How to Get Followers on Social Media — 4 Pro Tips

- So how do you grow your social media following faster, especially with rising competition? Well in this article, I'm gonna be sharing with you my four step content marketing formula, so that you can get more followers, make more money online, and if we're just meeting, my name is Sean Cannell. I'm a full time lifestyle entrepreneur. And I have organically grown my social media account. So this is my Instagram. We have 57,000 over there. Twitter, 44,000, and then on YouTube, across Think Media, my channel Video Influencers, and my personal channel, 1.4 million subscribers and I share that because I just want you to know that I've made a ton of mistakes. I've been doing this for a long time and I wanna share my answers with you. And some of the things that work for me to grow my following faster.

And so, what's up Think Media, if you're here live, smash a like button. Good to see you, Alaskan, Bebe, Steph, Harold. Thanks so much for being here. I'm excited to dive straight into this content and we're gonna actually be talking about my Content Marketing Roadmap. Like how to build a following and make money using a simple 4-step content marketing formula. Again if you're new here on Think Media, my passion is helping you build your influence with online video and social media. And this channel here, I've been working on this for since 2010. Now I kind of have a full time job and didn't focus on it for about five years but Think Media, I've been in this game.

And I started video in 2003. I learned in a local church. I've been in a lot of small business settings and just done a lot of things over the year. Think Media's coming close to 850,000 subscribers. We also got Video Influencers, a channel I do with my friend Benjie. We're about to cross 500,000 subscribers. And we're out here in Vegas, as far as Think Media goes. We got a team that's just committed to serving you and helping you really go further faster in media. And so, we're super pumped. We recently wrote a book, "YouTube Secrets" and I bring all that up because it all started because I pressed record. And I don't know if you've been social media, let me know in the comments, how long have you been on social media? I'm more of a video guy, and we're gonna talk about you could write, you could do audio, there's all, you know photos, social media.

But it all started because I punched fear in the face. Punched perfectionism in the face, and I pressed record. I'm a college drop out, small town kid. No connections in media. But I stepped out there and I hit that record button. I hit that photo button. I hit that post button. And it led to the results of where we are today. And so today, I wanna actually just go through this simple formula to help you get more followers. Boost your likes, your views, your reach. Generate income online. And then build authority and influence, really in the process. So whether you're trying to make side income as a social media content creator or an influencer, or in a small business setting, you're saying, I get it. Social media is where people's attention is. I need to leverage this tool that's free to build organic influence. I mean think about that. You know I've essentially from just stepping out and jumping on these tools, I've been able to build authority and influence leveraging social media and you can do the same.

And again, it all starts with content. And that's what we're gonna talk about today. You know there's people doing paid ads. There's people doing different things. We're talking about content marketing. We're talking about putting out a valuable content and growing your platforms organically. Not buying followers, not buying likes, not buying subscribers. But putting out quality content so that you can grow your influence online. And look at this. Theses are some social media stats. Right now, there's over 326 million monthly active users on Twitter, 260 million on LinkedIn, 250 million on Pinterest, over one billion now on Instagram. And here's why this is exciting.

You might be like, man it feels so competitive. And it feels like every day, there's just more people competing for the space and it's true. But never forget how many people there are in the world. Never forget the chance to reach people at different places around the world. You need to be you times two. You need to lean in to who you are and your age, your ethnicity, your background, your gender, all these different things, these are unique traits to you that can help you reach the people you're called to reach out of those one billion people on Instagram. We like to say your vibe attracts your tribe. Not everyone's gonna like Sean Cannell. They're gonna like you.

Not everyone's gonna follow whoever social media person. They wanna connect with you when you're authentically you. And there's so many people to reach on these platforms. Facebook's up to 2.4 billion monthly active users. And these are monthly active. Some of these accounts have more users than this. These are people in 30 days time, that at least log in to the platform once. And YouTube has over two billion monthly active users. That's a good screenshot, tweetable right there. Make sure you tag me. Because that's some serious social media stats. So how do you then stand out in the midst of rising competition though on these platforms. The way you do it is with our CQSC Formula. Alright? This is the formula that I've been working on and kind of perfecting over the last few years and it's helped me reach those follower counts that you saw at the beginning of this video organically, right? Person by person, adding value, putting out great content into the world that builds your brand.

And here's what it stands for? Consistent, quality, strategic, content. Alright, that's the CQSC Formula. Consistent, quality, strategic, content. And right now we're gonna break in and break each one of these down, as well as give you some specific tactics that you can use to grow your following faster. But if you give value already, can you smash the like button and let's go straight into this.

Alright number one. Consistent. If you're gonna crush it on social media, you have to be consistent. Now I know you've probably heard that before, but are you doing it? You know you're like Sean, this is common sense. Yeah but sometimes common sense isn't that common. Right you gotta be consistent. To me, I mean, that means your showing up I think, at least once a week. On some social media platforms, at least once a day. But frequency is not the only important aspect of consistency. You need to be consistent in your messaging. You wanna be consistent in your branding. You wanna be consistent in the value you deliver to a target group of people. You wanna be talking consistently to a targeted group of people.

And here's what I mean. If I was one day saying, hey, follow me. I'm gonna help you get the guns, right. There's nobody follows me for that because the guns don't exist. So I don't have any authority to teach that. But if I said, "Hey, follow me. "You're gonna get the guns." You're like, "Okay he's like this fitness guy." That's the message then the next day, if I'm like, "Look, I'm really gonna help you deal "with your relationship drama." Anybody got some drama in their relationships? Let me know in the comments. "You know I'm gonna help you like "does resolve conflicts." You're like "Oh he's like the relationships guy." But then I'm like "Yo, I'm gonna help you grow "your social media the next day. "I'm gonna give you some social media tips." Even if like the photography was consistent, and even if I was doing it daily, my messaging would be so inconsistent that I would never get traction on social media.

And for every single one of these, we have a few mistakes. The biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to consistency is again, they're not posting frequently enough on a regular schedule. They're also though, all over with the messaging. How can anybody follow you if you don't know where you're going. There are also inconsistent with their branding. There's a different look, there's a different vibe. It seems like every single day, you're going in a new direction, right? So those are some of the biggest mistakes. Now, here's a few consistent content ideas. A weekly YouTube show. Like I recommend like thinking about, I'm gonna name a show called the, The Sean Show, Chon cho. Like I don't know, like Sean's Show. And every Tuesday, it's the Sean Show. Or maybe it's like Marketing Tips Weekly. Or Ketogenics Audio Experience. And every single week, you put out one show. Like one, it could just be a five minute video shot in your iPhone, your smart phone.

But it still needs to be consistent. So like starting a show. Maybe a daily podcast. Even though it's five minutes a day. Morning Motivation. Or weekly right? Maybe weekly articles or videos on LinkedIn. Like once a week, you wanna position yourself. Here's one of the reason to do social media, you wanna be the go-to authority in your space. You wanna be a thought leader. How can you lead and become a thought leader if you don't share your thoughts in a consistent way, and putting those out quality in such a way that they'll add value. So maybe you're like, once a week, I'm gonna show up in my industry and add value in my topic in a written article on LinkedIn. These are some consistent content ideas. On Instagram, maybe you're like once a week or daily, I'm gonna do an IGTV. I'm doing stories daily. I'm doing lives. Instagram has like everything right? So there's a lot you could be doing over on Instagram.

But these are just a few consistent content ideas. Which brings us to the second letter in our formula and that's Q for Quality. I've learned it's not enough to just be consistent. There's a lot of people that are uploading, four, five, seven videos on YouTube a week. Let me know actually how many videos you're uploading a week. Poll Studios is doing a show six times a week. That's a lot of hustle. That's a ton of consistency. But you've probably realized, consistency truly isn't enough. A lot of people are just putting a lot of content out there. It has to be next, quality. These tips stack, right? It's gotta be quality.

Now what do I mean by quality? I mean it needs to be valuable. It just needs to be valuable. Alright? And I've learned this. That content value carries a lot more weight than production value. They're both important but see how the scale is tipping towards content value. What I've learned is that when you have a clear target audience, like a group of people your serving and helping.

For us, it's people that wanna learn social media and online video. It's business minded content creators and entrepreneurs here on Think Media that are obsessed with these kinds of things. Leveraging these tools to grow their businesses, their income, their profits and their impact faster. And so, it's the content value like, this camera quality is great. But and I have this nice live streaming set up now. But I didn't start this way. I mean you can look up some of my videos. They have a quarter million views shot on a $50 webcam with just like a little USB mic. It's not really the production value, although we'll touch on that. It's so much more about the content value.

You have a clear target audience. And you figured out what's gonna be valuable to them. And whether that's it's funny. It's entertaining to them. Or whether that's educational. And you're delivering that content value, hey, it could be on your phone, vertical on stories. Live streaming as you walk through a mall. Like it doesn't necessarily matter the production. It's the content value that matters. And what's cool, is that's really encouraging 'cause you don't need a billion dollars to buy a bunch of cameras right? You could just start with your smart phone. And here's just a few production value tips. And when it comes to production value, I just think you need to have good enough production to not distract from the content. Does that make sense? Like I don't, people aren't watching this video 'cause they're like my gosh, the lighting and B roll and the slow motion. Of course not. I'm live streaming, and we're going through a training, a teaching. But if you couldn't hear me very good.

And there was a hiss on the microphone. If you couldn't see me because I was in a dark dungeon with no lighting. You know what I mean? If it looks like I was in MindCraft, just like totally pixelated. You know what I mean? You might not be able to actually receive the content as well, right if my slides, my trend if it was cluttered. So when I think about like the production value, I just think about getting it to a standard where people can see you, hear you, and really engage with the message that you're sharing. And so I like to just say, think about your audio. Think about your video. Think about your lighting. If you gotta sit in front of a window, I can open the blinds right here. Boom, I got a soft box. It's a window. You know video, my phone already does HD 4K video. And then audio, actually my phone's fine for that in this nice kind of home office right here.

The audio would sound fine. I do it all the time. I did a live stream yesterday, just from my phone. It's all you need to get started but if you wanna accessories a little bit. I've got a couple recommended resources for you. This video is video gear under $20. This is my smart phone, and this is like a $16 case around it. A little LED light on top that's like $24. A little $25 shotgun mic. And then you can put it on a tripod. So if you wanna accessories your smart phone to have a little bit better production value, that's a video I recommend. And I'll, you can click or tap the YouTube card on the red arrow. It'll take you right over to that video or I'll post a link to it in the description below.

And then another one is I recently did a breakdown of my best video gear kit. These are also great for photography on both cases. So you can do thumbnails and Instagram, as well as video content. And that goes through every budget. Smart phone accessories, around a $1000 kit that I like with the M50, or even a really professional kit, with the Sony A7III. So if you wanna watch that video, just click or tap the red arrow. There's a link in to the description to that as well. But hey, if you get value out of this video, can you smash the like button. And that's what this is hopefully about. It's about content value, right? And so, let me ask you a question, what is like one of your favorite shows? What's one of your favorite shows? Tell me in the chat. Tell me in the comments below. I know for me, Breaking Bad, that was a good one. The Office, I've been through that one more than once. I don't know maybe you have as well.

Dancing with the stars. Game of Thrones. Like what's one of your favorite shows? When you think about your favorite shows on this point of content value vs production value, Gray's Anatomy, I'm seeing. Casey say Amazing Race. The Amazing Mrs. Maisel. That's a great one. Empire, NCIS. Alright I see you Christian. I see you Simply Me Tay. When you think about these shows, probably never have you been with your friends at the water cooler at work, talking about a show and you're like, you know what, the show is good like it was funny, and the characters were good.

But man the lighting on that show just wasn't that good. You know what I mean? Like now the show was pretty good, but like just the camera work, almost nobody says anything about those things, unless you're like a hipster, you're a film maker and you do actually talk about that stuff. That's like 1% of the population. It's not the production value of any of these shows. Really the production value is meant to just be a place setting. Like a table setting for the content value, right? We didn't stop watching the show 'cause you're like I would've stuck with it but the lighting wasn't quite right. It's the content value. And if you ever abandoned a show, that's probably why you did it. It just wasn't entertaining. Or it was informational. Or it was just kinda boring. And so as you're thinking about quality, the second point here.

I want you thinking about content value. It's that content value. And here is what buckets your social media content has to fall into. And this is a great kind of a framework to do this. Before you post, make sure that you have defined the content value you're intending for your target audience. Right? What is this post supposed to achieve? If you've gotta know. I just hope, I hope it's good. I hope, I don't know what it's supposed to achieve. That's maybe why your followers aren't growing. And this video's all about helping you get followers on Instagram, right, on YouTube. The reason you might not be growing is 'cause you don't actually even have defined value to a defined audience. So here's the areas. Number one, information. Information is like being a news source.

I watch Phil DeFranco on YouTube for a lot of my news. And he's giving me information. At the end of his show, Phil DeFranco, he goes, "Now you've been filled in." get it, you know? But like, now you've been filled in. Because I want the latest information. I want him to kind of aggregate what's happening in the world.

And keep me informed. YouTube news, political news. That's an information show, right? Entertainment. This is what a lot of vloggers are doing. This is what a lot of even lifestyle Instagram accounts are doing. It's entertaining. It's fascinating to watch where you're traveling to. Or what you're posting. I actually subscribe, I follow on Instagram a lot of snowboarding accounts. And I just devour those things. In my feed is these little micro clips of snowboarders like smashing tricks. And I'm engaging on those because that's entertaining for me. Let me know, maybe some of the accounts you follow. But you would wanna define, okay if I'm going for the entertainment value proposition, I need to really make sure that I'm working on that like this would be comedy accounts. Those blow up all over Instagram right? Prank channels, different things. That's kinda entertainment. You're not really learning anything. It's all entertaining right? Another one will be inspiration and motivation. I've been kind of starting a show on Instagram Live once a week, just called Rise and Grind. And it's around five to 10 minutes, where I just say let me just give you some inspiration couple thoughts this week so you can go crush your goals, crush your dreams, and maximize your week.

That's an inspiration motivation play. I follow Evan Carmichael, who's got a great channel where he cuts up some of the great inspirational motivational leaders of our day. And it gets me kind of pumped. It's a clear value proposition. So on social media, whatever account on LinkedIn. Maybe your informing about your market. Maybe your bringing some light entertainment to jokes around business and professional culture.

Maybe it's inspiration about being an entrepreneur. The next one's education. This is probably the bucket that I think media falls in the most because you're learning right now how to get more followers on social media. Or your learning about cameras. Doing camera reviews. Educating you between two different cameras. There are lots of good channels like that. Sometimes I'll watch education channels about health and fitness. In fact, I'd love to hear from you and I'll catch up in the live chat later or on the YouTube comments.

What are some of your favorite social media accounts to follow period. I'd love to hear about Instagram, YouTube because I'm always looking for other great channels and I'm very interested in kinda what you're into and what you've been watching. And then connection. That is actually a whole nother piece of value that could be all about community. That you're not necessarily trying to do any of those other things, although those can happen. But it's more about the community. Best way to talk about this is, Instagram live. And being able to bring on a guest. You can do it on Facebook as well. A friend of mine, Jasmine Star, does a like a little morning Instagram Live show where she brings on someone from her community and they just go back and forth.

And yeah, they're maybe doing education in that process about social media and photography, like she teaches. But it's community. And then the community's watching and so sometimes just doing a Q and A episode. Like me being able to see you right now, there's an element of that, Samuel for you to, you know we're hanging out here, OllieMTV. Because we're live and so social media live streaming video, it gives us the chance to build community. And here's the powerful thing, is you could do more than, you could multiple in one video.

Like hopefully, you're getting inspired. You're learning something, hopefully I tell at least one funny joke. You know what I mean, like you potentially could do all of these. Entertain a little bit, and then build some connection. Hopefully, you connect with other people in the Think Media community. You gotta know that the Think Media community is some of the best and brightest business minded content creators on the planet. And so there's just a chance, if someone else is here on the live chat or on the comments, like you're different than the rest of the world, right? Not a lot of people are ambitious, focused, trying to build their influence.

Trying to make something greater for their family and make a difference in the world. So connect with this community. You know what I mean? Like engage with what's happening here. So let me ask you, which of these, if you had to pick one, which of these does your content fall into the most? And if it doesn't fall into any, it's time to rework your strategy and this could be why you're feeling stuck. Right, 'cause when you dial in this process, you can really make a great impact. So we're talking about CQSC. Consistent, quality. The number three now is Strategic. Is Strategic. If you're gonna crush it and get more followers on social media, you gotta be showing up consistently with a consistent message. Quality content, it's way more about the content value but definitely check out those videos, with just a few accessories or some gear on a budget to level up your production.

But now it's gotta be strategic. What I've learned is that being consistent, it's not enough. Even having valuable content is not enough. I've, when it comes to, we just said content, and there's a famous phrase, content is king. But I've been learning that, yeah content is king. But marketing is queen and she runs the household. And so if you're not strategic. If you don't have the tactics, the strategies, well then you're never gonna get maximum traction.

There's a lot of people that are putting out great content that's not getting noticed. It's the fact. 'Cause they don't have that strategy. You gotta learn that marketing mindset. And really dominate those working tactics. So let me just give you a few examples. A strategy is understanding that YouTube is a search engine. And that when someone types in like best camera for YouTube, if my video ranks number one, that's strategic. So people say, Sean how do I get followers if I have zero followers? Rank a video. 'Cause now people who don't know you could type in a search term on YouTube, best camera for YouTube, and you could go test that if you want. You could go see, type in best camera for YouTube, I don't know what videos rank right now but, you'll maybe see let me in the chat if you go do that test.

But best camera for YouTube. If my video at this time it was ranking number one, so it meant I met new people. Aren't we talking about how to actually grow your followers? If you identify that YouTube's a search engine, master that. Then boom, you can grow your followers from scratch, right? So here's another example. Tactics that work. This is search and SEO. Instagram right now, write this down. Long form copy. Like long form copy means text and just kind of as an industry term, a copywriter, not like copy written content, there's a job.

It's called being a copywriter, where you write marketing copy for like emails, websites. And it's something social media copywriting. So it's kind of an inside if we're doing Marketing 101 here. And so the text, the caption, is very long. It doesn't even fit on the screen, right? And this could scroll down and down. And so of course, I was thoughtful about my photo.

Thoughtful about the messaging emojis. Every single little detail we're talking about here is talking about strategy. Going at a deeper level, where I'm being consistent on Instagram. And I'm putting out valuable content in a sense where this video's got five points in it that I really recommend people do halfway through the year. 'Cause right now, when I'm recording this, we're at the halfway point in the year. So I know who I'm serving, people like you that wanna be productive, accomplish their goals. I wrote the text but it's extra long so much so long in fact, it's like a blog post. So you gotta identify what are the strategies that are working? Longer copy connected with photos on Instagram, is getting more engagement. You also learn that like recent stats, I just went through all this research. You wanna have your hashtags, A, you should be using hashtags. But you wanna have your hashtags in the actual caption and not in the top comment. There as research done that showed, it wasn't a big difference but there was about almost 10% more engagement and reach on an Instagram post with the right hashtags in the actual caption, not in the first comment.

And so when you learn those strategies, it matters. 'Cause 10% more reach and engagement means a little bit more of an opportunity to reach strangers, people you don't know. For them to discover you and your brand. And for you to grow your followers. And I'm just giving you a few examples right here under what strategy could be like. On LinkedIn right now, native video, meaning videos uploaded to LinkedIn, not YouTube videos shared to LinkedIn are crushing. And so I'm not even like a big LinkedIn guy. Like I haven't focused on LinkedIn or whatever but this video has 593 views, uploaded to LinkedIn five days ago. And for some of you, maybe you're early in your YouTube stage or whatever it is. That's a big deal. That's almost 600 people, right? On a platform that you maybe aren't even focusing on.

Let me know, are you on LinkedIn? Like did you even know LinkedIn's like on fire right now? It's the most favorable, organic reach algorithm on the internet right now. And video is over indexing in its reach and its impact. By the way, words are still the strongest, words alone. So you could if you don't even wanna do video, there's other types of content you could do on LinkedIn to still maximize and crush it. So here's the point though. Is understanding the strategies and then the words you choose to write, like what the content is in the video, how it's all positioned. You gotta be consistent. It's gotta be valuable. You know quality. But it's also gotta be strategic. Learning and mastering some of these tactics so that you can grow even faster. And so hey, I gotta bonus YouTube training for you. We got number four here coming up and that'll be in just a second. But let's get into number four, and that's content. Consistent, Quality, Strategic, Content.

You getting value out of this? What's up Bella? You're on LinkedIn? A little bit, I see that. Awesome. And we're gonna do like a couple questions related to this. Heather's helping me so if you got a couple questions, put up four question marks. The question and four question marks after, related to this training. We'd love to help at Q and A in just a second. But hey, content, content, alright. So content is just saying what and where. That's what you gotta define. For your content strategy on social media, what and where? Are you gonna do words? Are you gonna do photos? Are you gonna do audio? Or are you gonna do video? Which ones? What's your greatest strength? I'm a big video guy but I'm not trying to say you should be doing video. I do think you should but what are you most comfortable with? So if you are best with words then, then Medium right? Writing blog posts on Medium, writing LinkedIn articles. Photos, of course, if you're great on photos, Instagram. But when you combine photos and words, longer captions, it could get even stronger.

Of course different platforms, like Instagram are multimedia now. Profile photos, stories is video. Live video on the live stream. IGTV is uploaded video. So really, some of these it's all four, but you can also just pick out one. Of course podcast under that. And so that's the content. Consistent, Strategic, or Consistent, Quality, Strategic, Content, right? And then you pick where. Where are the platforms that I'm gonna focus on. Now one of the biggest mistakes that I see people make is focusing on too many platforms too soon. Oh man, happens all the time. Too many platforms too soon. Sometimes in Think Media community I will get a message, "Sean I just can't keep up with Twitter, LinkedIn, "my five YouTube videos a week, "my two days a week podcast, "and I'm a full time student, "and I've got a full time job." And I'm like, no joke, Joe. You know (laughs)? Of course you can't keep up.

When time is scarce, you have to be extremely focused. And I think that you really should pick one social media platform to focus on. And then maybe just with 90% of your time. And then the other 10% of your time, use other platforms to support the one until, that one platform starts to generate money. You start to get some momentum. You start to really get traction.

Because if you spread yourself too thin, too soon. You'll stay stuck and you won't grow. So where, picking where. Podcast of course, iTunes if you're doing podcasts. Reddit could be a major place with words and training whatever. Medium for blogs. Pinterest, if depending on your demographic, the target audience you wanna reach. Pinterest is also a search engine. So there can be some opportunity to get discovered when people don't know you. So we're talking about this formula and it's all about Consistent, Quality, Strategic, Content, right? Showing up consistently with a consistent message. Delivering that content value to your defined target audience. Making sure it's strategic that you're studying, learning and mastering the social media platforms themselves, and the latest, best practices. That's also, if you're not subscribed here on Think Media, subscribe and turn on the bell notification. Like, so that you don't miss trainings like this. So we can help you get more followers and grow your influence faster. And then of course, mastering content. Knowing where it is, and what your greatest strength is so that you can put out those words, that audio, to make the greatest impact possible.

Now if you love this, and I'm gonna hit a couple questions in a just a second. I wanna make sure you just know about my free YouTube master class. If you're actually curious how I grew Think Media to over 800,000 subscribers from complete scratch, with no connections, with really no expertise. Never went to school for it. Just boot strapped, made a ton of mistakes. But the figured out some things that work. I think that you'll love this one hour YouTube training if you liked this training. So it's a free YouTube masterclass. You can get it, watch it for free at And I'll put a link to that in the description below. If specifically, by the way, I think YouTube is a very ideal primary platform. It has so many advantages. It's a content library.

It's the world's largest search engine. And when you create YouTube content, if you follow our strategy, if you wanna follow me on the different social media platforms, you can see how we do this. But a lot of times, I'll put out a video like this. That's like the top of the pyramid of content. But then, snippets of this video could be cut out and put on Instagram. Snippets of this very video could be chopped up, put on LinkedIn. And even photos could be shared around that are inspiring and then I could give a call to action back to this video and there's like kind of a whole circular video viral-ocity thing we create when we put out that content.

And that's all from leveraging YouTube. YouTube was the game changer for me. YouTube was the needle mover for me. So if you wanna watch that masterclass. It's at The question of the day is what are the top two social media platforms your focusing on. The top two. I really wanna know your one. But then I wanna know like your top two because maybe there's that support platform. For me, it's YouTube number one. And then Instagram number two. Tied with LinkedIn. You know so, 'cause LinkedIn is strong right now but I'd say I'm a little more on Instagram so. So it's the YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn for me personally but I love to hear it from you. Pousa says "We do our show six weeks on YouTube live.

"It just seems so different and I feel out of place "when doing it elsewhere. "How do I overcome it?" Well I don't think you necessarily need to do it elsewhere. I think you mentioned it feels different in IG. Well of course on IG, it's vertical. It's a little bit of lower quality. I don't know how you live stream but I don't know if you could share your screen like this and do types of, you can't do this kind of stuff over on, on Instagram. So here's what I like to think is you don't have to always duplicate your strategy. For example, someone the other day said, "Hey Sean, you should start a vlog. "Like why don't you start vlogging. "it'll be interesting to see behind your life." I was like I already have one. It's called my Instagram stories. Like Instagram stories is a real time vlog throughout the day.

That I don't have to edit when I get home at night after and get it ready for the next day. So I have a YouTube show here on Think Media, content like this. I've got a vlog on Instagram stories. When I go live here, we're doing a deeper training. On Instagram live, I'm five to 10 minutes. It's a little more inspirational, talking head only. Does that make sense? So consider adapting and using different platforms for different purposes. Maybe you deliver value that's like a little more snappy like this training right here. Less conversation, but when I do Facebook lives, I do a lot more Q and A and a lot more interaction 'cause the nature of the platform is a little bit different. Christian, "Should I upload my YouTube videos "on LinkedIn, or special ones?" yeah I think that's a great idea. You could upload your YouTube videos directly to the LinkedIn but only if it's really relevant for LinkedIn.

You wanna think about the psychology of the platform. You don't wanna just shotgun content out there, right? You wanna have consistent, consistent message, quality content value to the target audience, and strategic. So we only do that on some content that is going to be very professional minded, business minded over there. Whereas some things, especially some techie reviews and what-not, I don't really put 'em on LinkedIn. I leave them here on Think Media. This more business training like this, of course, over on LinkedIn.

And so, be selective of what content you put out and then, Christian support it with good words. And I mean like that caption, that copy. Copy text, that caption, those words should engage the psychology of the people on LinkedIn. So don't just upload a video. Sometimes we rush through this process. And we miss out on the little strategic nuances of social media that make all the difference. Carlos, "YouTube is my main but I post on "every day on Instagram because it's easy, "while YouTube is longer intervals "because it takes time to make videos. "Is that bad?" No Carlos, I think you're doing it exactly right. YouTube is harder to create a good solid video. And that's why we recommend one video a week. Like a solid, one video a week on YouTube. Some people, I really believe in the Think Media community. You actually should post less YouTube videos and make less videos better. If you're posting five videos right now, getting like, feel like your views are stuck and you're not really growing, what if you took all that energy, compressed it into one masterpiece.

And put out one masterpiece a week. I mean if you're uploading five, then you got time. You got hustle. Put that into one. Make sure it ranks better. Make sure the content value's better because when you put out a really strong YouTube video, Think Media's living proof of this, it keeps getting views for weeks, months and years to come. And it builds this snowball of momentum that just can't be stopped. Hey, are you having fun? Smash the like button. I got another question here for yeah, and I wanna give some super chat shout outs. Thank you Marie, Live Streaming Pros, Alaska, Alaskan Balistics, T Cobb and Aaron Mills. Thanks so much for supporting the channel. I'm so grateful just to be connected to you guys. This whole community and I really hope you always get maximum value, encouragement and inspiration out of just being connected to this channel and this community. So thank you so much.

Anywhere near zero official, "Blogging is something "I don't get. "Do people prefer to read rather than watch video?" That's a great question. Absolutely. People prefer all types of different ways of consuming media. So over time, remember, don't start too many social media platforms too soon. It sounds like blogging probably isn't for you because that's not something you're passionate about.

On the flip side, there's people who just wanna read news, articles, blogs. They wanna read text. They don't wanna watch video. A lot of people prefer video. But people still love reading the written word. People also love audio and maybe not video. And some people love visuals the most. Like you're not gonna be able to teach them something in business unless it's an infographic. Where somebody else wants to read like a thick traditional book, breaking it all down. So over time, this is the biggest thing Think Media kinda summarize this idea. Start with where your strength is. Pick one platform. And be consistent there. Consistent in frequency, consistent in message, consistent in branding. Deliver consistent value there. And learn the strategies. Study and master the strategies to get ahead. And then deliver that content over and over and over again. That is where the magic is. And that is how you grow your followers faster, leveraging social media. Well hey, question of the day. What are your top two social media platforms that you're focusing on? Let me know on the comments below.

Press record friends. Hit that record button. Hit that publish button. Get out of your own head. And get into the game. Come on, we gotta be and done is better than perfect. Don't overthink your posts. Let yourself grow into 'em. Don't let this training get you paralyzed in like well is this valuable enough? No. Make some changes. I've learned that small tweaks really lead to giant peaks. So as you learn a little bit more, that next Instagram photo is 1% better. That next YouTube video is just a little bit better. But you gotta punch fear in the face. Punch perfectionism in the face and press record. I'd also love to connect with you on social media. Make sure you're subscribed whether Think Media, Video Influencers and hit me up on any of the social media accounts.