Creative Ways To Edit Your Instagram Stories

So that's how you bring in branded Instagram Story stickers to your Stories. Oh, bonjour there. Are you looking for creative ways to edit your Instagram Stories so that your followers stop their scroll? Well you're in luck, because today I'm showing you how to add creative touches to your Instagram Stories without even leaving the Instagram app. If you've ever struggled or wondered how people are making fun, creative, and fresh Stories, well today is your lucky day because I don't want to use a million apps. I'm sure you don't either. So I'm going to share with you my best tips, tricks, and hacks for making really cool fun Stories all within the Instagram Stories app and stay tuned until the end where I'm going to share with you one of my favorite Instagram Story design hacks that I use all the time so that my Stories actually have a custom made sticker in them featuring my product or brand logos.

I'm Elise Darma and I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself use Instagram so that it actually becomes a revenue stream in their business. And today I'm sharing creative ways to edit your Instagram Stories. I'm going to pull up the Instagram app and let me show you my trick. First things first, we want to open up our Instagram Stories and then swipe up so that we pull open our camera roll. So I have an album here called Bali 2019 but you have all your camera folder options here. So let's use an image from this album. The very first trick that I want to show you is the eyedropper tool.

So sometimes people don't know how to use this one, so let's just give it a simple title: Bali, and let's say I want to put it right here, but I don't want the white, I actually want this to match the color of my scooter. So in the bottom left I'm going to hit the eyedropper and then I'm going to drag it to the color of the scooter that I'd like to use. And there we go. I've matched the font and the color of my text with the color of my scooter. The second trick I want to show you is how to apply a color overlay and then use the eraser tool. So right in the upper right you see the two letter A's. Move one over to the scribble line and that's where you're going to get color options. Okay, so this first option I'll just use a bright color to show you is a pen.

Let me just make it thicker. There you go. The second option is an arrow tool, which is relatively new from filming this. The third option is a highlighter tool and then we have a sparkle tool. So let me just undo those 'cause the one that I want to show you is what I call the highlighter tool. So that's the middle one. Then I'm going to go ahead and find a light color. So let's the color pink and then I'm just going to press and hold my finger down. And so now this overlay has been applied to my image, which is really cool.

But the second thing you want to do is take the eraser tool, which is the very last one on these options. And this tool on the left hand side allows you to choose the size of your eraser pen. So I'm going to choose a thinner eraser tool and now I'm going to take my finger and spell out Bali so I can erase parts of the image that I want to showcase with the eraser tool. So that's a really cool way to make your images in your Stories pop and stand out in different ways. The next thing I want to show you is how to make a dotted line. So you just head to the A in the upper right and then go ahead and hit the period symbol or period button and I think it will stay the same no matter what your font is. Actually there are some variations, so let's go with classic and if you just keep on doing that, you are going to be able to create a dotted line.

And of course the more you hit it, the thinner it's going to get. So this could be cool. If you want to give yourself an underline. Let's say again, we spell out Bali and this is just going to be the underline for our headline here. Maybe we want to put it above, so then I'm just going to highlight it. Hit copy, find my mouse and my cursor; tap to do that. Then hit paste. Let's shrink them all down. And so now I have this kind of divider by these periods creating this cool dotted line effect.

So again, we can use our eyedropper tool to find a color. Maybe we want something like that. There we go. We've used the periods to create a really cool line effect before. The fourth design tip I want to show you is how to bring in elements that you can overlay onto your image. So the first thing you're going to do is hit the A's in the upper right and where it says strong tapped so that it says classic.

Then I want you to hit the one, two, three on the keyboard and it's going to take you to another section of the keyboard. Then hit period. Now you're going to tap the A that has the outline and you can see that it gives it a solid background. I want you to tap the A again and you get a transparent background. So now go ahead and find whatever color suits you the best. And now you have this cool design element that you can play around with. You can zoom it out so that maybe you don't want that dot right there. You can repeat that whole process again so that you can get a different color and then overlaid that on top. So yeah, you can just have some fun using the classic font and adding these design elements on top of an image.

The next thing I want to show you is how to do the famous rainbow text or ombre text. So first things first is write out some text. Scooter, taking a scooter ride in Bali. There we go. I prefer the strong font, so I'm just going to choose that one. Then I'm going to hit the A with the sparkles to give it a background color and I'm just going to make it black. That way you're going to really be able to see the rainbow font and why don't I make this two lines as well. Okay, so once you have your texts you're then going to tap on it and see the blue cursor tap that until you see the select all option. Then you're going to select all and now all your text has been chosen. Next thing is I'm going to take my right thumb and I'm going to put it on the purple button and that's going to give me a whole gradient of colors and color options so you can see as I drag my thumb it's going to change the color of the text.

But the key is I'm going to take my other hand, my left hand and grab the top cursor. So I'm going to move the cursor at the same time that I drag my thumb. Here is what it looks like and as you can see you get that ombre or rainbow effect, which just really adds a pop to your Stories. The next design tip I want to show you is how you can search for special words and actually pull up a whole set of custom graphics and GIFs. So the first thing you want to do is hit these square smiley face and that's going to pull up this menu. Then tap GIF. So right away you're going to see trending GIFs. But here's where I want you to actually type in special key words. They're typically the names of artists and what you're going to find is you're going to see a whole set of GIFs with their particular design aesthetic.

So here I typed in gladdest and then I'm finding all of this artists' GIFs and designs. So, pretty cool, huh? Let me show you some others. We've got another one called muchable. So when I type this word in again, I see a whole different design aesthetic. We have Izzyink. And so what you want to do is just to see if any of these really match your brand. And then it could just be a really good go-to set of GIFs for you to use in your Stories. So I'm going to leave a list right here of all the names and designers that you can search inside of the GIFs section of Instagram Stories to have this option.

The last design tip I want to share with you is how to add in your product logos or your brand logo as a sticker to your Instagram Stories. So the very first thing you need to do is export or save your logo as a PNG file with a transparent background. That's key. Then you need to get it over onto your phone or your camera roll. Okay, so showing you my camera roll. You can see in my favorites album here, I have my Story Vault logos saved, so they do have a clear transparent background and you're going to see what that looks like in just one second. So here's my Instagram Story that I'm going to jazz up with my logo. What you need to do is go to wherever you save your logos in your phone, tap select, and then tap the one that you want to bring over into your Story.

Then you're going to hit these square share button at the bottom. This is for iPhone or iOS and then you're just going to tap where it says copy photo. So now it's been copied. Now I'm just going to zoom back to my Instagram Story window. Now there's an option to add stickers, so Instagram has automatically pulled that in for me. Now if you happen to miss that option where that little pop up appears, you can also just grab the cursor and tap a second time to where it says paste and then you can paste that in. So now you can see I've pasted it in twice. Now I only need it once. And as you can see we have a transparent background because I can see the image behind the sticker. So to make it more clear, what I like to do is hit the highlighter button and then I will find maybe a light pink and I'll just give it a couple of scribbles so that we can actually see the logo.

Of course, this depends on the image that you bring it into, but for a busier image like this one, I would definitely do that. So that's how you bring in branded Instagram Stories, stickers to your Stories. You simply need to save them to your camera roll and then when you're ready, tap, select, hit the image. Then you're going to say copy photo and then come over to your Instagram Stories and then tap add sticker. Or if you don't you can just find the cursor tap again, hit paste and there we go. We have a second version of the logo in our Stories so it's really quite simple and really quite effective. The first few steps you need to take care of on your own, which is to save the logo with a transparent background and get it over onto your camera roll.

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