end of this video , you're practically going have a room in the hype house. Good job! Tip number seven TikTok is still a Wild West Platform it's still growing and nobody really knows how big it's going get or how much of an impact it's going have, except you Obviously because you're here watching all my TikTok video , so you know how big it's going get, you know.


Celebrities are moving in and quality is going up But don't let that stop you or hold you back because there's still plenty of room to grow on TikTok. TikTok is still The fastest way to grow a social presence online and probably will be in 2020 2021 and probably for the next few years. One thing that you can do that Celebrities aren't doing is to respond to your comments.


Show your followers that you care and that you're there and they'll like your video.

Come back and over and over and over and give you engagement on your new videos Think about the last time one of your favorite TikTokers liked or commented on your post. It felt great, right? Well, you can do the same thing for your fans so sit down and every once and a while show people that there's a person on the other side of this video and maybe they'll Help you grow and share you with their friends even more. Tip number eight is to not worry about getting the hype or getting in the hype house. Growth happens in spurts. Is that a word? Is spurts a word? And what I mean is one day you're going post a video and the views are going skyrocket in the first 15 minutes Then they're going go even higher in the next hour And then in the next day you're going have more views and likes on that video than you ever thought possible And it's going keep going for maybe multiple days.


This is how you get followers on TikTok. Just keep posting the best ideas You can think of and it will happen. Treat your TikTok account like an investment and it will pay off in the future So taking action now and posting Consistently throughout 2020 and beyond is key. Tip number 9, don't wait until it's too competitive and takes years and years of hard work and dedication to grow. Grow your TikTok now while the Platform is on easy mode So you can reap the benefits later. Think of where you'd be if you started posting Consistently to any other platform back when it first came out you'd probably have millions of followers The good news is that TikTok is your chance to do that now, so take the opportunity and don't just let it pass Right? What are you going do, grow a YouTube channel? Tip number nine and a half before we get to the bonus tip is to create your own sounds and music if you can Trending songs and sounds can be one of if not the most powerful ways to get more followers on Tik Tok And if your song or sound catches on and people start using it in their videos And then they start using that in a trend, that trend can propel your name right along with it.


This can be hard to pull off, but there's not many people focusing on this today So when it sticks, it sticks and becomes a trend on the entire platform So make some sounds or music that other people can pick up and use in their own video and make their own unique spin-offs based off your original video if you pull that off you'll be the trendsetter and you'll get more followers than I... I honestly, don't....that''re probably going get like millions of followers for that. I don't even know I've never done it. You made it to the bonus tip. So that tells me that you are super serious about TikTok. Pay very close attention this and then after the video is done make sure you use it because this is going help you a ton.


It's going help you with engagement it's going help you get more likes, more followers and grow on TikTok Faster in general. You can use this on every one of your video and have it do better I guarantee it. Tip number 10 is to use a CTA or call to action on your video . So here's how this works. People need to be reminded to do things. Now I know that not everyone's going go down there and do it but a few legendary people are going actually do it and that's what a CTA does it gets you that little bit of more engagement which in TikTok's eyes can be huge. Another example of this is MrBeast's "like this video for a cookie" phrase. Nobody's ever gotten a cookie that I know of You can come up with your own version of this for anything you want your TikTok followers to do.


You can ask them to comment. You can ask them to share. You can ask them to like the video . You can ask them to tag a friend in the comments below that helps you get more traction because they're tagging people Outside of the video and that's bringing them in and then those friends are tagging people So if you made it to this point here is my biggest tip any kind of engagement on your video on TikTok is good. So the best call to action is one that's going make people leave a comment whether they liked the video or not TikTok doesn't care.


This can make your video go viral and land on the for you page fast. One example of this is my trademark catchphrase "You laugh, you follow" So here's the psychology of it. The people who watch and laugh Follow my account as per the rules set up before they started watching the people who didn't laugh feel like they need to tell me they didn't laugh and they comment any ways that they didn't laugh or make duets showing that they're not laughing...but TikTok doesn't really care whether people liked your video or didn't like it They just want to see that it made people talk and do something. So they promote your video more and the spiral continues and you get shown on the for you page more and more and more. Obviously the great thing about this is both sides are fighting for you to win You like, you can't lose. if you can come up with a unique CTA to create a spiraling chain of engagement You'll have created a powerful system for regularly going viral on TikTok.


Another example of a CTA would be since you just watched a whole video on how to get followers on Tik Tok You're probably the type of person who's got the grit and grind to actually become a TikTok legend So click here to listen to my entire playlist of TikTok tips and tricks...or maybe you don't have what it takes.