How to Get Followers on TikTok | Grow in 2020

If you want to learn how to grow your TikTok channel, get more subscribers, get more views, learn how the algorithm works, read this article! What's up, Fast Track Family? My name is Daniel, and I help internet entrepreneurs fast track their success so they can live the life they love. Now, let's grow. If it's your first time here, this is the ninth video we are doing in a series on how to create your business the right way.


TikTok is one of the social media platforms we are using to grow our audience. Our
audience will tell us what to sell them. This takes the guesswork out of
playlist that I'm going to post right here. Go back and start at the beginning.
finding a product to sell. If that's something you're interested in, watch this
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Okay, that's enough of all that. Let's hop into this. So, you're going to see me
looking at my computer screen a lot over here, because I have a bunch of notes
Very first thing you need to do, if you have a TikTok channel and your videos
over here, and I want to make sure that I don't miss anything. So here we go. are getting really low views, 100 views or less, most likely, you've done
something that TikTok's algorithm doesn't like.


I suggest you just start a new TikTok channel, because the odds are, you don't have a lot
of followers anyway. So, start a fresh TikTok channel. If you have this feature
will post an image of this here. I'm not exactly sure right now how TikTok
enabled, you can manage multiple TikTok channels from the same device, and I determines who gets this feature enabled, but if you have this enabled, post a
enabled as well, post a comment below so we can try to figure out what's going
comment below and say, yes, I can manage multiple devices from one phone, and this how many subscribers I have on my main account. If you don't have this on here. Say no, I have 200 followers on my TikTok channel, and I can't create
multiple accounts. And I'll post an image here. This is how you create multiple


Next to your name, once you open the TikTok app, you'll have a little menu dropdown
button. If you click on that, you can select Add account, and I haven't found a
clicking on the settings button if you scroll down, and you will see the Add
limit to the number of accounts you can add yet. You can also get there by account button there. So, go ahead and create that new account now. So, before
or your niche. When you're on TikTok, you have to stick in your vertical, and
you post any videos, the number one thing you need to do is define the vertical lemme give you an example. My Daniel Grows channel, the one we're using for this ecosystem, I only talk about finance or ways to make money. Now, you can
grow your audience, because the goal of growing that audience is to make money.
go pretty broad within this vertical or within this niche on TikTok. You'll see
me talk about specific ways to make money. You will see me talk about how to


Anything finance-related you'll see me talk about. So I go pretty wide. I'm not super
targeted in one specific area: anything finance. So for you, maybe your niche
Maybe it's cars. Maybe it's comedy. Whatever it is, you select your niche, and
is health. Maybe it's mental wellness. Maybe it's something to do with food. you stay in that vertical. If you have a channel about vehicles, about cars,
that a little bit later in this video. My screen just went black, sorry. So
you do not post about cooking. That video about cooking will not get a lot of views, and it's going to hurt your channel in the long run. We'll talk about figure out your niche is the number one thing you want to do. One niche per
want to post one video for five days, one video per day for five days.
channel, I already mentioned that. So, when you have a brand new channel, you


This gives TikTok's algorithm time to figure out what your content is about. It
allows them time to find your audience. They're going to do some testing.
they think will like your video based on your tags and your description, and
They're just going to shoot your video out there to random people at first that
95% of my videos on Daniel Grows are recorded from my phone right through the
we'll talk about that in a second. Also, you need to give them time to find your audience before you start ramping out and putting out a lot of content.
TikTok app.


This builds trust. If you record your films on this camera, for example, if I did
that, on a new account, at least, TikTok is going to go through some extra
your account. To this day, I have 70,000 followers on TikTok, and I still
system checks. Your video will not get as many views. It could potentially hurt
app. I don't really find a reason to record them through my phone unless I want
record probably even higher, probably 99% of my videos all through the TikTok to do some type of crazy editing or something like that, which really isn't
TikTok's algorithm. When you set up your account, enable the pro account. You
necessary on TikTok. So I suggest you record everything through the app, and you'll avoid the problems of running through all those extra system checks on
about your channel, who's watching your channel, the demographic.
go into your settings, and you can enable that. That lets you view analytics


That lets you cater your content to that demographic. You may find that you have 80%
women or 80% men watching your channel. That lets you change your content. You
Use your analytics. Keep an eye on, it'll tell you the best times for you to
can adapt, so you can show them the content that they would be interested in. post your content. It'll say maybe at seven o'clock a.m. is the highest peak
that time, maybe an hour or two before that, and that'll give your content time
when you receive the most followers. So you want to try to push content around to be pushed out to your audience. Sorry, hear my dog barking. He's acting up.
hashtags should be used in every single video, and these are hashtags to help
Hashtags. You want to use what I call two to three anchor hashtags, and this is something you want to identify before you post your first video. Your anchor the algorithm to identify your audience. For example, Daniel Grows, two anchor
#sidehustle is about finance.
hashtags I always use, #hustle and #sidehustle, because I went through the app,
and I know all of the content, most of the content, under #hustle and


So that's where my audience is hanging out. TikTok has identified, associated, #hustle
and #sidehustle with finance content. So I always use those two anchor hashtags
content is about. Next, your description of your video. That's when you go
in my TikTok videos to help the algorithm to understand that that is what my through the final step of your video. You can add a description, and you can
money online, work from home, get rich quick. You want to use, sorry, my dog,
add your hashtags. With your description, you want to use keywords in there. You want it to make sense. You don't want to keyword stuff and just say, make
making money. (dog barks and growls) But YouTube side hustle to grow.
man. You want to use keyword phrases in there. For example, lemme look and just
pull up one of my videos really quickly. This one is not necessarily about


Gain more subscribers, get more views and make money. That is my description. Now, here
are the tags I use: #hustle, #sidehustle, #YouTube, and #getmoreviews. Most of
description reads; it's fluent. It's not a bunch of keywords just stuffed in
those hashtags that I use are used in my description as well, but my there. It reads as a sentence or two. So your description needs to make sense.
So, content ideas. How do you get ideas for content? Look, you don't need to
Just don't slam a bunch of keywords in there randomly. It needs to read well. reinvent the wheel. It's good if you can reinvent the wheel and you have a
hashtags and see what's up top.
TikTok go viral, but if you just want to bang out some videos and get some ideas, look at similar channels within your niche and see what is currently
doing well. Just search on the app. That's easy to do. Look at your anchor


Take inspiration from those videos and make a better version of it. How can you
improve upon that video and make it better? Obviously, you don't want to copy,
have copied a lot of content that I've done on Daniel Grows, but that's the way
but honestly, a lot of people do copy other people on TikTok. A lot of people it goes. Not much you can do about it. I suggest you take the high road. Don't
spot. The real sweet spot there that I've noticed is probably nine seconds to
copy other people's content. Take inspiration and create your own. How long should your TikTok videos to be? So, between nine and 20 seconds is the sweet about 13 seconds. I do have some longer videos that are 30 seconds, maybe a
this, step two, do this, step three, do this.
little bit longer, a couple seconds longer that have done well. Those are how
to videos. Those are how to make money videos, and I usually put step one, do


With your longer videos, you need to include steps like that. It keeps people watching.
They want to see what the next step is. So use little text blurbs. Step one,
TikTok. Your goal is to keep the viewer on your video as long as possible, so
explain it. Step two, explain it. You have to make your videos pretty simple on anything you can do to do that, you should try to do. Here's some tips to
flick and scroll by.
increase your watch time. At the beginning of every video, you should have a
hook, something that grabs the user's attention. You don't want 'em to just


So you need something, there needs to be some meat there, and it's called a hook, that
makes them want to watch your content. As your video progresses, you want to
you don't want to have the climax at the very beginning, because they don't
slowly unfold the story. You don't want to give the main chunk of your story,
views. So, at the beginning of your video, you want to have a hook. You want to
have any reason to watch to the end, and TikTok's going to pull your video out of their algorithm, out of the feed, and you're not going to get a lot of
result to keep everybody watching your video all the way through. A lot of this
slowly build up anticipation, and at the end, you want the climax or the final is kind of tough to do on TikTok because the videos are so short. It's going to
myself. So, post a quick text box with info that is pertinent to the video.
take practice to figure it out. I'm still practicing and still figuring it out


So for an example, this is kind of a little trick to get people to watch your video.
Whatever you're talking about in your video, if you want to just throw a quick
to know, but you made the text box disappear pretty quickly, maybe you may let
little text box up in your video at some point with information that they need it last for a second or one and a half seconds, but it's content that the
try to pause it on that text box the next time. So that's a little trick just
viewer really wants to know. They miss that content, you know what they're going to do? They're going to have a tendency to watch your video, and they'll
tells TikTok's algorithm, this is probably a good video.
to make somebody try to watch your video to raise your view time, which in turn


People are watching a lot of your content. Let's keep pushing it. So, engagement. What
can you do to help TikTok better understand what your content is about and push
your niche. Post comments on their videos, like their videos. You could share
your content to the right audience? You can engage with other profiles within them. Doing all this, these are little things you can do to help TikTok
of accounts that, they're upload accounts or reupload accounts. They'll just
understand what your content is about. Here's some things that you should not do. Obviously, don't use any copyrighted content in your videos. There's a lot
pretty sure TikTok will end up pulling those channels down.
upload content from other platforms or other places. I suggest you don't do
that. Most of the time, they don't get a lot of views, and in the future, I'm


So you're going to waste all your effort. Don't use copyright music. That's going to get
your video pulled. You're going to waste your time. Do not spam random hashtags
again. If I use the hashtag #hustle, #sidehustle, #makemoneyonline, I'm not
on your video's that are outside of your vertical. For example, let's use mine going to put a cooking hashtag in there to try to gain more views from cooking.
Again, maybe you could gain some views from that, but TikTok is smart. They're
That's not how it works. It's going to work against you if you do that. Don't try to use a trending hashtag in your video if it's not within your vertical. going to realize what you're doing, and they're going to stop pushing out your
the outside, because in the end, that's going to hurt you.
video. So, always just use hashtags that are within your vertical. Use keywords
in your description that are within your vertical. Don't try to gain views from


It's also going to hurt you too because if you do get views from a hashtag, a trending
hashtag, or, just say a random hashtag that's not within your niche, those
of your video quickly. It's going to hurt your view duration. It's going to
people don't want to see your video anyway. So they are going to swipe up out hurt the engagement on your video. So it's just going to hurt that video
general good practice to do. It's just going to turn people off. It doesn't
overall. You get really no benefit from that. Okay, so don't spam "follow me" on other people's comments. That doesn't work, you know? That's just a
create a new video, your tendency is you're going to want to hit that like
work. Do not like your own videos. So I've done a lot of testing with this and just recently, I realized that it's hurting my videos. Initially, when you
one like on it.
button on your own video, 'cause I think it looks better if there's at least



But don't do that. It actually hurts your videos, and I've done a lot of testing with
this. I've done enough testing that I have actually gone back and I have liked
difference. Some of those videos have actually started to take off again. So
every single one of my own videos and believe it or not, I have noticed a definitely do not like your own videos. So here are some good practices to
of this is I just started doing this, cause I haven't had the time to do it. I
follow. Post comments on other people's videos, good comments. So the benefit wanted to test it out, and I've noticed a pretty good positive benefit from it.
on videos that are semi-ish viral, have a million views, half a million views,
I am the top comment on a number of videos. I just started doing this maybe a week and a half ago. So I think I have five comments that are the top comments and my comments have five, 10, 15, 20,000 likes and they're at the top. People
and overall, doing this, I believe TikTok adds authority to people's accounts.
are going to click on your profile, they're going to come into your channel,


So for
example, Daniel Grows. I am trying to build authority in my account. The more
engagement my account gets, the more likes that I get from commenting on other
people's videos, all of this builds authority for my channel Daniel Grows, and
I believe that is a pretty decent factor in how hard they push your videos out.
Do not reply to every single comment that you get on your video. So this is a mistake that I was making and another thing that I recently realized I should
not be doing.


So, typically, with your other social media accounts, YouTube, for example, you
want to reply to every single comment, right? You want to increase the
engagement on YouTube or excuse me, on TikTok, but this is where it hurts you.
engagement as much as possible, and that's probably not a bad thing for
video, all of your comments rise to the top. So essentially what you're doing
On TikTok, I just realized that when the creator posts a comment on your own
good comment on your TikTok that would create engagement, would get a lot of
is you are pushing everybody else's comment down. Somebody might post a really
lot of engagement. You're pushing that comment down so it may not be seen by
other people to reply or like it or whatever the case may be. It would create a
other people.


If you reply to every single comment on your video, you're not giving other viewers,
your viewers, an opportunity to reply to that comment, because you're already
If you post a bunch of comments, your comments fill up the top section of the
answering it or replying to it. They don't really have an incentive to do it. comments, and a lot of people, they just want to post comments to get those
here and there now, but I noticed a really big difference. So this made a big
likes, to get their comment at the top. You posting comments, they're not going to have that opportunity most likely. So, I will reply to a couple comments difference in engagement and comments on the videos. So don't do that. Just
engagement, right? Maybe somebody trolls you, pokes fun at you. It doesn't
reply to a couple comments. Let all your viewers do all of that. Do not delete any comments. If somebody is hating on you or whatever they were doing, trolling you, who cares? Leave it up there, because in the end, it's just more


Even if that comment gets a ton of likes, that just adds to the engagement of your
video, and TikTok's going to take that into consideration. That's one more
we go, push it out harder. When you do reply to somebody else's comment, try to
ranking factor, and they're going to say, this is probably a good video. Here
to post another comment, and that may kind of create a waterfall effect. Maybe
reply with a question. Try to encourage more engagement. Try to get them back
almost every single video. Probably, 80% or maybe 90% of my videos, I have what
more people will reply. So your goal there again is create more engagement. All right, have a call to action in your videos. And you'll see, I do this in
TikTok to YouTube, from YouTube to our Facebook group, and it's working really
is called a call to action. I ask the viewers to do something. So if you've been following along with this course, I'm using TikTok to funnel people from


So I will say if my call to action, if my goal is to get them to YouTube, I'll say,
usually at the end of the video, I'll say, touch my face. I'll show an image of
after that. Touch my face, and now I'll have an image that says subscribe on
my face that I made on an app on my iPad, and then I'll have another image YouTube or go to YouTube for the full tutorial. If I'm doing a how to make
steps, the steps that I think people will want to gain the viewer's attention,
money TikTok, I'll post the most important steps of that TikTok or the most engaging and I'll say, but guess what? The full tutorial is on YouTube. You're going to
question in your TikTok video. Try to get them to reply in the comments.
have to go there to watch it, and they'll do that. Or, you could say, ask a


You can use a text box. You can verbally say a question to them. Tell them to like your
video. It's okay to do that. A lot of times, people just don't think about a
it, not flick. But if you tell them, hey, if you enjoy this type of content, go
viewer. They like your content, they're going to flick out of it, swipe out of
find a video and you think it's doing crappy, you think it's not going to do
ahead and hit that like button. Don't be pushy about it, but reminding people is okay to do. All right, next, next, next. Never delete your videos. If you
well, don't delete it.


There's a thing called delayed explosion or whatever you want to call it, where your
video could potentially pop off two weeks from now, a month from now. And the
right, still, even though it's a few years old, and there are a ton of viewers,
reason that I believe this happens is because right now, TikTok is really new,
when TikTok algorithm, however they decide it, they run out of fresh content,
but there is less content than viewers. So, here's all of our viewers, but here is the content. There's not enough content to support all of the viewers. So
videos back up so you can get a delayed explosion of your older videos and all
they're going to dig back down into some old videos, and they're going to push those
of the sudden, they might go from 1,000 views or 10,000 views to 100,000 views.


So don't delete them. If you really have a bad video and you really want to delete it,
still, don't delete it. Go into the settings and set that video as private. The
it has five comments. That still adds to the authority of your account. If you
reason you never want to delete a video is, maybe that video has 20 likes and delete that video, those 20 likes and those five comments disappear. They will
The likes will still be visible. But, no one else can see the video. So set it
be subtracted from your total. If you set it as private, you still retain those 20 likes and those five comments. You retain the authority from the comments. as private, never delete it. So this is how I believe the TikTok algorithm
this video.
works. And here's the thing with algorithms. This is at the time of creating


Algorithms are constantly changing and constantly adapting. So right now, this is kinda
how it works. It is absolutely going to change. The one thing that won't ever
your video out, how many views you get. The higher your engagement on your
change is engagement is what is going to determine how much that TikTok pushes
your video sucks, and unless you have some type copyright strike or you have a
video, the higher the watch time, your video will be pushed out. If your video is not getting a lot of views, to be completely frank with you, it's 'cause
might think you have the best video in the world, but who determines you have
penalty on your account or you're shadow-banned, you know, that's when you're getting 100 views or less, unless you have something like that going on, you
the best video in the world is the people that TikTok shows it to.


If they don't like your video, they don't like it, it sucks. That means it's not going
to get pushed out. The most important ranking factor is going to be view time.
you on their platform. If you are able to keep your viewers on TikTok's
The goal of almost every single website out there, 99.9 websites, is to keep platform through your content, through your videos, TikTok is going to reward
your videos? TikTok is absolutely going to reward you for that by pushing your
you in the form of showing your videos to more people. So that includes watching one single video. Do they go back to your profile and view more of content out to more people. So, your entire goal of a video is to keep people
watching videos.


The other ranking factor, as you know, like I said, is engagement. But the number of
lines you get, the comments, the followers, shares, all that makes a
video. So TikTok will roll your video out in tiers. Initially, and this is
difference. So your goal is to just try to increase all of those through your
video out to 500 people. If you reach a certain threshold, if you get enough
going to change, so I'm not going to give exact numbers. Maybe they roll your
your video out to 5,000. Again, if you meet a threshold through engagement, you
engagement for those 500 people, you make it to the next tier. Maybe they push get pushed out to another tier. So that's how your video will spread through
through views, through likes, shares, comments, all of that. We already talked
TikTok, through tiers, and you need to pass certain thresholds because we know by receiving a certain amount, a percentage of engagement, however it is,
about the delayed explosion, so I'm not going to do that again.


So, here's just something that I have noticed that I haven't seen anybody else talk
about. At the time of creating this video, there 100% is, I am positive, a
what has happened to me on one of my accounts. I've had I think three videos or
manual review for videos that start to go viral. So, here's how I know. This is four videos. Every single one of them, they've started to go viral. So I
from the start, not a video that gets one million views over two weeks.
consider a viral video as a video that begins to get views super fast, right


These are videos that I've had, every single one of these have acted the same way. I
posted 'em, and within less than 20 minutes, they've had very close to 50,000
minutes, I think one of 'em did, and it was close to 50,000 views. Every single
views, or some of 'em, you know, it's super fast. They've been seven or eight one of those videos stopped on a dime right before 50,000. I think them
positive that they went into a manual review. So this is how I know it actually
wherever in between 47, 48,000. They did not get one single view after that. I'm went to a manual review. I told you to use your hashtags, right? So I was like,
So they weren't deleted. I didn't get any messages from TikTok saying we took
man, what is going on with these videos? Why does this keep happening? So I went and looked at 'em, and if you go, they're still visible within my account. your video out of here, there was a violation, whatever the case may be.
listed anywhere for that hashtag.
Everything appeared to be okay from the outside, but if you go search the hashtags, remember, I said this wasn't for this channel, but for example, if
you searched #sidehustle or a hashtag you used in that video, you would not be


So, these viral videos, they have a lot, 50,000 views almost, but they have a lot of
likes within that time. So they would be ranking kind of higher. So it's easy
But your video will be completely removed from TikTok's platform, however you
to find your video. It should be easy to find that video within the hashtags.
whatever reason. Search your hashtags. You will not appear for any of the
want to explain it, but it will appear to be okay. You will not be visible for any of your hashtags. So that's how you know if that video got the ax for
profile, but TikTok completely pulls that video out of their algorithm, out of
hashtags, and that's your explanation of why your video is not currently getting any views. You can still get views from people that come to view your
their feed.


And just here's a couple other little things I wanted to mention, 'cause people ask. For
advertisers, yes, TikTok has an ad platform, and I will put a link to that in
people are having a tough time getting in. I haven't tried because I don't
our Facebook group so you can apply. There's a long waiting list. I've heard
right now. Somebody else asked about hyperlinks in the bio. That's currently,
really have a product or anything that I want to promote onto TikTok's audience
and verified accounts. Will that be rolled out to everybody eventually? I don't
they started doing this a few months ago. That's currently only for influencers


They don't really have an incentive to do that right now, because TikTok is growing
really fast. People are piling in there. It'd be really nice if they allowed
sure if they'll do that. Okay, so that ends this video. If you found any value,
everybody to have a hyperlink in their bio, but you know, who knows? I'm not
please consider commenting on this article.