How Long Can Instagram Videos Be

How long can Instagram videos be and how to better use them for marketing? Instagram is competing with Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms for getting more users attention your attention and they want to keep you long down. The pattern and video content are a perfect tool for that in this video you'll find out how long Instagram videos can be for every possible way. You can use it on Instagram. If this is your first time here and you want to learn how to grow your personal brand start now by subscribing and clicking the above, so you want to miss anything first, let's take a look where you can use Instagram videos. You can pause them. First on your regular Instagram feed. Second, on instagrams toys: the third way is on i.t TV and you can use live Instagram videos. Lets take a look at the first one. How long can Instagram videos be on a regular fit? Your Instagram feed is the place where you post all your photos and videos. After your applauding video posts, they show up in your followers home feed and only a profile. Everyone can check your Instagram profile scroll through all your posts and would uploaded videos. Instagram feed video length is 3 to 60 seconds. You can record it right on Instagram or select from a folder on your device and upload to the app when you record a video through the Instagram app using the camera tab. It will automatically stop recording after 60 seconds in one post. You can have up to 10 videos and if you plan to add several videos together to your post, it's easier to pre-record them and cut to the pieces up to 60 seconds. And then all you need to do is pick them from your library. When you create an Instagram post, please note here that videos with multiple klipsch will show up at the square and can be uploaded as landscape or portrait. Once you publish your videos on the main feed, they will stay there as long as you want here is a trick to get more views for your video post share it on your Instagram stories as stories can be found through Explorer page more new people can see Your video, let's look at the second place where you can post your videos. How long can Instagram videos be on story there well they're hard limit for Instagram story? Videos are only 15 seconds and then, let's just for 24 hours. However, it's a great way to share smaller parts of your day with your followers, without filling your actual feed, with less important content. Comparing to that one that you post on your memes to graph it. If you Instagram videos length is more than 15 seconds, they will automatically be split up into 15. Second species for you and all can be uploaded at once as well. So far it seems you only get for 50 seconds clips, so they only work for videos up to one minute. Your followers will see you stories on their home fields in the form of your profile picture with the colorful ring around like a tit in the horizontal stores menu at the top use Instagram service videos to engage with your followers by using stickers such as Paul question. Squeeze, etc, if you want to keep some of your Instagram stories, videos longer for viewers hand them to Instagram stores highlight when they will be located at the top of your profile in the highlight section until you decide to take them off, let's go to the 3rd Place for posting videos on Instagram. How long can Instagram videos be on IG TV so far for many counts? The standard is between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long, however, verified accounts and accounts with the larger following can post up to 60 minutes video a GTV. The long videos can have a large size, you can applaud them from the desktop, as well as through Instagram itself. The must be in mp4 file format and can be vertical videos with the aspect ratio of 9 to 16, which is a thousand 80 by 1920. Pixels were horizontal videos with an aspect ratio of 16 to 9, which is 1920 by 1080 pixels. Keep in mind that a minimum resolution for its videos is 720 pixels and for optimal performance choose the h.264 video codec and 3500 kilobits per second betrayed with AAC audio the maximum file size for videos that at 10 minutes or less is 650 megabytes. When you apology TV video, it automatically goes to the adjective you tab not to the regular feed, but you probably noticed that when you scroll Instagram post, you can see the preview of ITT videos from other accounts to show the preview on your main feed. Make sure you check the preview box if you think how long can Instagram videos before I DT be preview on the main page? Its very simple. The video length is the same as the regular interim video 60 seconds. After that, people will see the link, keep watching and can continue watching your video on IG TV itself. Here'S an extra trick for you as I tighten a video length, is 15 seconds and more look through your previously created Instagram videos that you published, as the regular post using Instagram analytics, find those that performed well and post them again as RG TV video. That way, you won't need to create much new content, and you already know that people like these videos also same as regular video post, IG TV video, be sure to Instagram stories to drive more people to your ID TV channel. Now we've got to the longest type of video that you can create on Instagram. How long can Instagram videos be when you do live video streaming? Instagram life can be up to one hour and if you want to stay with the audience longer, you can start another 1 hour, video streaming right after you finish the previous one. Once, a live, video has ended it is no longer visible in the app unless you share play with to your story. If you want to share it, when you are done with your live video tap and in the top right then tap confirm from there. You can tap. Save in the top right to save it, to your camera once sure to stories like how the photos and videos that you share to stories live video replace disappear from feed and your profile after 24 hours, unless you add the source, as highlights that way, anyone who Visits your profile will be able to tell them at the top of your profile to view your saved live. Video left in your place include all the likes and comments from your original live video. The number of viewers for your live video includes everyone who watched the live, video and the report. A bonus tip here is, after you say, your life, video cut, the necessary parts, leave the most interesting fragments and pause them as real Instagram videos or IG TV. So these are four types of Instagram videos that you can effectively use in marketing. Make your videos that fast length possible post when your followers are online and you will see your post engagement and full risk and growing up question what type of Instagram videos do you use more often, do you prefer regular post stories? I do TV or live video. Let me know in the comments below and if you want to know about how to become a media celebrity and get interviewed many nice vodkas. I put together a guide that will take you through the step-by-step process. It includes the tips on how to find the podcast to be a guest on what do you need to prepare even before you serve a chick anyone and how to market yourself through them, go ahead and check it out. I'M gon na link down below you

[, Music] in this video, you will learn everything you need to know about. Instagram video lengths, the three video types, their length requirements, how to post them clever ways you can make your posts longer and key insights that will boost your reach and engagement on the platform. So stick around and I'll reveal everything you need to know about. Instagram video length to make you stand out on the platform welcome I'm Nina before we begin make sure you subscribe to this channel, so you can get notified every time. We post one of these videos and let me know down in the comment section if you think Instagram videos could engage your followers yes or no after watching, if you've any further questions about Instagram video length, don't hesitate to ask I'll, be checking the comments regularly and I'Ll be more than happy to help so Instagram videos. How long can they be well? That depends on what type of video we're talking about, because there are three. The first are Instagram feed videos. Your feed is your main profile page. It'S where you share your videos and connect with whoever and whatever you follow the videos on your feed are shown in chronological order. So, if you hit refresh the latest post will appear at the top of the length of your Instagram feed. Videos can be anywhere from three seconds to one minute. If you want to upload a longer video Instagram, won't let you, but they do give you the option of cropping a one-minute section from it, which you can then post to upload a feed. Video tap the plus symbol at the bottom of your feed screen and select the video you want to upload from your library if using an iPhone or gallery if on Android, to crop one minute from a longer video simply hit trim. After selecting your video, then move the start and finish handles until you have selected the portion you want before posting it. Instagram also gives you the option to add captions image filters and your location tip never cover more than 20 % of your video thumbnail with text. Instagram always prefers images and rewards it with more visibility. Now on to the next type instagrams story: videos Instagram stories is a feature that allows you to post videos and images for a 24-hour period. Only after that, no one can view them again. Therefore, giving people quick snippets of things happening in your world things that, for whatever reason you don't want to post on your main feed story, videos can be anything up to 15 seconds long. If you add a longer, video Instagram will kindly click it into 15-second segments. For you, but note. No more than four segments are allowed at a time to upload a story. Video swipe right on your feed or tap the camera' icon in the top left corner to open your camera. Then, either record your video there or swipe up to select one of your pre-recorded videos. You can only select videos that were recorded in the previous 24 hours tip post story, videos often and test different posting times to see when your audience is most active, they're a great way to keep them engaged with your brand and, lastly, Instagram live videos with Instagram Live you can live broadcast videos without any retakes scary. Instagram live videos can be any length up to 60 minutes. Your viewers won't be able to replay them after the broadcast and you can't repost them, but they are great for encouraging people to instantly stop what they're doing and tune in with your content, depending on the goal of your broadcast, Instagram life is ideal for flash promotions Workshop sessions and teasing upcoming product launches - and you should always promote your broadcast beforehand - to build a sense of excitement and urgency in your audience before recording your video, you can choose which of your followers can view it. This is perfect for targeting specific demographics to do it simply navigate to options, story, settings hide story from and select those who you don't want to see it to record your live video swipe right on your feed page or hit the camera icon to open your camera. Then select live at the bottom of the screen and start live video. If you keep notifications on your targeted, followers will receive a notification saying you are live during filming. You can see the number of viewers at the top of the screen and their live comments appearing at the bottom. You can also comment yourself and tap and hold any important ones to pin it to the top of the comment feed when you're finished simply tap end and end live video to complete the broadcast tip always have a quick practice run to test the sound and visual Quality, there's nothing worse than having things go wrong when you're live one other question we hear a lot is: can you post longer videos on Instagram? Well, besides splitting them into sections? Like I already mentioned, there is one option for feed videos that lets you upload them longer than a minute. Its called IG t v. Ig T V is an app created by Instagram as an add-on to your main account it's free to download and with it you can upload and watch Instagram feed videos between 15 seconds and one hour long. So if your content absolutely requires the extra time, I would highly recommend finding it on the App Store and trying it out for yourself. That'S everything there is to know about Instagram video lengths, thanks for watching if you've enjoyed this video, make sure to like comment, share and subscribe. We really do appreciate it here at spiel and it inspires us to keep creating more great content for you for further help. With your Instagram video or any of your social media channels, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 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